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Mum 💗💙&🐶🐶,Wife, Cardiology Registrar & @TheBHF Clinical Research Fellow @RDMOxford #PhD #Christchurchcollege Women in Cardiology Representative
Oct 9, 2020 5 tweets 3 min read
#BSEcho2020 Brace yourself for take-off
Dr. Stephanie Curties on Ebstein's disease
🌟Ebstein's more than downward displacement of tricuspid valve --> 💥RV myopathy
🌟Echo: imaging modality of choice
🌟TR is usually severe
🌟variable morphology
🌟Look for associated lesions #BSEcho2020 Dr. Curties: The forgotten and easily ignored tricuspid valve
🌟Thin leaflets <3 mm
🌟cords insert into 2 adjacent leaflets
🌟3 sets of PMs
🌟No fibrous continuity with PV
🌟Close to AV node #cardiacsurgery
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#BSEcho R heart by Dr. Dan Knight
➡️New gender specific BSE guidelines
➡️Use fractional area change (FAC) for global ➕radial fct

TAPSE controversial & depending on disease
➡️useful in amyloidosis but not in pulmonary hypertension
➡️careful use in patient after cardiac surgery #BSEcho2020 Dr. Dan Knight
➡️ How to assess right ventricular diastolic function
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#BSEcho2020 Dr. Bushra Rana @ImperialNHS on 3D Assessment of MR
....Type 1: Annular dilatation
....Type 2: Leaflet Proplapse
....Type 3: :leaflet restriction
✅Severity Assessment
✅Haemodynamic consequences #BSEcho2020 ✅Severity Assessment
↔️Elliptical orifice (average Vena contract in orthogonal views)
↔️Multiple jets (3D Vena contract area)
↔️Late systolic jets (Volumetric methods)
Integrative approach to grading MR severity
VC area x MR VTI = Regurg Vol
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@TheBJCA Are you ready for 3rd @Medtronic Device Programming Course organised by @Nikhil_Ahl.
Summary of 2nd Course in the threat. @HRSonline #cardiotwitter #EPeeps
‼️‼️CHECK OUT: ‼️‼️
Check Chest X-ray, upload picture and identify PPM. @Medtronic PBL STOP
P↔️Presenting Rhythm:
Look at surface ECG and Markers. Markers are "your friends" telling you what the device is seeing and how the device is responding.
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@acmedsci @AlexisHutson1 Fantastic workshop on
How to develop an effective mentoring programme
↔️get the best out of people
↔️benefit the organisation
↔️feedback is essential
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Progress report:
👠June Appointed as BJCA WIC & FlexTraining Rep
👠July Launch of Pilot Mentorship programme for trainee #WIC
👠Aug I ran 125mi to raise > £3000 to fund the programme
👠Sept: All mentees & mentors attend free mentorship workshops
👠Oct meet your mentors Thank you to all participants of this pilot mentorship programme in particularly the amazing mentors @clare_12 @TinLwin9 @HibbaKurdi @bryony_sedgwick @DawnAdamson6 @AmyBurchell @dramiyazawa @theharveys @KrithikaLogana2 @BexLewis3 @EmmaKealaher @theharveys @eleanorwicks
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Fantastic talk about Sports Cardiology by @MichaelPapadak2 who was inspired by his mentor @SSharmacardio @CRY_UKwith ECG pearls see below. @s_gati @m_piepoli @Drstevenjcox Should #sportscardiology become a subspecialty of cardiology #cardiotwitter? Athletic adaptation #ECG #sportscardiology in the context of asymptomatic patient without family history:
🏃‍♂️Sinusbradycardia (⬆️vagal tone)
🏃‍♂️high QRS complexes (↔️LVH criteria)
🏃‍♂️J-point / ST segment ⬆️ in all leads
🏃‍♂️tall/ hyper-acute t-waves