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13 May 19
Bitstamp hit close enough to $8,300-8,400 at $8,167. This rally looks done once this 5min blue rising wedge broke down as advised to members. A crash from here is under way to $6,100-5,950 and $5,700-5,500/$5,300
#Bitcoin #Crypto $BTCUSD $BTC
Note: A small bearish H&S could form here with a last shoulder at $7,970 before the crash. If anything changes will advise.
I guess I will eat my words here. Previous top held as support at $7,500-7,400 and the rising wedge has been extended into a bigger one! Retest of the $8,000s coming soon #Bitcoin #Crypto $BTCUSD
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2 May 19
#Bitcoin Short-Squeeze Warning:
The chances of a short-squeeze is relatively high. It also looks like the longer we remain in sideways above $5,200 the more likely the shorts will get as dangerously high as the August or December 2018 squeezes $BTCUSD $BTC
Bitcoin Bitfinex shorts still adding up and the Premium has reached an all time high today. Time to watch closely: We either pull back hard from $5,800s to $5,300 or experience the squeeze by end of day tomorrow #Bitcoin #Bitfinex #Tether $USDT $BTCUSD
The short-squeeze played out nicely. However, shorts remain quite high which means we will be heading higher over the weekend to $6,700-6,800 on Bitfinex or $6,400-6,500 Bitstamp before a major pull back. #Bitcoin #Bitfinex $BTCUSD $BTC #Crypto
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