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Soon to be senior staff writer @dailykos. Once the chief White House & Congressional Correspondent for @CourthouseNews & reporter/features writer @27east.
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18 Sep
Tomorrow marks six months and in that time so much has changed and so much of it hurts incredibly bad. Still grieving and probably for a long while more but whenever it gets too much to bear I just think of how light and funny and loving she was. Just an absolute joy. To Maggie.
I know she would have been over the moon happy for me for landing at Daily Kos. She always told me never to settle for less than I was worth and she would be thrilled to know. I serve her legacy of compassion, courage. I will spend every day trying to stand up for that.
An example of her good humor even to the end: when my brothers and I were all taking care of her in the end, my one brother would ask her to tell us who was the most beautiful. My brother would tease her and tell her that she had to say it was him. This went on for awhile.
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18 Sep
All the justice for Ashli Babbit people, where are they on Breonna Taylor? Please won't a single reporter ask one of the few people carrying a sign for Babbit how they feel about that? Or is just this one awake white lady who charged an officer in the cap that they care about?
I mean, they are there and you have time. Open a conversation. Ask them about the prison system broadly. Ask them about the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Ask them real questions.
Being jailed for nonviolent offenses is a subject worth having a conversation over.... so is systemic racism.
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17 Sep
Getting my chest scan today to see if the inhalers and antibiotics are working on this pneumonia. Feeling OK this morning. Walked the dog about 20 feet and still pretty winded going up *any* incline. So, don't think I am anywhere close to better yet but maybe a minor improvement?
Dear reader: Any experience with pneumonia? How long did it take you to recover if you were vigilant about getting well? I know you aren't a doctor but I am sick in bed so I am willing to entertain some anecdotes and use those to prompt my doc with questions later!
I have been in this Dr's office now for 3 hours. So I may be cured by the time I leave.
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16 Sep
An update: I am happy to announce that I am now a full time senior staff writer for @dailykos! I start in a few weeks. I could not be more pleased to join this team. I return to Capitol Hill where I will report for you, a public that deserves accountability from the powerful.
I *cannot wait* to tackle important issues including the probe into the insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6, domestic extremism, civil rights and so much more. I sincerely hope you will stick around for my reporting and you know the drill: If not already, do follow @dailykos!
I start Oct. 19 but in the meantime, I will work on recovering from this pneumonia. I need my health to badger the @GOPLeader and his aides. 👋
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15 Sep
Sly Stallone. Met him in midtown Manhattan with his wife. He was in a massive crowd of people and he politely escorted me to an opening in the sidewalk where we could take a picture together. His wife took the photo on a disposable and they were both LOVELY. Chatty. Friendly.
Alternatively, Dustin Hoffman was a major dick.
Which BROKE my little heart.
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14 Sep
Last night I came home after errands etc. and noticed I was still super winded and my cough went from annoying to painful. Then I got real, real tired and felt like I was going to pass out. Laid down for an hour and tested oxygen levels with an oximeter...
Levels were *not* healthy. I consulted a telemed doctor who promptly told me to get myself to an urgent care because I might have "happy hypoxia"... basically running sound seeming fine but in fact not fully oxygenated. That or pneumonia. I went to the urgent care. Turns out...
It is bronchitis. And "probably pneumonia" but chest xrays results don't come back until later today.

So! Despite all my best efforts to get healthy, my flu has now turned into this bronchial/pneumonia mess.

Sigh. (wheeze, actually)

So, please bear w/me folks as I recover.
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25 Aug
I never thought I would be without a job after working 9+ hrs a day, 5 to sometimes 6 days a week without complaint, covering or subbing in constantly when asked, making myself available to people before 8am and after 5pm and otherwise kicking ass every day BUT here we are.
I want to cover Washington because I love it, love the beat and love the people. I love the work. The glory is not my concern. I have resources and contacts and a deep well of enthusiasm to write the news. I am taking freelance work but I need a full time job and I am applying.
