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May 4 8 tweets 4 min read
1. Heinz Felfe was head of the Soviet counter-intelligence Department & ran a long running project called "Panoptikum" to uncover a high level "mole" within the West German Intelligence Service...

In the end, the target of "Panoptikum" would turn out to be Heinz Felfe himself! Image 2. His Memoirs (in German)

Heinz Felfe published his memoir in 1986 under the title "In the Service of the enemy: Ten years as Moscow's man in the Federal Intelligence Service"…
Mar 22 11 tweets 9 min read
Disinformation from @jhas5

Don't take my word for it!

DYOR with Google Search 2022-2024


Cats ✅
Ferrets ✅
hACE2 mice ✅
Syrian Golden hamsters ✅
(many at WIBP next to WIV)
Macaques ❓



Image Cats have 9 lives

1. "SARS-CoV-2 transmission between cats is efficient and can be sustained,”

Efficient Direct & Limited Environmental Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Lineage B.1.22 in Domestic Cats…
Mar 20 19 tweets 13 min read
1, What we proposed in 2021

"During initial stages of a forensic investigation of Wuhan Labs, all 4 evaluation tools including Grunow & Finke's epidemiological assessment criteria would be useful adjuncts to the investigation framework of Pilch et al."…

2. Later in 2021

"The Radosavljevic–Belojevic method for outbreak scoring & differentiation shows that official assumptions of its natural origin is questionable & highlights the probability that the pathogen was "accidentally" introduced to humans"

Mar 8 10 tweets 10 min read
@tgof137 @Rebecca21951651 @_everythingism @AtomsksSanakan @CallumJCParr @jhas5 1. It is best to do your own reading & consult the research of others, such as #DRASTIC, who published all the most accurate details on labs, locations, engineering flaws, viral databases, field sampling of bats, lack of proper biosafety, etc. years ago:… @tgof137 @Rebecca21951651 @_everythingism @AtomsksSanakan @CallumJCParr @jhas5 2. More #DRASTIC Research by @gdemaneuf

and on WIV BSL4 engineering flaws by myself and @RdeMaistre

Research by our collaborator @quay_dr

Research by @CharlesRixey…………
Mar 2 13 tweets 5 min read
1. Chimpanzees and Zoonotic Wars 2. The Brutal 1974 - 1978 Gombe Chimpanzee War

Helps shed some light on inter group conflict, perceived weakness, protecting spheres of influence and perceived threats to resources.
Feb 29 10 tweets 6 min read
Recent news mentioned 600 pages but so far we have only seen 291 pages

Seems like the 600 pages include more CSIS coinclusions & accusations against Qiu

More than 600 pages were made public Wednesday following a special all-party review of the documents…

Image 16. The Accusations (1)

Fired scientists at Winnipeg lab worked closely and covertly with Chinese government, CSIS report says…

Feb 29 17 tweets 6 min read
15 Interesting Tweets examining the Canada Cover Up

Short Thread… 1. Ebola Shipments

Follow @RealAndyLeeShow for more updates!

Feb 29 30 tweets 12 min read
Although they are intelligent & commited biosafety scientists with a wealth of experience & knowledge neither @FilippaLentzos nor @gregkoblentz will challenge the States they serve (UK & USA)

The Global Biosafety Map has many missing overseas US DoD Labs
Unfortunately the #DRASTIC global biosafety lab map, launched before theirs, was sabotaged by an infiltrator and has not been updated due to a current lack of capacity of our working members for detailed work.

Feb 19 7 tweets 3 min read
Mr. X writes a coded letter that only Person E understands

"We arranged a group fishing trip in Nimes for 20th of March. Please bring fish bait, blankets & hooks. We will supply rods. Regards, Rene"

X cuts message into 4 parts, gives 1 part to A, B, C, D, to deliver to Mr. E. Image OAS Technique in the 1960s known as "the post box system"

Consporators would often change their cover name to further confuse investigators.

A, B, C, D would not know each other, only the address of E.

X would know E of course.

One weakness was if E was a police informer😵‍💫
Feb 19 17 tweets 7 min read
Time to use code words like on @Weibo ?

The core of Weibo censorship is a lack of clear rules that users can follow. You don’t know whether you will be the next target of censorship. Such tactics instill fear in you, then you start to behave yourself.

@benjaminbranham & @grok

How it Works for YOU

"Gradually, it becomes natural not to speak your mind. Over time, you lose the ability to express yourself as a normal person would do in a free society. That is the effect of censorship in the long run" Image
Jan 27 6 tweets 4 min read
Malleus Maleficarum or Malleus Haslamensis

1. "SARS-CoV-2 could infect HFH4-hACE2 mice and cause death"

2. Lethality of SARS-CoV-2 infection in K18 hACE2 transgenic mice

3. HFH4-hACE2 mice

4. SC2 infection of hACE2-transgenic mice

5. Pathogenesis of SC2 in hACE2 Mice

6. HFH4-hACE2 mice susceptible to SARSCoV & bat SARSr-CoV WIV1 infection

Jan 25 13 tweets 6 min read
1. The Baconisation of Virology?

