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22 May
This Texas *divisive concepts* bill, passed by the Senate in the dead of night, is the broadest/vaguest I've seen so far. And that's the point - to instill fear in teachers about what they can talk abut…
If you're trying to make sense of what *divisive concepts* are and how teachers/students will be affected, highly recommend the latest @HaveYouHeardPod featuring voices of teachers on the frontlines of the K-12 culture wars…
One English teacher I interviewed said that her state's *divisive concepts* bill would keep her from teaching MLK's Letter from Birmingham Jail because references to oppression, privilege and prejudice appear throughout the text.
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4 Mar
I had the honor yesterday of hearing from 15 Boston students attending 6 city schools about what they've lost during the past year & how adults can help them recover. Takeaway: their view of the pandemic & remote learning is far more complex than what's reflected in the news /1
For starters, they take the pandemic EXTREMELY seriously because they've lost loved ones & their communities have been the hardest hit. So they're not buying the argument that this thing is over /2
I got to see/hear for myself the downsides of remote learning. These students attend school in their bedrooms - if they have a bedroom. Terrible audio, crappy cameras, little siblings who howl off screen or suddenly burst into view /3
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