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26 Jun 20
@ATruthUntold Prince estate announced a Purple Rain boxset with 2 concert DVDs in. After many pre-orders, released it with only one. Said the other would follow separately. It didn’t.
@ATruthUntold It had a touring exhibition of Prince’s belongings and advertised a VIP experience where customers wpuld be able to watch never before seen concert footage. This was a lie. The footage was previously commercially released.
@ATruthUntold There was an official tour where a huge orchestra played Prince’s music, advertised as including never before seen concert footage. This was, once again, a lie.
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24 Apr 20
@lois_laniee @sat1 I would add: This is corroborated twice over. 1) A tape recorded conversation from Feb 2003 where Janet Arvizo said she left the ranch as she was annoyed at being kept from MJ & told to go home by Dieter. 2) Jesus Salas, who drove her that night, testified she told him the same.
@lois_laniee @sat1 Her story to cops and to the court was the literal opposite of what evidence showed. Contemporaneous evidence proved she stormed off the ranch in a huff at the suggestion she should go home. She testified she ‘escaped’ the ranch because she was being held there against her will.
@lois_laniee @sat1 The tape recording blew an enormous hole in the conspiracy charge. She and her kids were claiming they were being forcibly imprisoned at Neverland, and here was a tape recording from the time of her moaning about how insulted she was that she’d been asked to go home.
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22 Feb 20
Just a brief run down of Simon’s story [mini-thread]. Simon was accused historically by two men of having molested them at school when he was their teacher. He was arrested and charged - and kept in limbo, on bail, for almost two years in total.
Simon, it turned out, had never met or even heard of the two accusers. They claimed he had used his PE lessons as an opportunity to prey on young boys. Simon had never taught PE. He was a modern languages teacher. At trial, he was unanimously acquitted by the jury within minutes.
But despite winning his freedom, two years of having such allegations hanging over him had cost Simon his reputation, his career, his home & his financial security. To add insult to injury, he learned that proper police work & common sense could’ve spared him the entire ordeal...
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8 Nov 19
THREAD: Happened to be in town, so popped into the courthouse in downtown Los Angeles this morning, to sit in on the latest hearing in the Michael Jackson Estate's lawsuit against HBO over Leaving Neverland. This is a broad rundown of the latest.
Jackson Estate is suing HBO over Leaving Neverland. Inadequate defamation laws typically leave the deceased & their reps with no recourse against unproven allegations, but the Estate says in this case HBO breached a non-disparagement clause in a contract over an old concert film.
HBO says the documentary is journalism and thus protected speech. Jackson Estate says it is not journalism and is in fact a deliberately deceptive piece of non-journalism.

Jackson Estate is fighting for public arbitration over the integrity of the show in order to prove this.
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16 Sep 19
@JaneByfield @pamelaegeonu @shlharris @MeirionTweets @Sanchia7 @phillips_owen That's not correct. Jackson and Tucker actually met through Gavin. The Arvizos tried getting to Jackson through two different people - Jamie Masada and Vernee Watson-Johnson. It's unclear whose messages out of those two prompted Jackson to actually make contact.
@JaneByfield @pamelaegeonu @shlharris @MeirionTweets @Sanchia7 @phillips_owen Jackson and Tucker formed their own tight friendship away from the Arvizos. Then Tucker grew deeply suspicious of the Arvizos and tried frantically to warn Jackson not to have anything else to do with them because he believed they were running some sort of con.
@JaneByfield @pamelaegeonu @shlharris @MeirionTweets @Sanchia7 @phillips_owen Around the same time, a lady called Carole LaMere, whose son took dance lessons with the Arvizos, had a conversation with Davellin Arvizo in which she said the girl confessed that her mum planned to falsely accuse & blackmail Jackson. She too began frantically trying to warn him.
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