So, if you know of someone/somewhere that needs a reporter that will work tirelessly, cares about the work, thinks journalism is a public service AND that suggested workplace is a fair environment free of abuse or discrimination, I would LOVE to throw my hat in the ring.
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14 Aug
Before I embark on whatever it is that comes next in my career, I have pulled together some of my stories and live-tweet threads from the last five years for your convenience. Reflecting on the 1,400+ stories I wrote, I'll say this: I would do it again. And then some. Away we go.
When I first started tweeting it began in earnest with my coverage of all things Paul Manafort. When former Pres. Trump pardoned him, it prompted me to reflect on that experience and I shared much of my key coverage in a thread. That starts here:
It was an exhilarating experience to cover Manafort's trial though incredibly taxing. The highlight for me? When I crashed the CNS website because of my live coverage:
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9 Aug
Some personal news: I was laid off from Courthouse News. Not for performance but over a dispute re: my compensation. I enjoyed my time here covering the White House, Congress and the courts at such a critical juncture in history. So, if seeking a DC beat reporter, DMs are open!
I sincerely did not want this outcome because I was genuinely happy to work for CNS as hard I did for as long as I did.
I am going to take a day. But in the coming days, I will post some of my work here and I hope while this door was closed, as they say, a new window opens.
Thank you, my readers, so much for following me, for following my former masthead and for allowing me to do what I love: sharing the news with you so you can make up your own mind about what matters and why.
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5 Aug
NOW: AG Merrick Garland announces that the DOJ will begin an investigation into the Phoenix Police Department, reviewing issues w. excessive force, 1A violations, discriminatory practices and more.
Protecting the rule of law means that those who enforce our laws also abide in them. - @KristenClarkeJD
It's a civil pattern/practice investigation into the city of Phoenix and the Phoenix PD.
Clarke: We have reviewed court files, media reports and citizen complaints and factors they ordinarily weigh when determining when to open a probe, that includes nature, seriousness and number of allegations and steps dept may be taking to address allegations plus dept's history
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4 Aug
Per CSPAN at 915AM ET: Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, who led a security review of the U.S. Capitol, discusses security on Capitol Hill and the January 6th select committee’s investigation.
Six weeks, 16 members of the Capitol Security Review Task Force, a capitol security complex review that started while fencing was still up. There were still 25k NGs at the Cap when Honore arrived.…
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3 Aug
You can read the CDC's eviction moratorium order released today HERE:…
Story coming up for @CourthouseNews
The CDC has extended the eviction moratorium through Oct. 3, adding it is "subject to further extension, modification, or recession based on public health circumstances."
"The order is not a rule within the meaning of the Administrative Procedure Act but rather an emergency action taken under the existing authority of CFR 70.2, the purpose of which is to enable the CDC to take swift steps to prevent contagion w/o a 2nd round of public comments"
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3 Aug
President Biden will revive the eviction moratorium for 60 days, saying the CDC has found the authority to extend it where areas are experiencing particularly high rates of Covid-19 infection. More soon for @CourthouseNews
@CourthouseNews WaPo first to report, AP also reporting.
Biden at his remarks tonight says CDC has found legal authority to revive a version of the moratorium but effectively, they expect opposition in the courts regardless.
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30 Jul
From the White House, as a vote to extend the eviction moratorium has stalled, President @JoeBiden calls for "all possible steps" to be taken to "immediately disburse funds" given the deadline.
Biden says "no excuse" for delay: "State and local governments began receiving Emergency Rental Assistance funding in February and were eligible for an additional $21.5 billion passed in the American Rescue Plan...
Biden: "Five months later, with localities across the nation showing that they can deliver funds effectively – there can be no excuse for any state or locality not accelerating funds to landlords and tenants that have been hurt during this pandemic."
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28 Jul
#BREAKING: The Senate has voted to open debate on the $1.2T infrastructure bill. This is procedural, not final passage. That is for another day. More to come in a story soon for @CourthouseNews, including the final tally and explaining what the heck is going on.
