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6 Apr
Oraaaal question period
NDP Leader Rachel Notley said the third wave is here, but the premier failed to act over the long weekend. Bars were packed, roads were busy and GraceLife church had record attendance.
Health Minister Tyler Shandro (whose son is in the gallery if I heard correctly) said the premier will have an announcement this afternoon.
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6 Apr
Energy Minister Sonya Savage, speaking to CAPP, says even as an increased amount of alternative energy enters the energy mix, all credible forecasts are optimistic for growth, maintaining O&G dominance.
The ESG Secretariat will inform the work of the war room, aka the Canadian Energy Centre, Savage says.
On carbon capture utilization and storage, Savage said the province and federal governments are in cooperation. There is a working group to maximize CCUS.
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5 Apr
Annual reminder on the anniversary of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s death that he did not die of old age as a beloved figure, but was murdered while in Memphis where he was supporting striking sanitation workers.
A poll the year before his death named him most hated man in America.
Commin revisitionist history of his life de-radicalizes his politics and misconstrues nonviolence.
Many people who claim to revere him today would have despised him then, as they despise those carrying out similar work.
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18 Mar
Oraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal question period.
NDP Leader Rachel Notley said yesterday the Environment and Parks Minister Jason Nixon said the coal plan has nothing to do with water. She asks about drawing water from the Old Man River basin.
As is usually the case, the entire premise of the question is false, Premier Jason Kenney said. He says there's no change to water allocation, or to the framework.
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18 Mar
The Vivaldi has cut out so I assume the newser will be starting momentarily....
Operator has said the feed disconnected, so I'm watching the CBC feed for now
500 locations will be booking appointments by early April, Kenney says.
Kenney says book as soon as you can. If you don't have a pharmacy offering a vaccine in your community, book through AHS when available.
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17 Mar
Oraaaal question period. I've flown the coop and am in the hayloft ready to hear the squawking.
NDP Leader Rachel Notley kicks things off by asking about the 1,000 layoffs at Cenovus. "We need action on jobs now." Asks whether premier will agree to an emergency debate.
Happy St. Patrick's Day, Kenney says. He shares the concern, but says we've created 266,000 jobs since the pandemic began. 37,000 new jobs in the last two months.
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17 Mar
I'll start a new thread for Premier Jason Kenney's remarks. He says happy St. Patrick's Day. I hear you're meeting in a chicken barn, but there's more squawking up here in the legislature, he says.
Kenney says the last year has called upon all of us to draw with a remarkable need for strong leadership.
When all this is said and done they will be able to learn lessons from this pandemic, but we've done better than most of the western world, Kenney says.
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17 Mar
I'm tuning into the RMA spring convention. Several ministers are here, including Environment and Parks Minister Jason Nixon who is making an announcement right now.
As promised, they're moving forward with extended producer responsibility, a circular plastics economy.
Consultations on EPR begin today and will run until the end of April. In addition to plastics, they'll look at paper and household hazardous wastes.
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16 Mar
NDP Leader Rachel Notley asks if the UCP will support a private member bill to ban strip mining in the Rockies.
Premier Jason Kenney says his policy is the same as the NDP -- they permitted a brand new thermal coal mine and it was the right thing to do, Kenney says.
Notley says the premier is misinterpreting that letter [oooooh shouts from the UCP bench.]
Notley says the rest of caucus must be getting jealous of the coal lobbyists meeting so much with cabinet.
One thing we don't have in common is the support of working people (Who said it? Kenney, who is claiming to be the leader of the party for workers)
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15 Mar
I'm hopping in halfway through QP. UCP MLA Miranda Rosin was asking about economic assumptions.
NDP MLA Sarah Hoffman asks about the lack of capital investment in schools in Calgary Public and Catholic Schools.
Education Minister Adriana LaGrange said three Calgary projects funded in the budget, six under construction are desperately needed.
Hoffman said students are being bussed well out of their communities. Hoffman asks why Red Deer gets two schools.
