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I AM a Warrior of The Light. I AM a Sovereign Being. I AM a Humanist. I AM an Agent for Change. I AM in Service To Others. I AM Consciousness
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11 Apr
Ukuthwala for success, wealth & money (heading)

Ukuthwala for riches, is a dangerous thing, before you consider ukuthwala for success have you ever searched for understanding the meaning of ukuthwala for money? Ukuthwala means to carry, abide or convey,
so in the case of ukuthwala for money/ wealth one will have been made to carry the spirit of the dead, water spirits that have rebelled their humble services or have become Goblins & Tikoloshes.

Summary for the Article

Ukuthwala is a system of getting rich fast using bad muthi,
bad spirits & human lives. The bad spiritualists have the ability to raise some spirits from the rivers, mountains & forests & give them magic bodies from the people they kill, some target young ones & others old. Others target males others females.
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11 Apr
When witchcraft makes you fail matric

When she learnt that her son had failed his matric, Slindile Zwane blamed it all on a witchcraft spell she believed was cast by a jealous relative to derail her son’s fortunes.
“My son was bewitched, that’s all!” said Zwane,😲😲
whose son Tsholofelo failed his exams in the matric class of 2020. Although the belief in witchcraft & its ability to be used to bring bad luck upon people remains entrenched in many societies, cultural experts, academics & religious leaders remain divided
on whether witchcraft exists at all.😲😲

“I don’t understand why he [my son] could have failed because he used to study day & night & even cross night [burning the midnight oil]. There are many people who were jealous that he was doing matric in the first place.
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11 Apr
Transport Systems eThongweni: abaLozi Part 2

All Ancestors are collectively constantly working together, this is why it is possible for you to be told to go to the ocean or a river at say 04:00 AM to go collect izinto zakho even though you do not have abaLozi
as part of your Ancestral entourage. 

How this would work is that you would phahla to acknowledge receiving the dream instructing you to go & inform your Ancestors that you will go to the river say on Friday.
Once you confirm that you will go to eManzini (put the day out via speech [which is auditory vibrational confirmation]), they begin working in the spiritual realm & ask abaLozi to assist with the transportation of whichever item you need to receive from them🙏🧜
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10 Apr
Transport Systems eThongweni: aBaLozi

ab6aLozi are by far the most misunderstood spirits. Their methods of operation are secretive as they are guides that do not like a lot of fuss. 

There is a vast transport network in the realm of eThongweni.
aBaLozi favour that of the water channels & thus are able to bend the laws of time & space. 

All water bodies are connected. The oceans, rivers, dams, waterfalls & streams share this connection as they originate from the same source.🌊🧜
A person with aBaLozi has an ability to tap into this water transportation system through their teachings & move things from one place to another or from one water body to another. In the same way the spirits are able to travel to & fro places to gather news or insights.
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10 Apr
How do you know that your Healer is a Lightworker or not?

Can you see witches are no longer in hiding? They too are wearing Sangoma Attire parading as Healers & this is why the evolution of Afrikan Spirituality has been slowed down because as we do good others are busy
strategizing about doing harm on others.

A few months ago a 'Healer' that I don't know called me while I was in someone's office.. confessing that He Kills People!! Imagine someone in Traditional Regalia openly talking about killing people &
requesting my prayers for him to repent from his ways😥 

I see now people are also parading their pet snakes & money rats, feeding into the old narrative about Afrikan Healers being witches. Is this not why people are scared of izinto zedlozi?😥😪
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10 Apr
There Are So Many False Prophets Lana Emhlabeni. There Are Too Many To Count.

If You Knew The Real Name Of God. You Would Have Many Sleepless Nights. There Are People Lana Emhlabeni Who Are Shown Things Other People Will Never Know.
At Night When You Are Asleep. Some People Travel To Other Dimensions. Some People Go Inside Mountains & Caves. There Are Many Secrets I'm Not Even Allowed To Tell My Own Family. If You Knew The True Name Of God. If You Were Chosen To Recieve The Truth About Creation.
Your Life Would Be Very Different. There Are Wars Being Fought Day & Night But Your Eyes & Ears Were Closed. People That Are Gifted Live Very Hectic Lives. That's Why Their Relationships Almost Never Last. They Are Shown What Their Partner Is Up To.😲
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9 Apr
This hit home. We invite souls that are troubled in our homes as AboGhobela. We take risks exposing our kids & families to amathwasane whom are bad mannered etc

People see the glamor of Gogo Dikeledi having many thwasane😲😲 Image
It is not easy. Some even tarnish our names. Some have tried to poison us, some steal from us. But it comes with the chair we sit in.😥😪

All we have to do is trust in our guides that we were given this with trust. I often hear about how AboGhobela mistreat Mathwasane👀
but our Struggles with them as BoGhobela isn't discussed. 

