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I AM a Warrior of The Light. I AM a Sovereign Being. I AM a Humanist. I AM an Agent for Change. I AM in Service To Others. I AM Consciousness
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Oct 24, 2021 17 tweets 3 min read
Lesedi Elders 🕯️🙏

I am back once again today with a very short message to women/ladies.

Before I can get into the spiritual side of existence amongst women I will first talk of the physical & emotional part of your existence because it is very much playing a huge role towards your spiritual journey, your spiritual awakening & actualization. 

I have one thing that I always emphasize to everyone I mentor, be in conversation with & engage spiritually with. 

"HEALING."  Women 🥺💔,

I understand very well that mending a broken heart, broken life,
Oct 24, 2021 7 tweets 2 min read
Reptilians-- They fight to enslave.

Humans-- We fight for love 

Reptilians-- They fight for greed.

Humans-- We fight for our families.

Reptilians-- They fight for conquest.

Humans-- We fight for our freedom!

Together we RISE!

OUR FUTURE WILL BE BUILT ON ONE LOVE. My Brothas & Sistas (Africans, Europeans & Asians)🗣️ We're all being played off against each other so we hate each other & don't look at the bigger picture.

I have a message from our Mah(angel: Creativity & Nature) that says, "Hold on just a little longer, Mtanami(my child)."
Oct 23, 2021 10 tweets 2 min read

Thokozani 👏 

I've seen people dating one person 7 times, it's just that they find him/her in different bodies, different faces, but still the tendencies are the same. You find people complaining that I'm attracting Married men always, every woman I get it's either she loves partying or she has a problem with baby daddy & she still loves him. 

But if you look at it, you turn to see that it has an origin of a soul tie.
Oct 23, 2021 5 tweets 1 min read

Spirit is equated to Air because it is very light(in referrence to mass & the astral light body), in order to achieve spiritual ascent, you must shed all the weight in your heart that is pulling you down. The heart is all about feelings & feelings are vibrations, negative vibrations are very dense & are intune with our survival or animalistic nature, therefore they are closer to the material world than they are to the spirit world. This is why spirits are invisible to the negative eye unless they are extremely negative energies
Oct 23, 2021 6 tweets 1 min read
Umndau spirit is a foreign spirit


*Indian, Chinese & white people inside the river

*Dreaming foreigners

*Old men or women with a spear near the river 

*Big rivers & oceans

*Metsi a letlhakanoka

*Snakes, python inside the river *Dream drowning 

*Water blocking your path

*Dreaming lions & water creatures

*Dreaming of bangles, ring




*White cloth



*Ibhayi lendau 🦁🦁
Oct 22, 2021 9 tweets 2 min read

Ase 👏 

Let's talk about something you all call "Islwane" 

I've seen healers doing cleansing for islwane & some cleansing ceremonies are a success & some are not. You won't believe if I can tell you that most people who went for cleansing, they still walk with islwane but why ? 🤷

You see behind the word islwane lies no foreign evil spirit but instead an ancient Ancestor of your family used in a dark realm or a spirit of a family member who passed away in a car accident, murdered & the spirit was never fetched,
Oct 22, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read


That's a question many of you are asking yourselves right & why things are going so bad in your lives etc....

Being a spiritual person & a chosen one is not easy for everyone irrespective or regardless of how your people "Ancestors " have decided the way you should train or  thwasa. Ukuthwasa in itself is very painful, one thing for sure they will chip away your ego bit by bit....but never think they don't love you because your Ancestors will always have your best interests at heart. They know what you're going through &
Oct 13, 2021 6 tweets 1 min read
Khotsong 👏 

Welcome to Tsa Moya with Gogo Dikeledi on Wednesdays. This afternoon I'm discussing Isthunya/Moya wa Seporofeto/Sekereke/Mosebeletsi.

Isthunya is a religiously gifted person, who is gifted to prophesy. They also use a Bible to do a reading, some water, some cards, candles etc

There is Isthunya that doesn't require training & one that requires training. Training consists of lots of praying, cleansing physically, meditation to humble one's thoughts, strict diet, fasting, no contact with the outside world (no cellphones),
Oct 13, 2021 5 tweets 1 min read

When I logged in into my fb account today I came across a post about different ways your Ancestors communicate with you. I stopped, I read & moved on........i finished preparing for my trip to Pretoria & off I went. My departure time was 8:30, I made it on time. The bus left... Everything was going well until we arrived in PMB.... This lady who's in charge of collecting tickets comes up to me & tell me to get my things & follow her 😳, aybo... Why me? I was annoyed & curious at the same time. I followed her to the office & the bus left😲
Oct 13, 2021 9 tweets 2 min read
Makhosi 🙏

The process of ukukhuphula isithunywa Vs idlozi.

