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Afro-Latina Staten Islander, community organizer & anti-war veteran running for Congress to flip #NY11 (she). #TeamBrittany 🔥
Aug 23, 2022 8 tweets 4 min read
Today I voted for myself for the United States House of Representatives in #NY11. It was an incredibly surreal feeling but what I was really voting for was our movement for justice and dignity for all. THREAD /1 Image I’m the daughter of a loving mother who worked full-time with a baby and ROTC requirements to pay her way through college and ensure I was taken care of. She taught me compassion, determination, and joy in the face of adversity and abuse. /2 Image
Jul 31, 2022 5 tweets 4 min read
Good morning NYC! We are two weeks from the Congressional primary elections and I know there are several important races, but only #NY11 could be the difference between keeping and losing the house!

🚨We need all hands on deck 🚨

Here’s a thread how you can help TODAY 👇🏼 Option 1 🔥 Join the text bank happening now from anywhere!…
Jul 29, 2022 43 tweets 28 min read
I’m filled with righteous rage tonight over the PACT Act so here’s a super thread of Senate Republicans voted to let Veterans just die using us for photo ops. It’s the ultimate #stolenvalor really. @SenJohnBarrasso of WY likes to take pictures with Veterans but voted to let us die today. ImageImageImage
Jul 28, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
As a Veteran, I’m in shock and struggling to find words. 3.5 million of us were exposed to toxic fumes from burn pits. Advocates for this bill have literally died waiting for it to finally come to a vote and they voted to just let us die… I took this photo in 2013 and spent months breathing the toxic fumes and I don’t even have health insurance right now because I can’t afford it like over 2 million other Veterans (conservatively)... Image
May 15, 2021 10 tweets 10 min read
A thread by BRD for your consideration:

Today is #ArmedForcesDay- too often a day where politicians offer platitudes about sacrifice and gratitude while they continue to send our troops to kill and die in endless wars for profit and power- not justice or freedom. #NoMoreWar /1 They praise us at their events while they gut our healthcare and sidestep accountability for the rampant sexual assault, pollution and abuses on and around our bases. #ArmedForcesDay2021 #MilitaryMeToo #EnvironmentalJustice #AuditThePentagon 2/