For the employments of our fellows; we have 12 that sail into foreign countries, under the names of other nations, (for our own we conceal); who bring us books (viruses & bacteria) of all other parts

These we call Merchants of Light (or Death)

2. The Baconisation of Virology (2)

We have 3 that collect the experiments.

These we call Depredators.

We have 3 that collect the experiments of all mechanical arts, called Mystery-men.

We have 3 that try new experiments, as they think good. These we call Pioneers or Miners. Image
Jan 24 7 tweets 4 min read
Reflections on January 2024: A Good Month!

1. The recent revelations from the initial draft of #DEFUSE

2. The "surprise" story today that the FBI (WMD) had a trusted source in Wuhan who informed them in early 2020 that a Wuhan Lab worker was responsible for spreading SARS-COV-2
3. Public Eye

It has been very satisfying for me personally to see that the lies & hypocrisy of a corrupt cartel of virologists who closed ranks to protect their funding and reputation, have now been fully exposed before the public eye.…
Jan 18 21 tweets 8 min read
The #DEFUSE Cat is out of the #FOIA Bag!

1. #DRASTIC was analysing this DEFUSE FOIA since Jan 2nd, but we carefully chose not to publish information from the FOIA until @emilykopp @garyruskin @USRightToKnow finished writing up their upcoming report.

2. What Happened?

@USRightToKnow investigation involved lengthy consultatiion with scientists & researchers.

However @flodebarre recently published some parts in a vain attempt to spin the release to benefit the Zoonati.

Great comment by @emilyakopp
Jan 7 23 tweets 11 min read
1. Early 2020 #Pangolin #coronavirus & hACE2 Mice experiments have now led to disturbing results in Beijing (2024)!

Lethal Infection of Human ACE2-Transgenic Mice Caused by SARS-CoV-2-related Pangolin Coronavirus GX_P2V

h/t @outbreakupdates & @gadboit…
2. Yang Ruifu: CCP's biological weapons expert

Note his earlier role in such experiments (Pango Covs & hACE2 Mice) h/t @coroldo1

in 2020, South China:

Dec 28, 2023 13 tweets 5 min read
If you feel in the mood to listen to an intelligent laid back discussion which will increase your knowledge of the #DEFUSE issue, then listen to this:

Added bonus you can read a transcript as you listen

@Bryce_Nickels @emilyakopp @jbkinney… 2. Interesting discussion about Trypsin and FCS

Although the key features of the SARS-COV-2 Furin Cleavage Site may or may not be essential for trypsin cleavage, this is definitely a topic worthy of discussion, in light of Trypsin research and coronaviruses. Image
Dec 13, 2023 20 tweets 9 min read
Ashoka's Edict 13

1. Major Rock Edict XIIII talks about the Ashoka's (268 - 232 BC) victory over Kalinga, mentioning his remorse for the 500,000 killed or deported during his conquest

The edict asserts that he has conquered the lands to the borders of several named Greek rulers Image 2. The Greek Rulers (1)

Amtiyoga or Amtiyaka (𑀅𑀁𑀢𑀺𑀬𑀓) identified with the Seleucid Antiochus II Theos
Tulamaya (𑀢𑀼𑀭𑀫𑀸𑀬) identified with Ptolemy III Euergetes of Egypt (246-222 BC)
Antekina (𑀅𑀁𑀢𑁂𑀓𑀺𑀦) identified with Antigonus Gonatus of Macedonia (277-239 BC)
Dec 12, 2023 12 tweets 6 min read
1. List of 49 ways to cover up!

This was compiled from famous cover-ups such as Watergate Scandal, Iran-Contra Affair, My Lai Massacre, Pentagon Papers, the cover-up of corruption in NY & the tobacco industry cover-up of the hazards of smoking.
Image 2. How many of these ways do you see in Covid-19?

The methods in actual cover-ups tend to follow the general order of the list below.

Initial response to allegation (1)

Flat denial
Convince the media to bury the story
Preemptively distribute false information Image
Dec 8, 2023 8 tweets 3 min read
One Health in the Caucasus with Eco Death Allliance?

Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia

Interesting locations for DoD?

"supported" by the "Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences Center for Global Health Engagement"… (Award number HU00012010031)

Strengthening Multisectoral Approaches to Biodefense and Biosurveillance in the Caucasus


Dec 6, 2023 21 tweets 8 min read
Zoonati Bat Desperation

1. We know Martin Beer used the affinity-enhancing mutation D614G strain of SC2 instead of the original Wuhan strain to "show" limited infection of SC2 in Egyptian fruit bats

(Schlottau et al., 2020)…
Image 2. Remember, this experiment came at a time when
Researchers in China & USA were "puzzled" by the lack of SC2 infectivity in bats, e.g. with zero evidence of infection observed in the big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) in the USA.

(Hall et al., 2020)…
Nov 1, 2023 8 tweets 5 min read
1. SAMHAIN (October 31)

The Northern Hemisphere & its healthy old traditions live on, despite the best attempts of creepy monotheistic religions from that cradle of nonsense & barbarity, the Middle East or rather the "Meddle East".

Our celebrations of the sun's cycle persist!

2. See for yourself, such fun!

Uisneach Fire Festival