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As seen on TV. Catholic campaigner, plain speaker juggling work, 5 children, special needs, clergy marriage and the wrath of many! Organist and Farmer.
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Jun 7, 2023 23 tweets 5 min read
I’m going to do a thread and limit replies. You’ll see why. Please do not speculate with names. But I think what is happening to me is important. I am not prohibited from talking about things in general terms. On Monday afternoon my solicitor received a bizarre communication from Surrey police solicitors. He thought it had to do with my civil claim against them.

After some miscommunication, they sent through a bundle for a court hearing.

I am due in court tomorrow morning.
Apr 26, 2023 26 tweets 7 min read
Warning. Some unpleasant language coming up. I’m digging out a bunch of screenshots. Some other ones are on Glinner’s site. The police did nothing.

🧵 An abusive website sets out its purpose. Image
Apr 26, 2023 12 tweets 2 min read
When I was receiving graphic sexually explicit abuse on a daily basis, including violent threats, when my family and children were threatened, Surrey police told me they only seize devices when it’s an extremely serious high level crime. Surrey police made no serious effort to investigate things like a malicious report to the NSPCC, which resulted in a welfare check, or the “puppet boy” account posting threats and abuse directed at my 8 year-old daughter by name.
Apr 25, 2023 5 tweets 1 min read
It’s ok. Stand down. After hanging around for 40 mins, dog growling, officer beginning to get assertive, kids hiding and crying, I go round the side of the church (not opening the door) with husband.

It was the police conducting a welfare check. Police Officer asks what he can do to help. Husband explains that by coming round to the house, he’s compounded everyone’s trauma.

That was very stressful.
Apr 25, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read
The story is this. I was arrested in front of my kids for memes I didn’t post.

Tweeted about the situation. The complainant identified himself on Twitter & went to the press.

Now the police want to arrest me again because of my tweets of complaint. Subsequent to my arrest @drlouisejmoody was contacted by her police force for ‘offensive’ tweets in support of me, who later realised the error of their ways.

Also @FamEdTrust got sued for a tweet in support of me. Case failed & the Claimant was ordered to pay £15k in costs.
Apr 25, 2023 14 tweets 3 min read
I won't tweet about things any more other than to make a thread, summarising what has happened today: I spent the whole of yesterday with my civil solicitor dealing with a lengthy witness statement in my civil case, which among other things accused me of having an MO of wasteful litigation and implying that I am want to be sued in order to boost my reputation and profile.
Apr 4, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read
Some guidance from 2017 when it comes to arresting parents in front of children. Needless to say none of this happened in my case. The UK lags behind other countries in terms of ensuring child welfare when parents are arrested. Surprise surprise.
Apr 4, 2023 14 tweets 3 min read
Update thread:

Six months ago today I was arrested at home, in front of 4 children, two of who are autistic. Police came into their house and took their mother away in a police car to prison. They didn't know when I would be coming back. The kids still talk about that night. Autistic children have heightened anxiety. They still worry that the police could come back and take mummy at any time. One child has hidden her special collection of beanie boo toys under the bed where they are 'safe, just in case'.
Feb 11, 2023 7 tweets 2 min read
I just visited the tail end of the protest at Tate modern. Here are two of the “far right” protestors who were being hounded with chants of Nazi scum. ImageImage I asked why they were being called “far right” and Nazis. The answer was because this morning, a right-wing group called “Patriotism first” arrived.

“They have nothing to do with us. It’s a free country. We can’t stop other people assembling and protesting.”
Dec 8, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
What is getting ordinary citizens backs up about Ginge & Cringe is not only their constantly moaning, despite living a life of unimaginable luxury and privilege, but also the accusation that the U.K. gave her a racist reception.

Everyone was delighted for them. #MeghanandHarry What jarred a bit was the £55,000 ball gown for the engagement photo, the flying about in private jets while lecturing the ordinary proles about how we should cut our carbon footprint. #MeghanandHarry
Dec 5, 2022 17 tweets 4 min read
I have unblocked @rubinremus briefly to give him my response.

Here it is in a thread. Since your account began in September 2021, you have fixated on me. I blocked you back then because you seemed obsessive and I suspected you were one of the troll gang.
Dec 4, 2022 8 tweets 2 min read
My friends in the parish community are appalled by what has happened.

Troll thinks it’s legitimate to contact & interrogate them. Here’s the thing Rubin and trolls. I am a member of the parish like everyone else. I am a layperson, not clergy. I have no sacramental role and the bishop will not call out or condemn members of the laity.
Dec 2, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
Oh good. India Willoughby is now tweeting my articles to their 54.000 followers and the TRAs are getting mad that I have a paid column. 😂 Expect the obsessives will be piling on to the editor.

Here’s a note from the boss.

“Gender ideology goes against what is natural”…
Dec 1, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
Interestingly I’ve been told the man who reported me to the police, who is blocked from my feed yet incessantly stalks it and cries harassment to the police, is suggesting I need a referral to Prevent. 😂😂😂 Dear Prevent. The Catholic mother is posting on a message board in her own name.

She is a terrorist. Please do something.

From, an unemployed convict who was born a man but is now a woman, honestly.

PS please pay my unpaid debt to the Daily Mail.
Dec 1, 2022 15 tweets 3 min read
The account that has been incessantly tweeting and blogging about me because it cannot cope with the fact that many people agree with my views is now pressuring me to stop posting on KiwiFarms.

NO. I don’t get told what to do by anon stalking alts. I post on KiwiFarms in my own name deliberately, to take ownership of my own words, mainly on a thread that is about me.

I stay logged in all the time for my own protection. Really. It means that I can evidence to the best of my ability that I am not posting under alts.
Nov 7, 2022 22 tweets 4 min read
Another thread time for new followers:

The injunction…

Much is made of this by LGBT media and my stalkers. Here’s what really happened. Firstly, Maria MacLachlan did a write up of the hearing here:…
Oct 8, 2022 10 tweets 2 min read
To all those people saying, if you didn’t do it you have nothing to worry about, the answer is that while I am not concerned about KiwiFarms, people do find themselves prosecuted for salty tweets.

Plus the police response was disproportionate and unjustified. I’m doing the following:

1) fighting off the third civil claim & issuing a counterclaim for harassment
2) defending myself against potential criminal charges
3) legally challenging the police for their behaviour
Oct 6, 2022 15 tweets 4 min read
How to help. Thread.

My legal team have informed me that they believe I have a case against Surrey police and have written a pre-action letter, requesting disclosure including CCTV footage of what happened in the custody suite. I am fighting on 3 fronts. Firstly I am fighting off my third civil claim.

The complainant reported me to the police in May, who rang me and said they weren’t doing anything, I had done nothing wrong.

As the police wouldn’t act, the complainant decided to sue me instead!
Oct 4, 2022 36 tweets 6 min read
A thread about my evening.

Teatime. I was doing a roast chicken. Knock at the door. Two coppers. There’s been an allegation of harassment and malicious comms and we’ve come to arrest you. Well actually, they came to the door and said there’s been an allegation can we come in. I said “do you have a warrant”, they said we don’t need one and this 6 foot 3 bloke forced his way in.
Sep 7, 2022 33 tweets 5 min read
Thread on KiwiFarms.

I became aware of the site in 2019, when I was subject to intense harassment from trans rights activists.

KiwiFarms noticed what was happening to me and meticulously documented it. I was forced to start visiting KiwiFarms because a notorious litigious transgender-identified male started making a series of public accusations about my alleged activity on the site.