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19 Jul
The #LowHangingFruitofEdPolicy tournament is officially underway! (Brackets/info here: docs.google.com/document/d/1hO…) For the first round we will do 4 matchups per week (polls close after 7 days), and the first 4 head to head policy ideas are as follows:
National Req that teachers & admin cannot be hired unless they demonstrate compentency in teaching ELL students and students with disabilities vs. State programs offer 4 years of free college tuition for college to high-achieving low income students #LowHangingFruitofEdPolicy
All teacher evals include balanced & multi-weighted accountability system where multiple subjects are considered (where relevant) VS. 1st grade reading program including Natl. screening & SoR interventions for 1st graders not meeting reading benchmarks #LowHangingFruitofEdPolicy
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