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5 Oct
Justice says #WV situation is improving, citing Rt rate. He congratulates Kanawha County for being able to start school today
Justice urges residents to get their flu shots
Justice: "I want us all to not forget our president."

"I am very, very hopeful for a speedy and complete recovery for our first lady and our president."
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16 Sep
Justice starts by describing 10 more #WV covid-related deaths, putting the state at 290 now
Justice: "Do you not feel, all across West Virginia, whether you may be in high school, or whether you may be working your career in your early 20s or you may be middle aged and your family doing great, do we not feel that some way, some how we're letting these people down?"
Justice: "I ask you please, over and over and over, please help these people. Please take the responsibility and step up. Because these people deserve it, and we're losing them."
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15 Sep
“The continued tweaking of our school reentry guidelines from day to day does not instill confidence in the system or in the leaders making the decisions."
I can't follow this either
Fayette, which hadn't yet been able to start classroom instruction, plans to start Thursday and Friday.

"We made our decision, particularly because we had an opportunity to get our students in front of us," said Fayette Superintendent Gary Hough.
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15 Sep
Justice starts and clarifies that there will also be Wednesday and Friday briefings
He describes 5 additional #WV covid-related deaths, bringing the state to 280
Justice: "We've got to in some way, as best we possibly can, assure the safety in our nursing homes."

"We've got to be super careful."
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14 Sep
Justice announces 12 additional #WV covid-related deaths since Friday
Justice: "This killer attacks our elderly first and foremost."
Justice: daily positive rate is 2.69 -- "That's the lowest it's been in a while; that's good."
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13 Jul
Justice starting: "It's been a long weekend for West Virginia. We see our numbers continuing to move in a way that is not becoming of the way we want to go."
Justice cites 96th death: "We lost a West Virginian a year younger than me."

"I just can't imagine I would pick up some virus that would take my life. And yet it could. It's continued to do that all across our state."
Justice: "We need sincerity to protect your neighbors. We need to really, really be smart."
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1 May
Starting: "We've been a little late getting going. We're getting some additional slides that should give you some more valuable information."
Justice announces more deaths.

"Dag, I hate this."
Justice: "When you look back at it and all you're going to do is think about stats, the number is good."

"We had 41 deaths and now we have 46. I hate it. I just really hate it."

"I'm going to quadruple down and urge our people in every way."
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10 Jun 19
@WVGovernor About ready to start. Governor says to wait just a minute. "Hope y'all are doing good."
Justice: "What we're here about today is one thing" -- and that's Michael Bloomberg and his $500 million to lobby against coal-fired power plants plus natural gas.
Justice: "As journalists, it's really time that we get out of the drama and focus on something that could be catastrophic to the state of West Virginia."

Meaning the Bloomberg thing.
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25 Jan 19
We're about to begin on The Big Education Bill. Streaming will be here:…
There were a couple of guests on this topic on @WVMetroNews Talkline today. One was Senate Education Chairwoman Patricia Rucker:
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