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May 21 43 tweets 22 min read
Historical Curiosities - Romania


1. A previously unknown organization, called "Group In the Service of the Marshal" (Antonescu) in New York decided to sentence to death ex-king Michael of Romania. 2. The letter was postmarked in Paris. There were 2 color photographs of King Michael & his wife, identical, except that one had been painted to show a bullet hole in the King's head with blood dripping down over his face; the other painted over to show blood on the King's hand.
May 8 40 tweets 23 min read
Thread of Recent Lab Leak Articles

I have been neglecting "lab leak" updates lately

A thousand apologies!

Here is a thread of recent news reports from most recent to older.

1. Intercept… 2. Lawsuit

Filed by 2 Republican-led states alleging President Biden & other officials "pressured and colluded" with Big Tech companies to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story as well as information regarding the lab leak origin theory of COVID-19…
May 7 16 tweets 9 min read
"Every well-read man has perused half a dozen accounts of Sheik Abdul Kadir, the Cairo Magician"

Remarks upon a form of Sub-mesmerism, called Electro-Biology, practised in Scinde & other Eastern Countries

By Richard F. Burton, Lieut. Bombay Army. From The Zoist (Vol 10, 1852 - 1853)

A Journal of Cerebral Physiology and Mesmerism

(Much Hated by the Lancet)

Page 1 of the Curious Letter…
May 7 12 tweets 10 min read
"100,000 souls had died -to gratify 2 despots pride"

On the Crimean War (1850s)

in a long poem "Stone Talk" by Sir Richard Burton

Found in a biography of Richard Burton that I am currently reading "The Devil Drives"… Interestingly, Burton was both a skilled Hypnotist & a Freemason, as well as Explorer, Translator, Writer, Soldier, Orientalist, Ethnologist, Poet, Fencer, Diplomat & Linguist, speaking 26 + languages..


May 6 19 tweets 7 min read
The Wall of Silence Crumbled in 2012

From Kharkiv to Kiev via UK to Caribbean

Trade in stem cells from aborted Ukrainian foetuses

Many infants died in odd circumstances.

Ukrainian authorities denied claims of trade in stem cells from stolen babies… Matthew Hill travels to Ukraine to investigate the Kiev clinic trading in stem cells taken from babies aborted to order & traces the route through the UK to the richest, most luxurious clinics where they are used in beauty treatments in the Caribbean.…
May 5 11 tweets 4 min read
MSM Journalists are like a herd of sheep
Remember Covid-19 & "Natural Origin"
Now they bleet Ukraine War hysteria
They are sick people
Desperate to keep their jobs & toe the party line?

"he knew he had to toe the official line because he couldn't afford to be put on the dole" Image The Great Sheep Panic of 1888

"Sheep are notoriously timid and nervous animals, and can get startled easily. But what mysterious provocation could have caused thousands of sheep to lose their mind at once has baffled scientists for years"…
May 5 4 tweets 2 min read
Here are some interesting articles by Izabella Kaminska @izakaminska on several subjects of interest:

1. What’s really going on with Ukrainian biolabs… Comments on Zoltan Pozsar (Credit Suisse) report

"You can print money but not oil to heat or wheat to eat"…
May 4 10 tweets 6 min read
UK Ministry of Propaganda Update

UK imposes sanctions on Russian journalists & state broadcasters

New law requires social media, internet services & app store companies to to block content from RT & Sputnik in the UK

Russia Sanctions Regulations 2022… ImageImageImageImage Maybe they got worried about the news from France?…
May 4 7 tweets 4 min read
Oh oh, what's all this then, squire?

Eugenics and racial anthropology in the Ukrainian
radical nationalist tradition…

via @MichaKobs I like Red and Black Flags but not in Ukraine...