The threshold of 60 votes needed was exceeded minutes ago and the current tally sits around 64-31.
Update: The Senate has voted 67-32 to open debate on the $1.2T infrastructure package.
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28 Jul
I will have a story coming up for you tonight on the infrastructure battle that is still very much alive in the Senate. A vote tonight to open debate on the $1.2T infra. pkg is expected to pass this evening but this is just one hurdle to clear. More soon for @CourthouseNews
Some highlights of the bill: it's $1.2T over several years with $550B in new spending; $110B for roads, $65B for broadband enhancements, $47B for flood/coastal resiliency; $39B for public transit upgrades; $73B for power grid updates + funding for renewable energy/carbon cap etc.
There's $7.5B for electric vehicles, school buses, ferries and that includes LNGs, hydrogen and fuel cell investments
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27 Jul
Good morning. The first hearing of the committee tasked to investigate the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6th gets underway today. Thread will start here. Lawmakers debut the committee with testimony from officers who were on the front lines against the mob
I am in the room and we are about a half hour from starting. The panelists today will be US Capitol Police Sergeant Aquilino Gonnell, U.S. Capitol Police Private First Class Harry Dunn and Metropolitan Police Department officers Michael Fanone and Daniel Hodges.
TODAY: The medieval-style battle that was waged at the U.S. Capitol as thousands of people clamored to overtake the building and overturn the 2020 election comes into sharp relief Tuesday with first-of-its-kind testimony before a congressional committee.…
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25 Jul
FTR: Kinzinger is often described as anti Trump. His voting record, however, demonstrates 90.2% support for Trump and his policy agenda. Kinzinger did not vote to impeach the 1st time, favored border wall policies, tax cuts for the wealthy in '17 etc:…
Comparatively: Rep. Liz Cheney, also named by Pelosi to sit on the select 1.6 committee, heavily favored Trump's agenda and also did not vote to impeach the first time. Her record: 92.9%.
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22 Jul
#BREAKING Chairman of the select 1/6 committee, Bennie Thompson, names the senior staff investigating the attack on the Capitol: David Buckley, Kristin Amerling, Hope Goins, Candyce Phoenix and Tim Mulvey.
David Buckley will serve as staff director. He is an expert in insider threat protection and previously served as inspector general for the CIA.
Kristin Amerling will serve as deputy staff director & chief counsel. She is the former deputy counsel for the DoT & once served as chief counsel to the House cmtes on Energy/Commerce plus Oversight; she oversaw probes into Hurricane Katrina, '08 fin. crisis and the War in Iraq.
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22 Jul
McCarthy again calls the select committee a "sham" because Pelosi rejected Banks and Jordan, again McCarthy falsely insinuates that D's did not offer an alternative to this select cmte. Again, they did. Republicans rejected it.
Here's the problem with McCarthy's assertions: The initial proposed formation of the 1/6 Commission was negotiated on bipartisan terms, before Bennie Thompson, a Democrat, and John Kato, a Republican. It was meant to have 5 members, 5 Ds and 5 Rs.
The initial bipartisan commission proffered by Thompson and Katko would have given D's the right to choose 5, and R's the right to choose 5, with D's choosing the chair with R's choosing the vice chair.
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22 Jul
.@LeaderHoyer: "We are going to proceed. If the speaker decides to withhold the 3 and name 2 others, so be it, we're going to proceed and we're going to get the facts and get those facts known to the American people and it will be widely covered. There will be a lot of witnesses"
Hoyer: "And we're going to find out the who, the what, the where and the why that for the first time in history, Americans, Trump signs waving, stopped the business of the congress of the United States. An insurrection. And from my view, a treasonous act."
Hoyer: Your side had the opportunity to increase funding for the Capitol Police... and did your side decide to do? To a person, they voted no. We passed legislation to make the Capitol more secure and our police safer, we passed it, not with a single one of your votes.
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