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Published: @RussiaBeyond @htTweets @officialCLAWSIN @USAirForce CUWS. Cited: US ArmyWarCollege, US Naval PGS, Johns Hopkins SAIS, @CarnegieEndow @BBC @IDSAIndia
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Conversations with a Creative - How Bollywood boycotts Hindus
1. A friend in his mid 50s used to be a screenwriter in Bollywood. He was doing very well in terms of the number of movies and ads he was getting. But when he started exposing the Left he was cancelled by Bollywood. 2. The number of jobs he got turned into a trickle. “Producers and directors stopped calling me. I was getting assignments only when there was nobody willing to undertake the script for a particular movie.”
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1. Kerala Police says the Popular Front has detailed maps, sketches and photographs of the homes and neighbourhoods of each RSS and BJP member in north Kerala. This is for assassinating them at 24 hours notice. 2. The Popular Front has "Area Reporters" who scout the neighbourhoods where their targets live. They draw the easiest route to the homes of RSS and BJP members.
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By Khalid Umar @ukilaw

1. It was not limited to “Hindu Onions.” The religious divide and hatred is down to “Shia Tomatoes”. 2. Due to food shortages Pakistan decided to buy Onions from India; but because “we will not trade with Fascist Modi Govt which has annexed Kashmir” it brought 13,000 Tonnes of Onions via UAE to Lahore, paying airfreight and inflated prices instead of via Wagha 30 km away.
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Ganesha is India’s most 'exported' Hindu God
1. Indonesia: Indonesia is an 88% Muslim-majority country, but it it is dominated by Hindu culture. From 1998-2000, the country issued a 20,000-rupiah note with an emblem of Ganesha. 2. Thailand: The elephant headed God is known in Thai as Phra Phikanet. Thailand is a Buddhist nation but statues and shrines to Hindu Gods are a common sight in the kingdom. Thai Buddhists routinely pay their respects to Shiva and Ganesha at festivals dedicated to these Gods.
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How To Protect Kids From Love Jehad Predators
Via SM
1. Know the friends your child moves with. Don't assume your child tells you about everyone. Just because you have not heard of them does not mean some jehadi is not influencing your children, especially your daughters. 2. You want to be secular but such thinking is foolishness. The attacker is NOT SECULAR. Don't waste your secularism. If your daughter has Harmful male friends you are simply permitting the risk of her being the next victim and also ending up as a national statistic.
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Why did the chicken cross the road?

1. Narendra Modi: Dekhiye, yeh maa bete ki sarkar nahi hai. Chicken kuch bhi kar sakta hai. Woh swatantra hai. 2. Nitin Gadkari: We have built thousands of new overbridges, the chicken won't have to risk its life crossing the road anymore.
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Observations on Love Jehad
By Agniveer

In almost all Love Jihad cases we have dealt with till date, these are the common things
1. Girl was non-religious earlier. She didn't give a damn about religions. Typical PK style. 2. However, she turns religious (for his religion) as soon as she decides to marry.

3. She still doesn't give a damn about her parents' religion. She can still laugh at Ram/Krishna watching PK in coolness. But now she knows laughing at Muhammad or Allah is not cool.
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Facts about 3 main religions. Via SM

1. Christianity - One Christ, One Bible

But the Latin Catholic will not enter Syrian Catholic Church

These two will not enter Marthoma Church

These three will not enter Pentecost Church

These 4 will not enter Salvation Army Church 2. These 5 will not enter Seventh Day Adventist Church

These 6 will not enter Orthodox Church

These 7 will not enter Jacobite church.

Like this there are 146 castes alone for Christianity

Each will never share their churches for fellow Christians

How narrow minded.
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Freedom Didn't Come at Midnight
1. A myth accepted as truth by the country's seculars is freedom came easy. According to this myth, the British after ruling India for 190 years, became so tired of the responsibilities of running an empire that they wound up their empire and left. 2. Though it was invented by the British to cover their hasty retreat from India, low IQ seculars believe M.K. Gandhi used the weapon of non-violence and shamed the British colonialists into leaving India, and since then both countries have been best friends.
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Impact of Rajiv Dixit
By Guru Prasad

1. Nowadays, thanks to internet & social media, most of the Indians are able to access tons of information from reliable sources about the misdeeds of Congress party over the decades, and the nexus with Mullahs, Missionaries & Marxists. Image 2. But back in the 1990s, when internet was still a rarity, and all the mainstream media including newspapers were monopolised by leftists who had their own agenda, there were only a few sources for real information & awareness.
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Bengal vs Bihar
1. In 1946 when over 10,000 Hindus were massacred in the Kolkata Killings, the retaliation wasn't given by Bengal but Bihar. A few Hindus (like Gopal Patha) fought jehadi mobs heroically but in general the Hindus of Kolkata offered little organized retaliation. 2. In response to the Kolkata Killings, it was the Biharis who retaliated with devastating force and exacted a terrible toll on the jehadis.