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20 Oct
Our daily update is published. States reported 907k tests, 61k cases, and 832 deaths. 39k people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19.
MT, ND and SD are reporting stark increases in cases and hospitalizations. The 7-day average for new cases reported in all three has more than doubled in the past month.
ND is reporting far more new cases per capita than any other state has over the course of the pandemic.
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17 Oct
Our daily update is published. States reported 1.17 million tests, 60k cases, and 797 deaths. 37k people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19.
Wisconsin and four other states—Connecticut, Louisiana, Kansas, Rhode Island—did not update their case numbers today.

Today's case count was high, despite the absence of these states.
Last night, we switched our TotalTestResults data field to a better time series that's now publicly provided by the state of Indiana. This resulted in a 918k cumulative increase in tests completed. We also added the state's positive PCR test results data.…
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16 Oct
The COVID Racial Data Tracker has launched shareable charts of per capita cases and deaths, broken out by the race and ethnicity categories reported. Sharing a few examples in this thread.…
The New Mexico chart shows how much more likely ‘American Indian or Alaska Native’ people have been to test positive or die from COVID-19 since the pandemic began, compared to other people in the state.…
We are able to see the disparate impact of COVID-19 for each state and territory with these cards.
In Tennessee, the ‘Hispanic or Latino’ population is much more likely to have tested positive for COVID-19.…
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15 Oct
Our daily update is published. States reported 1 million tests, 63k cases, and 951 deaths. 37k people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19.
Today’s national case count was the highest since late-July. Several states reported their highest-ever case totals, some of which also broke their hospitalization records.
After a month of warning signs, this week’s alarming numbers make it clear that the third surge of COVID-19 in the US has arrived. Sadly, we're not only seeing an increase in cases and hosp., but deaths are also starting to rise, after a 3-week downtrend.
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13 Oct
Our daily update is published. States reported 894k tests, 47k cases, and 669 deaths. 36k people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19, the highest count since late-August. Image
Case counts are increasing in 36 states. Wisconsin, one of the worst hotspots in the country this week, reported 3.4k cases today, 65% more than a week ago.
Hospitalization numbers are also growing in all but seven states, following the upward trend in case counts. Image
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9 Oct
Our daily update is published. States reported 1.1 million tests, 58k cases, 35k currently hospitalized, and 904 COVID-19 deaths. Today's case count is the highest since August 7.
We continue our rolling updates to the metrics tracked in our original totalTestResults API field. We updated test metrics for Hawaii today, resulting in a ~3.4k increase in daily new tests and a ~131k cumulative increase. Follow our progress here:…
The rise today is due to switching Hawaii’s test units in totalTestResults from positive + negative unique people tested to directly reported test encounters, in accordance with our policy explained in detail here…
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8 Oct
Our daily update is published. States reported 1 million tests, 55k cases, and 975 deaths. 34k people are currently hospitalized with COVID-19. WI, ND, UT and WY reported record high case counts today.
Missouri added current hospitalizations back to their dashboard, so we updated this metric in our data. Today’s hospitalization count—1,344—was MO’s highest ever.
Starting today, we are displaying a breakdown of confirmed and probable cases on our site for any state where the data is available. We are also releasing a new field, probableCases, in our API. In most states, this data goes back to April 29.
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8 Oct
You’ve probably heard about test positivity—a powerful metric that can reveal the percentage of COVID-19 tests coming back positive. This metric comes with some pretty big caveats. Let’s break them down:…
The first disclaimer is that test positivity reflects the % of people tested who have the virus, but not necessarily the % of people in the entire population who have the virus. So this metric only shows a portion of reality.…
This makes it very tricky to make good assumptions based on test positivity, as it changes depending on who gets tested. Here, if different groups of people were tested, our numbers would vary anywhere from 1 to 16%, even though the total number of infections is the same. This image shows four rectangular sets of 400 circles each,
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7 Oct
Our daily update is published. States reported 851k tests, 51k cases, and 916 deaths. Montana and South Dakota both hit record high COVID-19 case counts today.
States reported 32k patients are currently hospitalized with COVID-19. Trends in the midwest, particularly in Wisconsin, are worrisome.
A note for Missouri data: today, we continue our changes to the values in our original totalTestResults API field, resulting in a ~8k increase in daily new tests and a ~579k cumulative increase.
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1 Oct
Our daily update is published. States reported 899k tests, 46k cases, and 31k current hospitalized. The death toll was 847.
Cases are increasing in most of the Midwest. Both Wisconsin and South Dakota reported their highest single-day case counts today.
Hospitalization numbers are also rising in most midwestern states. WI and SD's counts are more than 100% higher than a month ago.
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18 Sep
Michigan reports a disproportionate amount of COVID-19 cases and deaths among Black people. But state-level data does not reveal the ways COVID-19 is impacting local communities. To track this, @COVID19Tracking has followed a few cities since end of May.…
Tracking city-level data allows us to see that 48% of Black people who have died from COVID-19 in Michigan are from Detroit. But the decisions that individual jurisdictions make can obscure the scale of this impact. Image
Wayne County is Michigan’s most populous county. Its data for August 5 shows 13% of the state’s deaths among Black people came from Wayne County. But the county’s data excludes Detroit, which represents 38% of the county’s population.
