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27 Jul 19
@realDonaldTrump TraitorTrump,

In his own quiet Eagle Scout mix of dry, laconic & droll ... @FBI's Robert Mueller was the Clint Eastwood anti-hero in Unforgiven:

hard to understand...
but methodical, effective and focused.

For those wanting an Unforgiven link:

@realDonaldTrump @FBI There are tens of millions of Cravens like you ... @FoxNewsSunday + guests, panelists & host come to mind.

Yelping and braying for an "Unforgiven" sh#tshow spectacle.

Lost are:

The Gravity + History of That Moment...

@realDonaldTrump @FBI @FoxNewsSunday Hark back to when Tip O'Neil was #SpeakerOfTheHouse during #Watergate...

TraitorTrump: Read about Watergate-era Chairman of the Judiciary Committee ...

a WW2 Veteran + shortlist @VP-choice for Jimmy Carter's 1976 POTUS campaign...Congressman Rodino…

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25 Jul 19
@MmeScience @waltshaub @chucktodd Chuck Todd is MoscowMitchMcCancer x MafiaLeech-BonespursBankrupt-PornstarShagging-DictatorCuddling-WannabeLéonDegrelle-TraitorTrump's _ _ _ _.
@MmeScience @waltshaub @chucktodd Chuck Todd: in his own quiet Eagle Scout droll manner...@FBI's Robert Mueller was the Clint Eastwood anti-hero in Unforgiven: methodical, effective and focused.

...cravenly, you call for "spectacle"...
@MmeScience @waltshaub @chucktodd @FBI There are tens of millions of Chuck Todd + Cravens like him...

Cravenly yelping and braying for an "Unforegiven" shitshow spectacle.


Gravity of the moment...

History of the moment...

Hark back to when Tip O'Neil was #SpeakerOfTheHouse during #Watergate...
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18 Jul 19
@BreeNewsome Bree, PREACH! AMEN!

Courageous Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism as practiced & defended by those like David Cay Johnston (…) should be the MINIMUM standard for American Journalists & News Consumers.

We have a looong way to go.

@BreeNewsome Tragically, Millions deny the fact that Trump has long practiced Racism AND continues to be 🇺🇸's #RacistInChief.

This GasLighting Denial on both sides of the Atlantic is DEEPLY Troubling.

Question: what too-high percentage of Social Media Platforms are used for Gaslighting?

@BreeNewsome When will we in 🇺🇸 and across Europe and the World see Value in The Intolerance of Hate...especially NeoNazi Hate...especially at the institutional level.

For example: #ideal_policing

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20 Feb 19
Alex Trebeck, I am ready to play #AngryJeopardy!

The last time that an idiot Father named Donald...with a son named Donald...was up-to-his neck involved in USA-Russian traitoring at this thermo-nuclear level...

Donald Duart Maclean (born 25th May 1913 – deceased 6th March 1983) was a British diplomat and member of the Cambridge Five, who acted as traitors-spies for the Soviet Union.

As an undergraduate, Maclean openly proclaimed his Communist views, and still was recruited into

the Russian intelligence service (NKVD). However, he gained entry to the Civil Service by claiming to have foresworn Marxism. In 1938, he was made Third Secretary at the Paris embassy, where he kept the Soviets informed about Anglo-German diplomacy. He then served

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10 Feb 19
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2 Feb 19
@klawls Mitch McCancer Factoids:

McConnell's eyes suffered from "Bone-Spurs" = Vietnam Draft-Dodger…

In March 1967, shortly before the expiration of his educational draft deferment upon graduation from law school, McConnell enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve

@klawls as a private at Louisville, Kentucky.

This was a coveted position because the Reserve units were mostly kept out of combat during the Vietnam War. McConnell's first day of training at Fort Knox was July 9, 1967--two days after taking the bar exam--and his last day was

@klawls August 15, 1967.

Shortly after his arrival, McConnell was diagnosed with optic neuritis and was deemed medically unfit for military service as a result.

After just five weeks at Fort Knox, he was honorably discharged.

McConnell's brief time in service has repeatedly been

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28 Jan 19
@ClementLiberty @sfliberty @nickgillespie @robbysoave @GloriaAlvarez85 @beinlibertarian @MotherJones, @RepAOC & @chelliepingree nails it.

@DeSmogBlog World’s #1 Source for Accurate, FACT-based Information regarding Global Warming Misinformation Campaigns nails it too.

David Clement: DeSmog has this to say about your Dark$$$$Money @ConsumerChoiceC & SFL:

@ClementLiberty @sfliberty @nickgillespie @robbysoave @GloriaAlvarez85 @beinlibertarian @MotherJones @RepAOC @chelliepingree @DeSmogBlog @ConsumerChoiceC According to the CCC's listed mission: “Learning from the successes of its parent organization, Students For Liberty, the CCC will bring the struggle for consumer freedom to the next level.” CCC's parent organization, Students For Liberty, has received more than $100,000

@ClementLiberty @sfliberty @nickgillespie @robbysoave @GloriaAlvarez85 @beinlibertarian @MotherJones @RepAOC @chelliepingree @DeSmogBlog @ConsumerChoiceC from the Charles Koch Foundation, the Atlas Network, and other right-wing funders.

One investigation by the Brussels think tank Corporate Europe Observatory suggested the CCC was working as a lobby group for a network pushing deregulation. As opposed to representing

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