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Historian of France/Atlantic World, Asst Prof @ColumbusState, #Enlightenment, #FrenchRev, #Religion, & #Huguenot #Refugees, Co-founder @AgeofRevs
26 Mar 19
I am redesigning my World History since 1500 class around a "problem-solving" project. The problem? How can we memorialize the trans-Atlantic trade of enslaved Africans? Students will create monuments/museums. Here are components to the project I've envisioned thus far. /1
I want to introduce students to historical research -- both in its archival form and digitally. I'm assigning Rafe Blaufarb's graphic history, which takes students through British and French archives. (PS It also has a terrible drawing of me in it. #researchassistant /2
*Inhuman Traffick* shows how historians use archival evidence to recreate the past -- in this case, the story of "the slave ship Neirsée," which ends "with the liberation of the African passengers who had been sold into slavery in the French Caribbean." /3…
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