LaGrange said there are several Calgary school projects under construction.
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10 Mar
Oraaaaaaaaal question period!
NDP Leader Rachel Notley says the job creation plan is well behind schedule. Your budget calls it "jobs now" Isn't it really jobs later or not at all? Notley asks
Premier Jason Kenney says they will be rolling out the largest jobs creation program co-funded by the federal government. Hopes to have more details in the near future.
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9 Mar
Oraaaaaal question period
NDP Leader Rachel Notley starts by asking about university "devastation." More than half of this year's budget cuts to PSIs are at the UAlberta. Why are you making them pay for your mistakes, she asks?
Premier Jason Kenney says the costs of subsidies to those institution was growing faster than inflation, enrollment.
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8 Mar
Oraaaaaal question period!
NDP Leader Rachel Notley called Barnes's statement very timeline. She talks about the race between vaccines and variants.
And yet, she says, we have anti-lockdown caucus.
"Mr. Speaker, it's called democracy," Premier says.
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4 Mar
The CoF news conference is underway. Premier Legualt will start in French, followed by words in English.
The premiers are reiterating a request on the eve of the federal budget — increase health transfers to the provinces.
Legualt says it may seem abstract, but it's a very concrete problem.
All provinces and territories have a signifcant problem financing health, made worse by the Covid crisis.
Legault fears Trudeau may attach strings to the funding. Legualt says it's important we don't centralize/create management programs within the federation. Says health is the province's jursidctions.
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2 Mar
Health Minister Tyler Shandro says there has been considerable confusion about what is allowed and what isn't, so they're here to clear things up.
The higher the heart rate, the higher intensity. He says it's not about the activity, it's about individual fitness level. He says gym owners must use best judgement about categories. "We're relying on owners and clients to use jdugement."
Shandro said he will be hosting townhalls with fitness centre owners.
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2 Mar
News conference is finally starting.
Premier Jason Kenney says if budget 2021 is passed, overall health care will receive an increase of $900 million, not including the $1.25 billion for a Covid contingency fund.
Last year there was more than $2B in emergency Covid spending, Kenney says.
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11 Feb
Welp, I have no sound on the phone line for this news conference, so I shall tune in via video. Kenney is speaking and there is a photo of the boreal region.
Lost video too! Before that cut out, Kenney said they are expanding the Kitaskino Nuwenëné Wildland Provincial Park.
Back on the phone line. Environment and Parks Minister Jason Nixon. Athabasca Oil surrendered 23,500 acres in that region. Cenovus surrendered more than 60,000 acres.
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10 Feb
The premier is making the announcement at a Sobeys
The one-time, $1,200 payment will go toward private and public sector workers who have worked at least 300 hours.
The funding is coming from a combination of both provincial and federal funding.
Private sector employers will have to apply.
$180M from the province, the rest from the federal government.
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25 Nov 20
Yesterday, I asked about the net "cost" of the acceleration of the corporate tax cut. It was supposed to go from 12% to 8% over three years, but the government chopped it down to 8% as of July 1...
The annual cost, after accounting for the spurred on investment, was $600M per year before that acceleration.
The cost of the acceleration is about $200M to $300M a year.
But, because corporations aren't so profitable these days, it's more like a net cost of $500M...
The oft-quoted $4.7B is from the 2019 budget and it is the amount you could say is given away, but it doesn't account for what would be offset by growth, which is where the $600M/annual number comes from...
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24 Nov 20
Premier Jason Kenney is declaring a state of public health emergency.
No indoor social gatherings permitted in any setting. Outdoor limited to a maximum of 10 people.
Funeral/wedding limited to 10 people. No receptions.
If you were planning a wedding over the winter, postpone it to the spring, Kenney says.
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24 Nov 20
Supplementary supply estimates are being transmitted!
Toews is tabelling the 2020-21 fiscal update.
Provides a framework for additional spending authority.
Government Motion 47 being moved now. Will be referred to committee of supply.
Passes unanimously
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