I was ithwasane once & I know what I put my ghobela through BUT her love & care for me was & is still beyond. Hence I say you are born to be ighobela, you don't invite amathwasane to you.✊
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9 Apr
The dynamics of Water Part 3🧜🙏🌊

Through water, one can tap into the past, present or future. The design and vibrational attributes of water make it a suitable entryway to all of these places, therefore each water body (+ all sacred places on earth) have guardians
who act as gatekeepers, watchers & spiritual historians who look after the gates that lead to the world of Spirit. 

Some of these guardians of these places either present themselves as trees, certain animals, or orbs of energy.
E.g. There are tress in the veld who are actually iziThunywa & possess life. 

Water is consciousness & where iziThunywa zobuProphethi are concerned, they usually call abaNtu babo to the water. iziThunywa vibrate much higher than amaDlozi &
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8 Apr
The dynamics of Water Part 2🧜🙏🌊

A person who is taken into the waters to thwasa has a completely different experience than the previous example. 

Firstly, to even have this experience, it would be something that would be predetermined by God Source, iziThunywa & amaThongo
There is a reason & a purpose for this particular training of amaGqirha & the existence of these human beings which I cannot go into detail about (doing so would alter the course of the future & interrupt with the theme/music/course of the world).
People who are trained in the "water" are part of a spiritual line which traces its origins from the beginning of time & the conception of the world to contribute to The Song. A majority of them are also part Sthunywa.
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7 Apr
The dynamics of Water.🌊

Ndicamagushile eManzini. I write this with humility & respect. 

On the surface, water is a substance that enables life. It is an important element, not only with regards to ubuGqirha/ubuNgoma/noMoya, but for all existence.🙏🧜🌊
Where human life is concerned, the soul of a person travels from the higher realms into the physical world & covers the embryo immediately after conception.

49 days into conception, the human embryo will release its first secretion of DMT-
this is also the exact moment that an embryo becomes a foetus which is encased in an amniotic sac & placenta (which is essentially amanzi/water) in the mothers womb. 

When the human foetus is in the placenta (eManzini), the consciousness alternates between the Spirit World
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7 Apr
The comparisons, the competitiveness eBungomeni has left us fragmented & divided as community of practise!!! Having undergone different types of initiation processes, the reverence I have for African spiritual healing has deepened.  Each field of practise carries its excellency,
its brilliancy, its challenges & hardships. All of it is relevant!! All of it builds us, restores us & gifts us gifts of remembering who we are we are as children of Kwa-Ntu, descendants of the Embo. Children of the heavens, offsprings of Kemet!!!
The journeys I have travelled & yet still to be travelled have opened my heart to the deeper understanding of how come we are chosen🙏🧜

We become wounded so that we can heal, so that we can become healers of the wounded & not wounded healers.✊
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7 Apr
Afro-conciousness 💥


(By Sekou Kelleh Guardian of the Temple of Tehuti?

"l am the One (Creator) who came into being as Kheper, He who come into being & brings into being. When l came into being, being itself came into being.....
Many were the beings that came forth from the commands of my mouth"

( HOSEA: Book of Knowing the creation)

The Ancestors were very  clear, we humans  were created to be the image of the  Divine (God ) on Earth.
So It's  not arrogance to  say the Creator lives thru His Creation. The principle of "Kheper", coming into being & bringing into being suggests that the creator manifests through creation

If you don't see yourself as a God/Goddess, it means you missed the real  purpose of life.
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6 Apr
Thokozani 👏🏼

Today's topic ⬇️

It's very rare for a gifted person to have a relationship with a normal person unless it was destined or you plead with the Ancestors. That person can be expected if they are pure & won't destroy your calling,
Ancestors can see further than you, so if they can see the future won't be bright with that person; then sorry.🙈😪

Idlozi will even let you die of sexual frustration & people won't even ask you out until you even think you have isinyama whereas your Ancestors are keeping you
for someone they have chosen in the Spirit Realm.😲 You can force dating but you will reap heartbreak after heartbreak. You will use isiwasho & attract men/women only for them to lose interest in few weeks & you will think the muthi don't work whereas the real muthi is Amadlozi'
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6 Apr
Thokozani Bogogo Nabo Mkhulu👏👏

Our Ancerstors talk to us in so many ways. For example : via dreams, ears, intuition, thoughts, nose, eyes & nature. Just to name a few.

I would kindly like to share how Ancestors talk & warn us via Nature.
Ancestors nature interpretations.

