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27 Jun 20
Wanted to take a moment to address something that came up on the show yesterday & it's about speech language pathologists (SLPs) in #Alberta. There has been some chatter on social media about what September is going to bring for kids who need 'em. So I dug a bit into it... #ABleg
I have seen a few posts about potential layoffs for SLPs within @yyCBEdu. So I went to them to get some clarity on whether the layoffs were happening & to what extent. Here's the statement I received from the #YYCBE about what's on the horizon. #ABleg
In an effort to further understand the move, I reached out to a few organizations & stumbled upon the Alberta Speech Language Association of Private Practitioners. So we had Simone Rambaransingh on & she had some very insightful comments about what this could mean. #ABleg
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24 Apr 20
OK. goes another #JoeRants because I can't keep it to myself. I used to think of myself as a fiscal conservative but I'm not really that. I've since shifted to "fiscal responsibilitarian." I know it's not a word, but I'm rolling with it for now. Anyways... #ABleg
We live in a province (#Alberta) where we have been the benefactors of good oil prices & good revenues for a long, long time. We SHOULD have been using those revenues to save for a rainy day. They should never have entered the convo in paying off operating expenses. Why? #ABleg
Because it buffered us from the real cost of doing business. We just assumed it was going to last forever & so we threw money at everything. Houses are more expensive here. Health care's more expensive. Press secretaries are more expensive. We were living the high life. #ABleg
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22 Feb 20
Time for me to ask a really awkward question (and likely one that will get me roasted here) but here it goes: is it possible that #Alberta is taken for granted in federal politics because we are almost always a guaranteed conservative vote? Let me explain. #cdnpoli
I said it during the last federal election: the CPC could run a cactus here & it would likely get voted in. Conservative candidates didn't have to campaign here because they didn't have to earn anything. Trudeau barely visited because it was ROI-negative to come here. #cdnpoli
The other parties are essentially an afterthought here (sorry but it is true). The Conservative blue vote is so engrained here that it is working against us. Even when we had "our party" in power, they didn't have to work for Alberta. They had nothing to prove because "we won."
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