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24 Sep
1. Today, white America once again failed to pursue justice for a brutally murdered African-American, Breonna Taylor.

Meanwhile, the White House banned anti-racist education by EO, and Trump refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power.

And then there's SCOTUS.
2. You can be sure Trump and McConnell are seeking a compliant, politicized court that will rubber-stamp a Trump dictatorship. Roberts' and maybe even Gorsuch's concerns about legitimacy may be a hindrance, but don't count on it.

And say goodbye to the ACA, Roe, and Obergefell
3. There is much legitimate outrage over the rank hypocrisy of Republicans seeking to fill a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year after voting has started, much later in the game than when they made up a precedent to block President Obama's appointment of Merrick Garland.
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22 Sep
Great work as always by @sarahposner, but the @nytimes' framing is misleading.

The heart of Sarah's story is why QAnon is taking off in evie circles, not that the occasional "respectable evangelical" is trying to stop it.

The bigger story? They have no chance of stopping it. Image
It's rich for "respectable" evangelicals to be talking big about "truth" when they have no ability to rein in conspiracy theories, because, as anyone who went to Christian school can tell you, they stand for numerous #ChristianAltFacts:…

I also wish @sarahposner had probed what "truth" means to Brown, instead of giving him the last word.

To evangelicals, "truth" is what the group needs to believe.

Some "respectable" evies want to draw the lines differently from the rank-and-file, but it's the same epistemology
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17 Sep
One of the things I appreciate most about @johnastoehr's piece here is the much needed media criticism that very few outlets will print. @RDispatches, thankfully, will.

My latest article for RD also highlights problems with most coverage of Christianity…
There are some former evangelicals in high places in journalism--@publicroad comes to mind--but she remains far more sympathetic to evangelicals than to ex-evangelicals like me, at least publicly, and I think @johnastoehr's general criticism is on point.
Most of the people who cover evangelicals for major news outlets either are (elite) evangelicals themselves (Michael Gerson, Sarah Pulliam-Bailey, Elizabeth Dias) or people who do not come from Jesus Land, USA.

Those of us who escaped from Jesus Land deserve representation.
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11 Sep
"For the majority of white evangelicals, there's no clear line between doctrine and politics. Many evangelicals maintain, as ardently as any stereotypical Marxist, that the 'correct' worldview and 'correct' politics are inextricably intertwined"

My latest…
Thanks to @ndrewwhitehead and @PaulDjupe for providing expert commentary on Ligonier Ministries' 2020 State of Theology Survey, which has been causing a minor moral panic in the evangelical information ecosystem--as it was designed to do.
For those unaware, Ligonier Ministries is a very Reformed/Calvinist outfit. And its write-up of its dubious survey is extremely partisan in that regard.

Despite disagreements among evangelicals over theology, LM is respected. It was founded by prominent theologian R.C. Sproul Sr
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8 Sep
TBQH this is not super interesting, but I'll give Rev. Empsall this--he knows white evangelicals aren't worth trying to reach

Maybe his group will be able to move a few white mainline Protestants and Catholics to vote for Biden.…

#TuesdayThoughts Image
That could be one prong of a Democratic faith outreach strategy that makes sense. If the party gives up on trying to convert white evangelicals, it could divert more resources to reaching into Black Protestant and non-Christian communities, including the secular community.
Democrats are finally beginning to recognize the contributions of atheists, agnostics, humanists, and assorted nones to American society and to the party. When we vote, we vote overwhelmingly Dem…

CC: @AmericanAtheist @seculardotorg

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26 Aug
1. As yet more Jerry Falwell Jr. scandals come to light, I've decided to do a thread of everything I've ever written about him and Liberty University in the context of exposing evangelical authoritarianism. But let's start with the latest and a summary for those late to the party
The latest is this. "Pool boy" Giancarlo Granda has now accused Falwell of sharing a picture with him of a Liberty University student exposing herself on the Falwells' farm.

Now to where we've been over the last few days…

#WednesdayThoughts #EmptyThePews
3. So, in an attempt to get ahead of the damning revelations about to drop re: Jerry Falwell watching while Granda cuckolded him, Falwell tried to blame the whole thing on his wife. Called it an affair "in which I was not involved."

