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9 Jun 18
(thread) @KidneyPatients has a live stream up from yesterday. Here Elena Balovlenkov RN, MS, CHN @CMSGov asks for more patient engagement and asks how does CMS reach the large majority of patients who do not access CMS info eg Dialysis Facility Compare
First, why does CMS speak of patients? I am not a CMS patient, I am a CMS beneficiary. As Balovlenkov says CMS is an insurance company (not a provider). CMS is also the rule setter and enforcer. CMS is our care overseer, a rung above the provider
Thus my answer: connect with us as beneficiaries not to tell us how we could be doing more - exercise, selfcare, HHD - rather to know who we are as individual. My treatment goals, my measure of health, how I am. AND take some ownership of the results, for the answers
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