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Host of the #elixirnewbie podcast 🧙‍♂️ I want to help new and aspiring developers adopt Elixir 🙏
22 Sep
Today's summary comes from the book Elixir in Action. by @sasajuric.…

What is Erlang?🧵0/17

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Erlang is a general-purpose development platform that supports concurrency, scalability, fault-tolerance, distribution, and high availability. It was built in the 1980s by Ericcson, a Swedish telecom giant. However, it is not specialized for telecom systems.

Erlang powers large applications such as WhatsApp, the Riak distributed database, the Heroku cloud, the Chef deployment automation system, and the RabbitMQ message queue.

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16 Sep
Todays summary: Watched @lawik's LiveStream: Video: Nerves, Livebook & small displays (eInk, OLED)…

How @NervesProject helps you get started with Elixir and IoT without needing to know a lot about the hardware.


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Raspberry pi is a great way to get your start in IoT, and Nerves and Livebook take that even further. Cool enough: the first real Elixir code Lars wrote was for the Rasberry Pi Zero.

You can sandwich a Rasberry Pi and an eInk display together. The Rasberry Pi runs your application and your application can use The Libraries Inky and Chisel to write to the display.

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15 Sep
Listened to @ThinkingElixir with @cadebward @bernheisel and @brainlid and guest @voltonez

OTP Certificates Woes with Bram Verburg.

On September 30, 2021, the root CA certificate DST Root CA X3 will expire. Here's how you stay safe. 🧵

Bottom line, before the end of September, if you are on Elixir OTP 23 or 24 you should upgrade to the latest patch.

specifically OTP or OTP 24.0.4
If you are on an OTP version older than 23, the good news is you will be unaffected so long as you do not upgrade your dependencies. You can freeze your dependencies in order to buy yourself time to upgrade to OTP 23 or 24.
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14 Sep
Today's summary thread! @ElixirOutlaws with @Adkron, and @ChrisKeathley. Episode 101: Bright and Tight.…

This episode was packed with information on handling errors in Elixir.

#elixirstatus #elixirnewbie

Error handling can be tricky, and can cause a task you would expect to take a single day to instead take a whole week!

This episode is focused on dealing with errors caused by working with external services. Anytime you're dealing with external dependency, you expose yourself to risk.

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13 Sep
Listened to @BeamRadio1 Episode 18: Code Heresy with Chris Keathley.

Today's panel: @lawik @akoutmos @_StevenNunez @redrapids, @sm_debenedetto, and special guest @ChrisKeathley.

Summarizing some interesting and controversial opinions today 🧵 0/24

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By far the most loved library on the Panel today was Telemetry. Telemetry powers monitoring and observability in elixir projects and provides a consistent interface to do so. Other mentions were OTP, Livebook, and site_encrypt.

When members of today's panel came into the Elixir Industry, they found opinions they like and trust from the Elixir community but also questioned established norms. Thus today's topic: Code Heresy.

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