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Feb 17 15 tweets 10 min read
1/15❗️🔻 Big announcement, big thread !🧵🔻❗️
#MultiversX partners with @Tencentcloud

This is absolutely huge ! $EGLD about to hit the asian market ! Why ?
Answers below 👇 2/ #Tencent, what is it ?
Well, only the BIGGEST game publisher in the world, and owns at least of one game you've already played : #Fortnite  #Riotgames with #Leagueoflegends

But it's also involved in #universal Music, and other giants in every industries...
Feb 15 4 tweets 4 min read
It's the weekly close that'll tell us we can indeed talk about a market change of trend.
Beautiful candle, but I fear this is simply another fakeout before finishing the correction towards 20k5 minimum.

$BTC #Crypto As for $EGLD, we are starting another test of our weekly trend, break on the upside would get us to 70$ area quite quickly.

Daily RSI has room to go up, MACD about to cross bullish, so momentum is there. It should be a quick and efficient push.

Feb 14 7 tweets 3 min read
1/ Seems to me that $ADA completely failed this test of core values.
Say what you will, but all big crypto have clear values that have already been tested, and few actually holds them.
$BTC keeps the POW, saying f*** off to the biggest lobbies in the world (energy and politics) 2/ Correct me if I'm wrong, $ADA wanted to revolutionize the world of L1s by offering a high speed, efficient and permissionless blockchain.

Seems to me the late discussions shows how their core members have different views on their own principles.