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13 Oct
Looks like a third of you are correct. So far anyway.
Testing. Testing. Test. Test. Test.
GW introduction. Thanks OIPA and SCA.
We should expect a 30 minute PowerPoint then Q&A.
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31 Dec 20
It's the last day of this dumpster fire known as 2020
Let's recap some shenanigans - #Ward45 sure had plenty

In January, Jimmy called out The Crew at Copernicus 
A photo bomber, a bounty, and the mayor visited us

The Point is resurrected in February - now ten storeys instead of 10
A firetruck can’t make a turn and Cuyler Plaza meets its end
Jimmy shows how tough he is and takes a stand against graffiti
A vigilante video offering a hundred-dollar bounty
March first Jimmy does the polar plunge with Team Alderbear
And barely wins committeeman - his enormous signs everywhere

In April Willie Wilson donates masks, Jimmy hands out burgers Epically
He can't seem to figure out how to wear a mask properly
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31 Oct 20
Listen my friends and I'll tell you a tale
Of an abandoned firehouse and a ten dollar sale

Far away in Jeff Park by Copernicus Center
Where NIMBYs love parking and hate on the renters

Stands an old firehouse full of asbestos
Flood damage, lead paint, and probably fungus
Vacant and crumbling for over eight years
But finally some good news involving some beers 🍻

A plan to remediate, renovate, restore
Nine apartments, @LakeEffect_LLC on the first floor

After years working its way through the City
Finally approval from DPD and Zoning Committee
Final sale price ten dollars, yes 1,000 cents
Appraised value minus remediation equals zero - make sense?

But when word got out about this deal
Someone nearby got all up in their feels

In 2018 Copernicus submitted a proposal
For six apartments and restaurant (chain - not local)
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