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CREW uses high-impact legal actions to target government officials who sacrifice the common good to special interests.
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10 Sep
BREAKING: To live at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump listed himself as the resort's president, entitling him to on-site housing as an employee. In a recent filing obtained by CREW, Trump has been removed from Mar-a-Lago's leadership.
Back in January, the Trump Org named Donald Trump president of Mar-a-Lago, which appeared at the time a transparent attempt to get around local zoning rules
Following this change, Palm Beach ruled that since he was the president of the club and therefore a "bona fide employee," he was entitled to living quarters there to do his job.…
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18 Aug
Today is the one year anniversary of us calling for Louis DeJoy to be fired. Here’s why he needs to go:
Louis DeJoy donated over $2M to support Trump and the RNC, evidently enough to get him and his wife two powerful roles in the Trump administration.…
DeJoy is the first person in decades to lead the USPS without prior experience as a letter carrier or working within the agency. He was reportedly recruited by Steve Mnuchin despite his lack of experience--we’re investigating that.…
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6 Jul
Six months ago today, insurrectionists stormed the Capitol building. We’re still furious, and still fighting for accountability. Here’s what we’ve done, what we’re doing, and how you can help:
We filed two criminal complaints against Donald Trump: one in Fulton County, GA after he pressured GA Sec of State Raffensperger to overturn the election results and one to the DOJ and FBI for seditious conspiracy. Trump is reportedly under investigation by the Fulton County DA.
We’re suing multiple agencies, including DOJ, DHS, DOD, the Army, and Interior to find out exactly how they prepared for and responded to the violence. We already know that DHS Federal Protective services downplayed warning signs leading up to the attack.…
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29 Jun
You’ve heard about Toyota. Now let’s talk about @Cigna.
Like Toyota, Cigna is supporting insurrectionist members of Congress. And many of the insurrectionists Cigna has donated to since January 6th work on healthcare issues--issues that Cigna has a stake in.
Take Rep. Bill Johnson, for example. Rep. Johnson sits on the House Energy & Commerce Committee which plays “a key role” in developing America's healthcare policies, per his website. He also voted to overturn the election. Cigna gave him $2,500 after that vote.
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15 Jun
Bad news: As of today, Louis DeJoy has been postmaster general for A FULL YEAR.

Good news: The USPS Board of Governors can fire him, and they need to do it now. We have a whole year’s worth of reasons why.
Let’s start at the beginning. Before his nomination, DeJoy and his wife were prolific political donors. From 2016-2020, DeJoy donated over $2M to support Trump and the RNC, evidently enough to get him and his wife two powerful roles in the Trump admin.…
Louis DeJoy was reportedly recruited by Treasury Secretary Mnuchin despite being the first person in decades to lead the USPS without prior experience as a letter carrier or working within the agency. We’re still fighting for more information on this.…
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2 Jun
A year ago, peaceful protests for racial justice across the country were met with undue force by the Trump administration and local police forces. The public deserves to know exactly how their government worked to target and suppress protestors.

We’re fighting for answers.
On June 1, 2020, Trump and Bill Barr had peaceful protestors violently cleared from Lafayette Square so Trump could have a photo op. We’re suing for records on how that was allowed to happen.…
We also have an ongoing lawsuit against DOJ and DHS for failing to turn over documents on federal officers’ role in policing anti-racism protests.…
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28 May
Update on our case about the memo Bill Barr relied on to justify saying the Mueller Report did not support obstruction charges against Donald Trump: we just filed our opposition to the government blocking the full memo from coming to light immediately.
The DOJ only released a few paragraphs of the 9 page memo, but even that is significant. Let’s talk about it.
The documents show that DOJ wasn't deciding whether Trump obstructed justice, they were deciding on a PR strategy.

How do we know?
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14 May
When you see anti-HR 1 talking points getting tweeted out by certain members of Congress, you have to remember that the Koch network has backed plenty of those members, and really does not want HR 1 to pass
Take Ron Johnson for example:
Or Marsha Blackburn:
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14 May
Erik Prince was reportedly behind a campaign to surveil and discredit perceived enemies of President Trump inside the government, like H.R. McMaster and employees of the FBI. There's nothing normal about that.…
The fact that Prince founded a mercenary army and is the brother of Betsy DeVos makes it even more concerning, as does the fact that he was also reportedly advising the White House at the same time.…
Prince is already under investigation by the DOJ over whether he lied to a congressional committee examining Russian interference in the 2016 election.
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11 May
We’ve been hearing a lot about “woke corporations” so we thought we’d check in on how those corporate pledges about not donating to insurrectionists are holding up.
Toyota said in January that "Given recent events and the horrific attack on the U.S. Capitol, we are assessing our future PAC criteria.”