1.Seeing Red Ants- in procession- Isifo

2. Seeing Black Ants Scattered - isicitho at home (not for untidy people)

3.Seeing Eagle- (rare) when a family member is very sick & find an Eagle inside the yard, just know she/he is going to pass on😲
4.Seeing an Owl- at the corners/ontop of the house- Ukufa okuzayo ekhaya

5.Seeing a Cat - it must not come at the back or behind you out of nowhere, thats bad luck coming your way(not those who have cats as pets).
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6 Apr
The Mdlebe Wealth Tree 🌲

They say that you will be wealthy if you manage to get some branches of this tree. Call on your Ancestors for protection & to bless your next move, then before you go underneath it, bring a live sheep, throw it under the tree😲 ImageImage
then after a few seconds run very fast with a sharp knife & cut the branch, then very fast, run far, far away from the tree. Blood will come out of the tree, don't be freaked out by this as it's "normal"😲

This tree lives on fresh blood😲😲👀👀
Its Vernacular name or African name is The Mdlebe tree🌲

Also known as the 🐉 dragon's blood tree🌲....

UMdlebe is located near uThukela River on feeds on flesh. nothing lives on or around it, multiple bones are found around it...😲😲
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4 Apr

Due to some of the things that have been revealed during ukufemba, I have decided to address this spirit that is troubling several people among Africans. As I've said before, I write things that I  have seen, experienced or have heard from elders.
If such spirit is not addressed it will continue to haunt most of the coming generation. Some call it SPIRITUAL HUSBAND & SPIRITUAL WIFE. This spirit almost works exactly like the other spirit(Lidloti) for Sangoma & Tinyanga.
This  spirit  normally  chose & claim someone to be husband or wife. If  you have such a spirit, it wont be easy to have a stable relationship or even get married because it will chase away every man or woman who come close to you.
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3 Apr

Badimo is the spirit that occupied bodies of our Ancestors. It is not our Ancestors. The only reason they appear to us in the form of human bodies in our dreams is for our own sake as humans.Our minds are programmed to trust those that are close to us &
have physical connection with us. Badimo is the spirit that can take any form it choses to. If Badimo are Ancestors, it means the 1st man & woman on earth survived without Badimo since they had no Ancestors. Another tricky part is when one of these 1st people on earth died;
did their children refer to this single dead Ancestor as Modimo(singular) or Badimo. I don't see how they could have refered to that dead Ancestor as Modimo or Badimo. Badimo is the spirit Source created before creating 1st humanoids &
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3 Apr
Spirituality Isn't Soft

.. No, It sure Does not. 

“I am not sure where we got the idea that spirituality must be softy toffee gentle & never include anger. 

This is a perversion of real spirituality, yet another recipe for repression, denial & destruction.
This is not to say that all anger is good anger—my spirituality doesn’t include unhealthy anger, attacks on innocents, arbitrary judgments, passive aggression. 

But it does include healthy anger, justified anger, transformational anger, spiritual activism.
Infact, I am certain that It’s time to raise healthy anger to the rafters of acceptability in the spiritual community. 

If you feel that a dissociative consciousness model is doing damage to humanity, get angry about it.
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2 Apr
Thokozani boGogo na boMkhulu 👏🏿👏🏿

This is based on my knowledge & spiritual understanding 🙏🏿

It is very difficult being ngwana wa Badimo/Mntwana we Dlozi & your family doesn’t support you; let alone are the ones blocking your blessings or turning the Ancestors against you.
There are people (family, friends or members of your society) who do not want to see you prosper. Don’t sit & wait for a miracle, try finding out why things are the way they are in your life.
Some of the things that shows things are not right spiritually 🐆🐘

1. Having fatherless kids (different fathers/as a father you have kids from different mothers)

2. People hate you for no apparent reason 😔, like you smell or you annoy them.

3. You can’t find a job.
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2 Apr

Do you remember that time your parents denied you something you wanted with your whole being cos they felt you were not ready for it or it was not good for you?🤔

Maybe not, but my point is, there is a lot of negativity being spread about "ukuthwasa"
in terms of how it brings hardships in finances, relationships & the like. I can make one promise to you starting your journey; the only pain you are going to feel will be caused by you to yourself; by accepting the calling & still wanting to remain in control of your life.😲
Let go, as outrageous as this may sound, but go on auto-pilot, this way you will avoid unnecessary pain & suffering. You will be denied a lot of gifts you may feel you are entitled to. After all, some will be your life time's work but those will be the gifts that you are either
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1 Apr
Listen Women. 

A Good Man Is Not Defined By His Money & His Appearance. A Good Man Is Defined By His Heart, Mindset & Provision. 

In This World If You're Chasing Men With Money, You'll Never Find Peace. 

Men With Money Are Everywhere.
Go Town To Town You'll Find Them.
Men With Good Appearance Are Everywhere. Go Town To Town, You'll Find Them. City To City They're There. 

You'll Never Finish Them. It's The Opposite. Listen; If You Glue Your Eyes On Money You're Setting Your Self Up For Slavery.
If You Glue Your Eyes On Appearance You're Setting YourSelf Up For Slavery. Not Every Rich Man Will Love You To The Fullest. Not Every Handsome Man Will Give You Peace Of Mind. As a Woman. Its Better To Stay Where You're Appreciated & Valued Than Staying Where You Are Used,
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