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21 Jun
"Call the Social Workers!" 🤯 THREAD

Chicago: 60 shot, 9 fatally including a 3yr old this weekend as of 7 a.m today.…
Syracuse, NY: 9 shot at 1 party at annual "Rye Day" birthday celebration the mother of Ryedell Davis organizes. It was not a city permitted gathering.…
Minneapolis, MN 11 plus 1 fatality Uptown late night.
The shooting was one of several across the city since Saturday afternoon — in all, 19 people have been struck by gunfire in that span, police say.…
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19 Jun
🔥Micheal Pack, Senate approved CEO of USAGM, has stripped most senior leadership of their authority & fired chiefs of:

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Radio Free Asia
Office of Cuba Broadcasting
Middle East Broadcasting Networks

AND dissolved advisory boards & replaced w/aides
Pack's 1st day on the job press release. Jun 18

Cleaning things up.…
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5 Jun
Must read input from Central American observers of what occurred there in 2019 vs US riots.

Observers: Forces Behind U.S. Riots Fueled 2019 Latin America Violence… via @BreitbartNews
Sandinista flags, "Chavez-eyes"
Was this a pre-planned, pre-organized event lying in wait for a 'trigger' and Floyd was the trigger? 🔥🧐🤨
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5 Jun
WOW ... all 57 members of Buffalo PD Emergency Response Team resigned over Dept response suspending 2 members after video surfaced showing enforcing orders to clear the street. Barely touched him.
Context Buffalo ERT ... PBA issued notice they would not pay for suspended without pay officers' legal fees or for SWAT legal fees in light of administration's BULLSH*T.

Resignation is in response to treatment and not PBA.

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4 Jun
🔥#TexasRanger statue @ Love Field Dallas removed to storage after standing since 1963 following #DallasforniaMorningNews and #DforniaMonthly publishing "excerpt" from new book.

Shame on you Love Field and Dallas officials.…
Now they came for the Texas Ranger at Love Field!

When does the removal of statues in Texas stop?

When does renaming of schools and streets stop because "feelings"?

@tedcruz @GovAbbott @KenPaxtonTX @TXAG
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3 Jun
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1 Jun
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29 May
@chiIIum El Nuevo Bar is owned by Santamaria who also owns and operates La Raza radio station in same building. It was destroyed last night along with the nearby MPD precinct.

Street gang cartel connection?🤔… Image
@chiIIum Confirmation radio station and bar building destroyed.…
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27 May
@NeilWMcCabe strikes again! 😘

Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards was a whistleblower after all. Shut my mouth!!
Must read!!

Thanks @hh_chknhawk for heads up ... I missed it!

2 names revealed .. @GenFlynn and Manafort.

Also spied on Congress, staffers, Trump family and others.

Treas/ IG Richard K. Delmar, still there, said it didn't qualify as a "whistleblower complaint.

S. Leslie Ireland
Patrick Conlon
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26 May
ICYMI earlier .... Grenell declass'd a slew of Spygate docs including transcripts of calls between @GenFlynn and #Kislyak leaving it to Ratcliffe on whether or not to make them public.

Schiffty got his wish.

Waiting on the drops of the Flynn transcripts... and whatever else he declassified.
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24 May
Speaking of Iran and US military drills in Persian Gulf, anyone have a track on the tankers from Iran headed to VZ? They should be somewhere near the Bahamas about now.…
I ask because .... US isn't going to allow this to happen!!…
Oh, where o' where could those oil tankers be?
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24 May
More on MIS, Multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome, or Kawasaki-like (atypical) disease being seen now nationwide in children.

Webinar below from last week w/several physicians. Near the end is a composite of all symptoms/presentations seen. COVID-19…
Only a very small % of the children with this new MIS have only known exposure to COVID-19. All others in NY test positive either for COVID-19 or have antibodies.

This is now seen nationwide.

CNS involvement, whether GB or other.
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23 May
Bad to worse. #JaydonHayden #WestwoodNursingCenter
75 yr old Army vet victim taken to Center from his apartment unbeknownst to family or VA Hosp staffers.

20 yr old mentally ill suspect went from group home to U of MI Hosp. for hearing voices, dx'd w/ COVID, moved to Center. 1/2
Did #WestwoodNursingCenter report the horrid beating by #JaydonHayden?

Where was Washtenaw County Mental Health Services who was supposed to be working w/him at a group home in Chelsea?

Is he autistic or is he schizophrenic? "hearing voices"

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21 May
@TexasKelGirl Bigger than Flynn. IMO has more to do with DC Appeals Court allowing all Mueller grand jury material released to House Judiciary Comm., overruled w/ temporary block by SCOTUS' yesterday upon appeal by DOJ. This is a C N N resurrection hitting same subject from different angle.
@TexasKelGirl Horrid precedent IMO to release grand jury materials to ANY uninvolved parties.

SCOTUS will decide in June whether to hear arguments or release the block on Mueller's grand jury materials.
@TexasKelGirl C N N picked C linton case because it was about a presidential impeachment case.
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19 May
Anyone else remember this? I do #BidenTapes #Ukraine

US Atty Donoghue coordinating Ukraine related activities .. appointed by Dep AG Rosen who also told the Hose there are several distinct open investigations.

Biden investigations =nothing directly to do w/Durham
Correction House ... though Hose in some aspect might be appropo LOL
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18 May
Treasury whistleblower ... Purely political.

Treasury not only surveilled General Flynn from 2015, but also Congressmen, Trump campaign and Trump family without legitimate cause or warrants.
And of course "Muh @chiIIum" threaded her heart out on this Treasury whistle blowing yesterday while also resurrecting her thread from 2017.

OIA vs FINCEN Who is Leslie Ireland?

3 years later ... 3 YEARS LATER. ❣️💖🤭

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17 May
Fatal Invasive Aspergillosis and Coronavirus Disease in an Immunocompetent Patient…
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17 May
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