Becki F. is now pushing the same apparent lie
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20 Aug
Media critics and pundits have responded to @robertpjones' findings with shock, but no one should have been surprised. There is one group of Americans who are unsurprised: the growing contingent of ex-evangelicals and other former conservative Christians…
My latest for @damemagazine. I know that many people are struggling right now and that there are many unmet needs, but if you have some money to spare, please support DAME's high-quality independent journalism:…
And if you have any more to spare, please consider supporting my work via @Patreon. The freelance fees I earn from writing are not enough for me to live on, so if you think my work should exist, please, if you can, help fund it. Thanks!
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10 Aug
Oh look, it’s the latest trolling email from the clearly unstable Levi Bullen. If you still follow this harassing asshole because “antitheist solidarity” or some shit, even please unfollow me.

@brchastain, did you get a copy of this too? Image
Reminder that this is all merely over my principled stand, as an atheist, for pluralism and against antitheism. My record of criticizing the Christian Right and antivaxxers stands for itself. It’s pathetic that Levi thinks he can block my healthcare and run me out of PSX Image
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9 Aug
"The Trump era has revealed the complete fusion of evangelical Christianity and conservative politics."

This piece is not without romanticization, but I'm pleasantly surprised to see such a frank, honest assessment of evangelicalism from @elizabethjdias…
Of course, the framing here is not great: "They stood by him when he shut out Muslim refugees. "

They didn't just stand by Trump wrt the Muslim ban. They loved and wanted the Muslim ban. See my work for @ForeignPolicy……
This part is hilarious--heckuva job, @VP!

"'Mike Pence is a wonderful gentleman,' she said. 'This is probably a very bad analogy, but I’d say he is like the very supportive, submissive wife to Trump. He does the hard work, and the husband gets the glory.'”

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29 Jun
“I am grateful to leaders like Mohler who were part of a movement to prevent a liberal theological shift that would have turned Southern Baptists into just another mainline denomination”

A movement whose leaders, we now know, committed and covered up sexual abuse.

That they did so is no coincidence, but is a direct result of the authoritarian patriarchal theology to which men like Paige Patterson and Paul Pressler, and even Russell Moore and JD Grear, are so deeply committed.

On which see @kkdumez, Jesus and John Wayne, esp chapter 16
Here’s my review of her book:…
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1 Jun
@mssilverstein @dr_jfprice Lol, it depends on the particular situation. Someone like Pat Robertson is untouchable. But he also got to be that way by toeing the hard line. If you work in, say, his organization, you try to rock the boat a little, you'll be out.
@mssilverstein @dr_jfprice And Liberty is far and away not the only evangelical university not to offer tenure. But even when they have tenure, it isn't necessarily really secure. Purges happen all the time in evangelical organizations, universities very much included.…
@mssilverstein @dr_jfprice It's loosey goosey, and sometimes there are power struggles, the outcome of which is not initially predictable, as in what happened to the SBC in the 80s and 90s, when they made it impossible for Jimmy Carter type Baptists to have any power in the organization.
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29 May
You make it’s a serious “heyy” when is spelled with two Y’s amirite ladies 🙃

#DudesOfInstagram #MenOnTheInternet
Meanwhile, this other Instagram dude DMed me no fewer than four dick pics and two pictures of sex acts

So of course I reported this, but now @instagram, which always seems to have plenty of resources to police nonsexual pictures of female nipples, autoreplies with this garbage.

