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Jan 19 47 tweets 16 min read
Billy’s 2022 Predictions/Themes/Narratives, Volume 3

Here’s my third and last 2022 predictions/narratives/trends post. Several trends look to already be starting (for example $CRV-esque/ve season, $FTM challenging $SOL, #L22002 (namely $METIS). To be fair some of these were starting to germinate as I wrote the first two volumes, but several have truly flourished since.

My first two posts setting out these predictions are at the end of this thread.
Jan 14 11 tweets 4 min read
Short $CREAM and $veIB Thesis 🧵

CREAM is one of the best trades in crypto right now. I'm not necessarily super bullish on the protocol itself, but I am super bullish on Iron Bank $veIB. Those staking CREAM on $ETH on 27 January will receive 40% of the initial $veIB supply. Given the $veIB tokens are "vested escrow" (that's what the ve stands for) tokens, holders won't be diluted. As @kamikaz_ETH eloquently put it, we "should be thinking of $CREAM purchases as a seed round investment with a non-dilution provision".
Jan 9 5 tweets 3 min read
Just entered $CREDIT on $FTM.

Creditum from @RevenantFinance (formerly known as @stake_steak) is a lending protocol that launched yesterday with the goal to bring a functional native stable coin to the Fantom network. 👇 After the standard listing shenanigans $CREDIT is now sitting at a $600k MC and printing LP rewards at c. 800%.

Seems super cheap when $FTM season is just around the corner and you consider who is behind @RevenantFinance 👇
Jan 8 34 tweets 16 min read
Billy’s 2022 Predictions/Themes/Narratives, Volume 2

Here are my next 5 predictions/themes/narratives for 2022. If you haven't already, check out my first 5 here:
6. $CRV-esque season

There will be two elements to $CRV-esque seasons:

6(a) [Actually Valuable] Governance Tokens

As I’ve been saying, $CRV won’t be the last governance token war we see.
Jan 5 25 tweets 7 min read
Billy’s 2022 Predictions, Volume 1

I’ve been meaning to get around to my 2022 predictions for weeks, but the combination of family time and partying has delayed me. I planned to release one mega predictions post, but in the interests of getting this out there I’ll split them up So here are my first batch of 5 predictions for 2022. Enjoy!

Prediction 1: #L22022

2022 will be the year of layer 2s. The narrative has started, with L2 TVL now c. $6b and big price moves from $METIS $NETT $SYS $DYDX etc. - I hope you caught some of them with me.
Nov 23, 2021 33 tweets 10 min read
L2 Mega Thread

I write threads mainly to educate and share my research findings, but also to refine and clarify my own ideas. Research and writing force you to understand something and help to test your assumptions and challenge biases. I also like to trade narratives - this is why I rotated from #BSC to $MATIC to $SOL to $FTM ecos this year as narratives shifted. I’ve noticed what I think is the beginning of a new narrative, being the move to $ETH L2s.
Nov 23, 2021 6 tweets 2 min read
🧵 I’m v bullish on ZK rollup tech

So is the CT “intelligentsia” who seem to think they are the only L1 or L2 scaling solution worth considering

This is short sighted. At best ZK EVM dapp ecos will only START to be built this year, likely without much activity until next year 🧵I shouldn’t need to remind anyone that a lot can happen in crypto between now and then. $FTM and other L1s could pump another 5-10x. New Optimistic rollups like $METIS could pump 100x. Or maybe it’ll be PriDeFi like $SCRT $ROSE or $DUSK.

Or all of the above.

Or a bear.
Nov 14, 2021 49 tweets 14 min read
$METIS Mega Thread 1/n

I aped into $METIS around a month upon a recommendation from someone I trust. Since then I did more research and the more I have read, the more impressed I became. So I have increased my position size significantly in the last few weeks on dips I will go into why I think it could become the dominant L2, its impressive tech, partnerships, team, connections to Vitalik Buterin, why Rollups are fundamental to ETH scaling and more.
Sep 5, 2021 27 tweets 14 min read
$FTM Tweetsorm 1/

$FTM is my biggest alt bag, so I thought I would my first long form tweet storm in 2.5 years. Given it’s my biggest bag, I’m probably a bit biased, but I’ve tried to be objective as possible. $FTM Tech 1

$FTM uses DAG tech and an aBFT consensus algo to provide what it hopes to be near infinite scalability with super fast and low cost txs.
Feb 11, 2021 7 tweets 1 min read

$XHV is deservedly starting to get some attention. Here’s a short summary of its key features for those new to it

⁃A crypto Swiss bank account allowing users to anonymously mint assets pegged to real word prices (see below for details)
⁃$XMR fork 2/7

To mint any asset, you burn the equivalent USD amount of XHV. For example to mint $xUSD, if XHV is worth $1 you would need 100 $XHV to mint 100 xUSD.
Sep 20, 2018 22 tweets 8 min read
1/22 $TEL Review Intro
$TEL’s answer to crypto adoption is to make it easy and intuitive to send crypto payments over mobile phone networks. It’s a great idea and has huge potential if the team can execute.
👇 2/22 $TEL Review Vision
The grand vision is to enable $TEL to be sent to any mob number in the world.
With more than 5 bil cell phone users in the world $TEL will use the telecoms network to send crypto payments making crypto accessible and usable especially for the unbanked👇