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Headcanons for Bnha, YOI, Black Clover. Mainly BKDK and Viktuuri. Can find me on AO3 and ffnet as bittybitt39! She/her. Writer, drawer. 27 yo. 18+//nsfw.
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Continuing this thread:

The day Izuku went to his new home, his alpha hadn’t even come to retrieve him. His driver, another alpha named Kirishima who was all smiles, opened up his car door and waited patiently as he said goodbye to all his friends and only family he’s ever Known. He was quiet for the first half of the drive, looking out the window at the scenery as it all went by.

He finally drew up the courage to ask.

“Why hadn’t he come for me himself?”

Kirishima looked in his rear view mirror before a smile formed on his face.
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Izuku was one of the older omegas in the Omega House. He had been here far too long.

Nearly going on 21, most omegas were accounted for by the time they were 16. They were allowed to leave for their new homes once they turned 18. This Omega House and all others in Japan held to this rule. And if the omega wasn’t ready, then the alpha had to be willing to wait.

It was a good time for all omegas, and Izuku was proud to be one.