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23 Mar 19
THREAD: Happy to see @KamalaHarris shine a spotlight on the issue of teacher compensation and investing in public education. I’s something my @CAPAction colleagues have studied and written about extensively, & an issue we've seen garner broad public support in recent years. (1/5)
A majority of states have made significant cuts to public education since the Great Recession, straining teachers’ finances and forcing many to work a second or third job. (2/5)…
Even worse, we’ve seen many states cut education funding to pay for tax cuts for businesses and the wealthy. (3/5)…
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14 Aug 18
NEW @CAPAction Memo: On Pre-Existing Condition Protections, Reconciling Rhetoric with Reality Proves Difficult for GOP Senate Candidates. #INSEN #WVSEN #MOSEN #AZSEN #NVSEN #FLSEN #NDSEN #TXSEN #PASEN #MTSEN
2/ GOP candidates are running for office saying that they support protections for people with pre-existing conditions, but lawsuits, administrative actions, and legislation supported by these candidates could lead to these individuals being denied coverage or charged more.
3/ Beyond lawsuits and votes that explicitly undermined these protections, candidates do not support pre-existing condition protections if they refuse to endorse the policy levers that make these protections possible: guaranteed issue, community rating, and EHBs.
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