While in the process of ukukhuphula isithunywa don't be puzzled when you start dreaming or envisioning beads, amabhayi, bones or start seeing herbs/imithi etc. Note that when ukukhuphula isithunywa you are dealing with one aspect of your guardian angels/spirits. In a case where the spirit that you're evoking the gogo/mkhulu was a priest/mosebeletsi/prophet/palm reader/meduim/sanusi etc.
Oct 13, 2021 16 tweets 3 min read
Thobela bana ba thari eNtsho 👏🏿👏🏿

I would like to stress about why some of our things are not going well 👏🏿👏🏿

We are a generation that has a lot of broken chains ⛓ to fix, that’s why most of our things take a different turn from Good to Bad, could be business wise, academia, Work, Relationships, accidents, certain pains or illnesses that modern doctors 🥼 can’t identify (headaches, abdominal pain, back aches & heavy shoulders, bloated stomach etc)🙆🏿‍♂️, Complex dreams & it’s a major problem to many & most sit & keep quiet or go to healers who only want
Oct 12, 2021 8 tweets 2 min read
Let Me Tell You Why Our Relationships As Black People Will Always Fail. Let Me Tell You Why Our Families Will Continue To Break. Understand Something, Black People Are Not Taught How To Love. Our Women Are Taught To Look For Stability In A Man. While We Look For Attraction In A Woman. This Is Why We Will Always Have Fatherless Homes. We Don't Know How To Love. We Think Beauty Is Love. We Think Money Is Love. We Don't Know What Love Is. Look At The Way You Treat Your Uncle Without A Job.😪😥
Oct 12, 2021 6 tweets 1 min read
What is isilwane/Spiritual Husband or Wife  Part 2

How to prevent isilwane

1 Avoid casual sex & musturbation

2 Qinisani umuzi/fortify your home's spiritually

3 You & your partner must cleanse niqiniswe atleast once a year.

4 Pray & phahla before going to church, healers etc 5 Be spiritually strong, pray, fast, phahla...

6 Be spiritually discerning especially with relatives, romantic relationship/ partners & friends.  

7 Learn to love from a distance & to let go of people who are toxic especially spiritually (umuntu othwele, a partner or family
Oct 11, 2021 12 tweets 3 min read
What is isilwane/spiritual husband or wife, how does it affect you & how can you get rid of it for good.

There are two types of types of isilwane:

1. One that is attached to you/laced with you, lesiSikuwe & it is the most dangerous & difficult to get rid of. Senziwa umuntu who has had full access for atleast ten minutes or so, you either have to step on the floor/bed sheets or have sex with someone for it to be transferred to you.

An average person would have isilwane several times in their lives because umhlaba uyahlaba, kubi nje,
Oct 11, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
Thokozani eNdumbeni👏🏽🪔

I would just like to highlight or leave this little side note📝, this is based on the surge I’m seeing in the water visitations especially rivers, lakes, dams & water falls.

These places have magnificent creatures that are quite complex to understand Image & what normally happens is that people lose their lives all because of this lack of understanding, I mean you would know that a lot of people perish in these very places.🧟‍♂️☠️💀👻

Water spirits are able to take away a life (kill) but are unable to contain/trap a person’s soul or
Sep 28, 2021 7 tweets 2 min read

I want you to understand that it's not our first time walking this Earth. We've been here before. It's just that we haven't accomplished our missions yet.

Before we came to this world we had a spiritual agreement with the Highest Power that we will accomplish certain goals/mission. We promised our True selves that when we get to this world we're gonna make it a better place to live in through our talents, skills, gifts & all that we have.

The moment our souls got attached to this body that's when the mission started,
Sep 28, 2021 15 tweets 3 min read
Thokozani elders 👏🏽🕯️

To the children of amadlozi & Izithunywa please understand this : You are only a beginner in the spiritual journey the day you are born until the day you say your first prayer. 

The reason why I'm saying this is because, you are a beginner. You are lacking self actualization

Understand this, you are born with the gift. You do not just pick it up when you are walking around. So please believe in yourself & you will see wonders.
Sep 28, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
Contrary to what medical science is obsessed with telling us, the physical body is not the whole human being.... It is the fantastic physical shell through which eternal us experiences this physical world. There is far more to us than a body.... Creation is the expression of one infinite mind & all lifeforms are an aspect of that one mind: what many people call God.... We are each other.... We are all God, if you wish to use that term.... 

At the heart of this mind is a consciousness I see as a blinding light -
Sep 27, 2021 11 tweets 2 min read
Enkosini ameni🙏


I've  written  about this spirit before but I recently  had this feeling or edge  that I must write about it again cause there is so much misconception  about going around about this type of spirit & clarity  is somehow needed. I write about this spirit because I have it.

Am a descendant of this Ancestor so I feel I have the authority to demystify  all negative  things said about  this spirit!!

Angizwang bathi!

I know & understand  this spirit.
Sep 26, 2021 10 tweets 3 min read
Thokozani 👏 

You know the thing is about isphika ( Capes) & Ama Jazi once it becomes a combo of two colours automatically the meaning changes . It's not a cut & paste, a one size shoe fits all because if it combines two colours from how it's design & ImageImage what is included, it tells a story of an individual. A story about your gift & the Ancestors. 

For example: let's say you dreamt of Ijazi eli green & yellow with a Leopard Print Sphika also Stars & the cross
Sep 26, 2021 5 tweets 1 min read
Remember all those Biblo stories you have been fed on since you were born?

Well, they are happening now!

Unfortunately, they have been coded & ciphered in such a way that you would have no clear & focused way of making head or tail of the so many fairy tales in that book of wizards.

Well, those stories in the biblo are no fairy tales. They are solid truths dressed in incredible colors & costumes in order to specifically throw you off balance so that you don't head anywhere meaningful while being in the 3D rabbit hole.😲😳