Way to go, Insta. This is definitely #HowToPatriarchy
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26 May
@mssilverstein @loudpenitent @arthur_affect @Lollardfish To be clear, I'm definitely not saying Protestants invented pluralism. I'm saying Europe's religious wars resulted in the particular European brand of toleration, which has had a lot of issues that we have to keep working to fix. But medieval Catholic imperial power wasn't better
@mssilverstein @loudpenitent @arthur_affect @Lollardfish Today, I'm not sure that most Protestant denominations don't accept pluralism, but that may well be true in America. And there are so many tiny ones that it would be a huge task to try and sort that out. I think the more salient question is do most Protestants support it?
@mssilverstein @loudpenitent @arthur_affect @Lollardfish And in the US today, I think that would be a solid yes, again, not without kinks left to be worked out. White evangelicals would score the worst of all religious demographics, but white mainline Protestants would do alright. Protestants of color would do much better.
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25 May
Pluralism is a fact of life in democracy. We on the Left in particular need to become comfortable talking about it and articulating a practice of embracing it. If we don't, the Right frames the concept by default, and look what they've done to the concept "religious liberty."
Slight correction made (changed a "your" to "my" for consistency)
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25 May
@dr_jfprice There was this whole brouhaha on #exvangelical Twitter yesterday, really a sort of brouhaha reprise over whether blanket denunciations of Christianity (at least by white former Christians are racist), which is the context here.
@dr_jfprice The last time this happened, it was a direct attempt by one white ex-evangelical to “cancel” another. The canceler in that case also joined in the attempt to cancel me going on around that time, one of the ringleaders of which is the person who started things yesterday.
@dr_jfprice The person who threw out this thing yesterday has lied about me behind my back in a vicious attempt to destroy me, so I really wish I could side fully against her and fully with the people she’s attacking.…
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20 May
@seanmills1020 @billprady Thanks for recommending me, Sean! Fwiw, Christianity has historically, more often than not, gone hand-in-hand with imperialist and colonialist/racist power. There is no singularly accepted interpretation of Jesus's teachings, and Christians are what they do in the world.
@seanmills1020 @billprady That being said, most contemporary white evangelicals with any education or pretensions to respectability will deny that they're racist. My most Trumpist uncle will do so till he's blue in the face, but in the next breath he'll denounce #BlackLivesMatter activists as "thugs" 🤔
@seanmills1020 @billprady I grew up evangelical and have written quite a bit about what that's like, as well as numerous articles attempting to "translate" and expose the subculture to the broader American public. One way to do that is to get the stories of former conservative Christians a hearing.
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13 May
Heteronormative white supremacist patriarchy absolutely exists outside of religion.

At the same time, America’s dominant culture remains Protestant, and high-control Christianity remains the single most powerful vehicle for upholding heteronormative white supremacist patriarchy.
Some people take more or less purely intellectual paths out of this kind of Christianity, but even straight white males who do so may be traumatized by the cognitive dissonance and family pressure to conform.

For most of us, I think, it’s more than just intellectual.
So, yes, most of America is an unfriendly place to be an unbeliever. If you dismiss that, you play into pervasive Christian supremacism.

Further, for me, my queerness is bound up with my exit from religion. Don’t tell me tell me religious supremacism isn’t part of the problem
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13 May
@mpgPhD Religious trauma is far more than an inconvenience
@mpgPhD And isn’t systematic, targeted inconvenience on the basis of one’s identity oppression? Just because the discriminatory treatment nonbelievers face is different and usually not as severe as that faced by women, POC, and LGBTQ folks doesn’t mean it can’t be very harmful.
@mpgPhD It’s also hard to disentangle these things in the US context. I’m probably nonreligious now because I’m queer, but in my particular processing I had to extricate myself from high-control Christianity first before I could even recognize my underlying queerness.
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12 May
“It became clear Providence’s goal was to keep the hospital as ‘a captive affiliate.’”

“Providence will challenge Hoag’s right to exit the partnership. ‘As a legal matter, the affiliation is a permanent one’”

Thought only the Devil made eternal deals 🤔…
But seriously folks, the control exerted by the bishops over healthcare at institutions that aren’t even Catholic, but partnered w/ Catholic ones, is downright evil.

Even secular university systems aren’t safe from the Catholic Church’s drive to deprive us and our docs of agency
Do not let the Catholic Church anywhere near your healthcare. If there’s even a hint of a merger in your community, organize the largest, loudest protests you can!

No healthcare should be subjected to theocratic restrictions. In an ideal world we’d have no religious hospitals.
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8 May
It’s an example of conservative jeremiad, an always politically pernicious genre with roots in modern European Christianity going at least as far back as Romanticism.

It’s amusing that the exponents of this variety of kookery always seem to think they’re being highly original
And in case you haven’t read it, this is the piece I’m talking about:…

The most surprising thing about it is that it wasn’t written by Ross Douthat
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1 May
Okay, so the first Atheists at the Movies Twitter event, organized by @AndrewLSeidel, begins in 9 minutes.

I'll be threading my thoughts on tonight's travesty of a selection -God's Not Dead (2014) - here, and you can follow and/or join in the discussion using the hashtag #AATM.
My first two thoughts are:

"I only have two beers"


"Why did I agree to do this again?"

This movie is straight up fake news evangelical propaganda from start to finish. I'll try to make it fun by mocking it.

#AATM #EmptyThePews
By the way, Dean Cain is in this movie. I hope that doesn't ruin Lois and Clark for you.

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