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14 Jan
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AsᴛʀᴀZᴇɴᴇᴄᴀ (AZ)

Disclaimer: I assembled this thread to help me grasp covid data. I’m not a virologist so there are probably errors. Please feel free to correct me. Accurate information is important.

AZ was trialed under different conditions–
1) two Standard Doses, 28 days apart (SD/SD trial)
2) a half-dose (Low Dose), then a Standard Dose (LD/SD trial)
3) some participants had a single dose
4) some had dose #2 after more than 28 days


Overall, there were…
• Zero COVID-19 hospital admissions in the groups getting the AZ vaccine.
• The unvaccinated group had ten hospital admissions: two of which were severe.

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14 Dec 20
(1/6) This morning, @DaveSharma said: “For those interested in the facts, NZ emissions have increased since 2005. Australia’s emissions have reduced by 16.6% over the same period.” To appreciate what he means, this thread looks at the graph below...
(2/6) From the graph, notice how Keating took CO2 emissions to 490 Mt/year (the lowest). Howard came to power and then took emissions to their highest ever, 620 Mt/yr. In 2005, Howard had emissions at approx. 618 Mt/yr…
(3/6) Rudd and Gillard then brought CO2 emissions down to 540 Mt/yr in 2013. When compared to the 618 Mt/yr in 2005, this reduction of Rudd’s and Gillard’s is 12.6%. @DaveSharma figure of 16.6% (compared to 2005) means today’s…
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13 Dec 20
(1/3) My partner & I just watched the Thai BL romance drama, Uɴᴛɪʟ Wᴇ Mᴇᴇᴛ Aɢᴀɪɴ. What a roller coaster road of emotions! The story's theme: "Where does Romeo's & Juliet's love go after they die?"
Here's the theme song (English ver.). The series...
(2/3) ...is available on Youtube (HD + English subs) for free from @wabisabiTH (Studio Wabi Sabi). The cinematography, acting, directing, sound track, production all shine 🌞 Be warned—it pays to keep a box of tissues nearby. The actors...
(3/3) ... are extraordinary. Leading the cast...
• IN THE PRESENT: Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert & Fluke Natouch Siripongthon
• IN THE PAST: Kao Noppakao Dechaphatthanakun & Earth Katsamonnat Namwirote
• Here's the main theme with the main cast singing...
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