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14 Oct
How much has college football shifted to talented offenses?
- In 2011, 5 of the top 10 defenses were in the SEC.
-- The best G5 defense was #10.
- Right now, only 2 of the top 25 defenses are in the SEC.
-- 4 of the top 10 defenses are G5s.
Everything in football is relative. As talent has shifted to the offensive side of the ball (starting in high school), high-talent conferences have shifted to more yards and points. As offensive stats go up, defensive stats necessarily go down.
But in non-conference play, right now:
- the SEC has 5 of the top 10 in yards/play defense.
- the Big 12 has 3 of the top 25.
- the G5 has 1 top 10, 5 of the top 25.

This highly suggests that it's not just style of play (the Big 12 excuse), it's high-talent meaning high-scoring.
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