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Aug 4, 2021 9 tweets 2 min read
So here's the wrinkle that people are missing on eviction bans.

(Note that I write this as someone who is all but a property rights absolutist, who thinks takings law is grossly underprotective, who never supported any such bans, and who agrees that the CDC never had authority.) So in effect, the moratorium purports to ban a particular remedy for unpaid rent for a certain period of time.

Without this remedy, landlords have no *legal* remedy to eject delinquent tenants at a certain point via well-established state and/or local legal processes.
Mar 28, 2019 25 tweets 5 min read
Latest post from my pal Dean on what makes good SciFi.

But I'm not just RT-ing this one. I also have some Frank Opinions™ on this topic, which are broadly in line with Dean's.

Let's begin! IMO, Dean is correct that "[t]hat coherence, the plausibility, is really what sells it. . . . Future technology has rules, and those rules seem similar to known physics, and those rules are obeyed."
Sep 24, 2018 113 tweets 12 min read
"Brett Kavanaugh raped and murdered my wife." Brett Kavanaugh killed Nicole and Ron Goldman
Jul 8, 2018 36 tweets 7 min read
Here's the concrete reason - the labor theory of value is bullshit. How hard you work is wholly irrelevant if the product is worthless. Coming soon: A Frank Discussion™ on why the bullshit labor theory of value is responsible for...

*shuffles deck, draws card*

Modern and post-modern art?! (Yes, I'm dead serious).