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17 Sep
We are in the process of changing the total test results in our original totalTestResults API field for each state from positive+negative to directly reported totals, one state at a time, preferring Test Encounters or Specimens as the unit for total tests.…
Where possible, we now use states’ “Test Encounters” or “Specimens” as the unit for these total tests, rather than “Unique People.” (This is all fairly complicated, there’s tons of detail in the blog post.) So far, we’ve switched CO, MA, ND, and RI w/ many more on deck.
Today, we updated our *national* totalTestResults API field to follow the same logic. Our daily new-test increase numbers are affected only slightly (~8%) today, but the US *cumulative* testing totals in the US totalTestResults field went up ~2M tests.
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1 Sep
Announcing our Long-Term Care COVID Tracker—the most comprehensive dataset on COVID-19 in long-term care facilities in the Unisted States.…
Dating back to May 21, the Long-Term Care Tracker compiles all available information of COVID-19 cases and related deaths in long-term care facilities—nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and other care homes—and tracks both residents and staff.
COVID-19 deaths in US long-term care facilities have surpassed 73,000, representing 43% of all deaths and one out of every 28 LTC residents in America. And we’re still learning how states count and report these figures.…
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20 Aug
Our daily update is published. States reported 636k tests, 245k less than last Thursday. Today's case count is 43k, and the death toll is 1,117. Image
Texas started clearing multiple case backlogs this week. The state’s health department noted that case numbers might be inaccurate for several days as counts "will include some older cases over the next few days." Image
Guam reported 105 new cases today, the highest single-day number so far. The territory is also reporting testing issues as DPHSS is reaching its storage capacity for specimens. DPHSS said there will be a delay in test results. Image
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16 Aug
Our daily update is published. States reported 777k tests, 43k cases, and 619 COVID-19 deaths. Nationally, testing appears to be increasing again. Image
For those following the saga of Texas testing, we’re seeing a lot more tests reported there. The state still hasn’t provided much detail about what happened over the last two weeks, and we look forward to learning more soon. Image
The number of people states report to be hospitalized with COVID-19 continues to drop. 57% of COVID-19 hospitalizations are currently in the South, while the Northeast has fallen to 5%. Image
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14 Aug
Our daily update is published. States reported 841k tests and 56k cases. There were 1,216 reported deaths. The number of currently hospitalized patients continues to fall. Image
We’ve added a new API field that reflects how some states are counting tests. “Testing Encounters”—the number of unique people tested per day—is a great way to count total tests and combines many strengths of counting in specimens or in unique people.
Only a few states currently count tests in Testing Encounters, but we hope to see more soon. Read a detailed explanation of this metric and all the ways state count COVID-19 tests here…
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13 Aug
Our daily update is published. States reported 881k tests, 200k more than yesterday. Texas alone reported 124k tests. States also reported 52k cases and 1,163 deaths. Image
The seven-day average of COVID-19 deaths has remained over 1,000 people per day since July 30. Image
Testing numbers have begun to rise again in California. Texas seems to have begun solving their test issues, reporting over 124k tests today alone. Florida testing remains far from peak numbers in July. Image
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12 Aug
Our daily update is published. States reported 658k tests, 56k cases, and 1,485 deaths. The number of currently hospitalized COVID-19 patients continues to fall.

There are many data issues, which we note in this thread.
While the data continues to show declines in current hospitalizations, it is worth noting the major questions about both state and Federal hospitalization data collection over the past few weeks. The trends look good, but...…
While data issues continue to plague various states, the regional testing picture shows that the 7-day daily testing average appears to have peaked in the South on July 27.
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11 Aug
Our daily update is published. States reported 739k tests and 56k cases, as well as 1,326 deaths. This week, we hope to see data that is less marred by outages and reporting problems. Image
Testing remains down. Most of the decline in the 7-day average for tests completed is in the South. This kind of decline is not what we saw from Northeastern states as they emerged from their intense outbreaks in the Spring. Image
California’s electronic lab reporting problem has been solved, according to the state website. As such, some portion of the 12,500 new cases reported today are backlogs from prior days. We expect this to continue for the next day or two.
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10 Aug
Our daily update is published. States reported 716k tests and 42k cases, the lowest since early July. Some good news: Today's death count—426—is the lowest number for a Monday in 5 weeks. Image
The 7-day avg tests in Texas is now back to late-June levels, reinforcing a trend of falling testing numbers in recent weeks. This is especially concerning as schools are preparing to reopen in the state. Image
Another note on TX: Due to a large backlog, the state did not report case counts for Nueces County today. Image
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8 Aug
Our daily update is published. States reported 665k tests and 54k cases. 1,088 COVID-19 deaths were reported today, about 100 down from last Saturday. Image
We’ve mentioned data and testing reporting problems in CA and FL this week, and should also flag that WA is having IT trouble that has prevented the state from reporting negative results since 8/1 and is lowering hosp. numbers.… August 7, 2020: DOH is cont...
As a reminder, many states and territories don’t report—or don’t report fully—on the weekend.
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