Since then, it’s given a total of $51,000 to 34 different members who voted to reject the results of the election.
Koch Industries said they would take into account “the civility of candidates” before donating to them.

But it’s donated a total of $12,500 to five different members who voted to reject the results of the election.
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7 May
So CREW had kind of a big week…

We had a huge victory in court, got two FOIA scoops, sent letters to DHS and FinCEN and sued the government for records (again). Here’s a round-up
On Monday night, a federal judge ruled in a CREW lawsuit that the DOJ needs to make public a secret memo that Bill Barr cited when he announced he would not charge Trump with obstruction.…
We also sent a letter along with 84 partners urging DHS not to destroy records of abuse in its detention facilities.…
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29 Apr
This may sound extreme, but to save our democracy, the filibuster needs to go.

Here’s why:
If 41 senators agree to block a bill, they can—even if the other 59 senators support it. That means that majority rule no longer exists in the United States Senate.
If the Founding Fathers knew about this, we don’t think they would be happy. They *literally* enshrined majority rule in the Constitution.
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16 Apr
NEWS: Mike Pompeo violated federal ethics rules when he and his wife, Susan, asked State Department employees to carry out tasks for their personal benefit more than 100 times…
We've been investigating the costs of his lavish dinner parties, and his wife's involvement:…
And we're suing for records about Pompeo's use of an emergency fund for the dinners…
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29 Mar
Let’s talk about Fox News
Today, Fox announced that Lara Trump was joining the network as a paid contributor, as she decides whether she wants to run for Senate.

Never mind that the day before the insurrection, she went on Fox to spread election fraud lies……
But Lara Trump is not the first Trump employee to get hired by Fox. In Kayleigh McEnany’s case, they were in talks before she had even left the White House.…
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16 Mar
Apparently Mike Pompeo doesn't like the most ambitious ethics reform in a generation. Any ideas why?
Maybe it’s because he attracted scrutiny for using taxpayer funds to travel frequently home to Kansas, apparently while deciding whether or not to run for office.…
Or maybe it’s because he doesn’t like oversight, as we all saw when he asked Donald Trump to fire the inspector general who was investigating him for misuse of office and for fast tracking arms sales to Saudi Arabia.…
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9 Mar
Ten big reasons for the Senate to do whatever it takes to pass the For the People Act:
1. If presidential candidates disclosed their tax returns, the American people wouldn't have to wonder what interests the president could be beholden to or whether they paid their fair share…
2. If presidents and vice presidents were forced to divest from their assets before taking the oath of office, the president couldn’t rake in $1.6 billion and we wouldn’t have to sue them for violating the Constitution…
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8 Mar
If Don Jr wants to talk about shocking use of taxpayer money, lets talk about it.
There was Don Jr's endangered sheep hunt in Mongolia, which taxpayers more than $75k for his Secret Service protection…
The countless business trips that the Trump sons took to Trump properties, also subsidized by taxpayers, to the tune of hundreds of thousands dollars…
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16 Feb
Last week, we won a victory that might just be the key to understanding what exactly Jared Kushner was up to in the White House for four years…
In a reversal of policy after CREW sued the Trump admin, Jared handed over his WhatsApp messages to the National Archives before leaving the White House.

No one will have access to the records for several years, but here’s what we’ll be looking for:…
Jared ran a “shadow” task force during the first months of the pandemic using private email accounts.

We’d love to know who he communicated with about covid response, especially after a report that he spiked national testing for political gain.…
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31 Jan
Congress needs to enact federal legislation securing every American’s right to vote
Start with uniform standards for state voter registration, including online registration systems, longer periods for voter registration, same-day registration and automatic voter registration
We need criminal penalties for interfering with someone's voter registration
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19 Jan
A rundown of Trump’s worst offenses:
Refused to release tax returns
Accepted emoluments in violation of the Constitution (we sued)
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28 Dec 20
2020 is finally, finally almost over.

We’re assuming it’s been as much of a blur for you as it has for us, so here's a quick review of the year in corruption.
As hard as it may be to believe, 2020 started with Trump’s impeachment trial in January. CREW dug into Library of Congress records and found that Trump’s was the first completed trial in US history in which the Senate called no witnesses.…
In March, the pandemic changed everything...but nothing about corruption.

We saw members of Congress dumping stocks after getting classified briefings about the pandemic, so we filed a complaint and called for members to be banned from trading stocks.…
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