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20 Nov 20
After Swiss AG is fired for corruption and a key prosecutor on the Magnitsky case in Switzerland is convicted of bribery from Russia, Swiss authorities announce they are returning 99% of Veselnitskaya’s client’s money that was frozen in Magnitsky case…
The Swiss also plan to return 100% of the frozen money belonging to Dmitry Klyuev, head of the Klyuev Organized Crime group & mastermind of the fraud that Sergei Magnitsky uncovered and was killed over. They are doing this even though Klyuev is sanctioned on the US Magnitsky list
And the Swiss are also intending to return between 55%-87% of the frozen money received by Vladlen Stepanov, husband of the tax official who authorized the $230m tax refund that Sergei was killed over. Both are sanctioned on US Magnitsky list. See link
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20 Aug 20
BREAKING: Putin Opponent Alexei Navalny Poisoned by ‘Toxin’ in His Tea. Currently he is unconscious and in intensive care. This is extremely bad news…
Navalny was on a plane from Siberia to Mosocow and had to make an emergency landing in the Siberian city of Omsk when he lost consciousness. This is extremely worrying because few, if any, doctors in Omsk will have the expertise to deal with sophisticated KGB poisons
Vladimir Kara Murza, another Putin opponent was poisoned in Moscow in 2015. Fortunately then, he was treated by one of the top experts in Russia who saved his life. We can only hope that Alexey is able to fight off whatever poison they’ve administered on his own
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6 Jul 20
BREAKING: UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to announce implementation of U.K. Magnitsky Act today. First group of sanctions will be applied to Sergei Magnitsky’s killers. Huge milestone in our 10 campaign for justice.…
Foreign Secretary Raab described Sergei Magnitsky as the “Solzhenitsyn of his time” for the horror he had to endure before dying at the hands of the brutal Russian state.
The U.K. Magnitsky Act will be a particularly powerful tool because every tin pot dictator wants to keep a mansion in Belgravia and send their kids to the best British boarding schools.
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12 Dec 19
Wir haben heute beim Deutschen Presserat eine Beschwerde gegen das Der Spiegel eingereicht. Schweres journalistisches Fehlverhalten bezüglich der Berichterstattung zum Fall Magnitski. Video welches die Falschmeldungen aufdeckt
Hier ist eine Kopie unserer Beschwerde bei der Deutschen Pressekommission gegen das Magazin Der Spiegel wegen dessen groben journalistischen Fehlverhaltens bei der Berichterstattung über den Magnitsky-Fall…
BREAKING: Hier ist die PowerPoint-Präsentation, die wir gemacht haben, um die Fehler zu aufzuzeigen, die Der Spiegel gemacht hat, als er behauptete, Sergei Magnitsky sei nicht vom Putin-Regime getötet worden, und andere gravierende Falschdarstellungen.…
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11 Dec 19
BREAKING: Today we filed a complaint with the German Press Commision against Der Spiegel magazine for gross journalistic malpractice in their reporting on the Magnitsky story. See our YouTube video that exposes their misreporting
BREAKING: Here is a copy of our complaint with the German Press Commission against Der Spiegel magazine for their gross journalistic malpractice in their reporting on the Magnitsky case…
BREAKING: Here is the PowerPoint presentation we made showing the mistakes Der Spiegel made in claiming the Sergei Magnitsky wasn’t killed by the Putin regime and other shocking misrepresentations.…
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21 Nov 19
BREAKING: Dutch Parliament votes 95-54 passing resolution requiring Dutch government to begin implementing a Dutch Magnitsky Act by January 31 2020 if the EU continues to block the implementation on an EU Magnitsky Act ⁦…
All Dutch political parties voted in favor of the Dutch Magnitsky Act resolution except VVD (the government party) and PVV and FvD (the two fat right parties).
It’s understandable why the far right would want to cosy up to Putin, but for the main government party to do so makes no sense, particularly in Holland, a country that lost nearly 200 innocent citizens from a Russian missile on MH17
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5 Jun 19
BREAKING: A Swiss Federal Police officer who specialized in Russian money laundering (and was the officer on the Swiss Magnitsky case) has been found guilty by a Swiss court of accepting favors from Russia including a hunting trip in Siberia…
This shocking rot inside the Swiss law enforcement system might explain why the money laundering case that we reported to the Swiss authorities in 2011 in connection to Magnitsky’s murder still hasn’t been taken to court 8 years later.
The other interesting part of the bent Swiss Federal Police officer story is that on one of his unauthorized trips to Moscow, he had a secret meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya while her client’s assets were frozen in Switzerland by his department…
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16 May 19
BREAKING: US Government just added five Russians to US Magnitsky list in latest sanctions for gross human rights abuse in Russia. List includes two Russian law enforcement officials involved in the persecution of Sergei Magnitsky.…
List includes Elena Trikulya, a 44 year officer with Russian State Investigative Committee (Russia’s equivalent to FBI), who played an active role in the cover-up of Sergei Magnitsky’s murder in 2010
New Magnitsky list also includes Gennady Karlov, a 59 year old officer with Russia’s Interior Ministry, who was responsible for covering up Sergei Magnitsky’s harsh, inhumane and sadistic treatment in jail before he died.
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8 Apr 19
Shocking development. On April 15-19 Interpol’s Commision for the Control of Files will consider Russia’s 7th attempt to use Interpol channels to have me arrested after Interpol rejected Russia’s previous 6 attempts as politically motivated.
The Russian official responsible for the current and previous illegitimate attempts to abuse Interpol in my case, Petr Gorodov, is now a member of Interpol’s Commission for the Control of Files, the body that decides whether or not to kick out illegitimate notices
How can a proven serial abuser of Interpol be on the body that is supposed to protect Interpol from illegitimate and politically motivated arrests warrants?
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7 Dec 18
BREAKING: 45 MP’s and MEP’s from 18 EU countries publish open letter in 27 European publications calling on the EU to pass the EU Magnitsky Act on December 10th (and not to delete Sergei Magnitsky’s name as the Dutch FM Blok suggested)
Here’s the European politicians Magnitsky call in @dagensnyheter in Sweden
Here’s the European politicians Magnitsky call in @RTLnieuws in the Netherlands
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20 Oct 18
There’s no longer any dispute that Saudi Arabian officials killed Jamal Khashoggi. The US, UK, and Canada must immediately apply the Magnitsky Act to those who participated in, ordered and covered up the killing. All countries who don’t have a Magnitsky Act should pass one ASAP
For those unfamiliar with the Magnitsky Act, it freezes assets and bans visa of people involved in torture, extrajudicial killing and other gross human rights abuses. It would have a dramatic effect of wealthy Saudi princes
Applying the Magnitsky Act to the people who ordered Khashoggi’s murder would also send a chilling message to other tin pot dictators that there will be grave consequences for these types of atrocities
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