May 3 29 tweets 10 min read
Putin's Illnesses so far:

Brain tumour
Spinal Cord, Pancreatic,Thyroid & Bowel Cancer
Satanic Possession

With all these ailments, it’s indeed a wonder he has managed to keep working at all.. Cancer Image
May 3 8 tweets 3 min read
All Lined Up - Shriekback

Tired of all this crawling around
Realising the joke was on us
Reaching out to the obvious
Starting with an answer not a question
Our most acceptable businesses
All aligned in just one direction
Organised on the same lines
With one face - one side
We got all lined up Image
May 3 8 tweets 7 min read
1. Finally Pope Francis starts speaking sense:

"In Ukraine, the conflict was triggered by other actors. Maybe NATO barking at Russia’s gate compelled Putin to unleash the invasion of Ukraine"

Corriere Dell Serra

"I am ready to meet Putin in Moscow" Image 2. Pope Francis wakes up

"I have no way of telling whether his (Putin's) rage has been provoked,..but I suspect it was maybe facilitated by the West’s attitude"
May 3 4 tweets 3 min read
I am shocked the UK & US don't have one of those sick troll factories yet, somebody call the 77th Brigade!

Oh, wait a minute, we already have tons of them…………… From "Troops, Trolls and Troublemakers" (1)…
May 2 22 tweets 8 min read
How Zelensky tricked Russian speakers in the South & East of Ukraine to vote for him

Then betrayed their trust with anti-Russian language laws & permitted more brutal attacks in the Donbass Region by neo-nazi battalions like Aidar, Azov, Dnipr 2, funded by his mentor, Kolomoisky 2. Kolomoisky

How One Ukrainian Billionaire Funded Hunter Biden, President Volodymyr Zelensky, And The Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion…
May 1 11 tweets 6 min read
Lies & Hypocrisy

British “Homes for Ukraine” Scheme

“The system is designed, it would appear, for people to fail. They want to keep the numbers down

Everything they do feels as if it is to do that. I’ve even had lawyers on the phone saying they couldn’t understand the system” The whistleblower exposed UK visas issued for an entire Ukrainian family apart from 1 child, which in effect stopped the family travelling.

“This allows the government to say we’ve issued lots of visas. Yet, because they have withheld one, it’s a guarantee they can't travel"
May 1 4 tweets 2 min read
Has today's generation forgotten UK & US strategy?

Japan: Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Osaka, etc.
Germany: Hamburg, Dresden
North Korea: Sinuiju, PyongYang, etc.
Vietnam: Hanoi, Haiphong
(Operation Rolling Thunder, Linebacker 11)
Cambodia, Laos
Iraq: Basra, Baghdad
Syria: Raqqa 2. I feel an explosive thread coming on...
Apr 30 10 tweets 5 min read
Pakistan is now led by a mafia family of convicted criminals, jail absconders, murderers & money launderers who stole 100 Billion $.

They were financially supported by the US to covertly orchestrate a coup to overthrow @ImranKahnPTI who the vast majority of Pakistanis support He will be back soon or there will be a very bloody revolution against Shahbaz Sharif, the new Pakistan prime minister, who embezzling tens of millions of pounds of public money and laundered it in the UK
Apr 30 40 tweets 21 min read
1. Old Memes

The Ottoman fleet suffered a crushing defeat

The Russian victory in the naval battle in Sinope was called "the massacre of Sinope"

The expression itself was propaganda

Historians see no grounds for accusing Russia of war crimes at Sinope… 2. Casus Belli - Crimean War

Russia and the Ottoman Empire were already at war

The United Kingdom and French press shaped the public opinion to demand the war

Both used Sinop as the casus belli ("cause of war") for declaring war against Russia…
Apr 29 27 tweets 15 min read
American Dissent on Ukraine Is Dying in Darkness

"There have only been a handful of Westerners publicly questioning NATO & the West’s role in the conflict. These voices are becoming fewer as a wave of feverish backlash engulfs any dissent on the subject"… Podcast Version by Brenner

“it is manifestly obvious that our society is not capable of conducting an honest, logical, reasonably informed discourse on matters of consequence. Instead, we experience fantasy, fabrication, fatuousness & fulmination.”…
Apr 29 5 tweets 2 min read
Interesting but slanted analysis of Putin and Ukraine by the elusive author of the largely discredited Trump Dossier, Christopher Steele, ex- Moscow station chief for MI6 and then co-founder of Orbis Business Intelligence. One of the comments was spot on

"Never before was "the (western) press" as exposed as during this war against Russia"

"The ignorance about Russia is immense"
Apr 29 22 tweets 14 min read
"American authorities do not engage in irresponsible rhetoric in relation to nuclear weapons”

US Ambassador to Russia, John Sullivan…

Oh, Really?

Sullivan clearly & conveniently forgot something

Nixon's 1969 "Madman" Gambit… aka "Operation Giant Lance"…