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Feb 1 4 tweets 1 min read
I am convinced that this whole public/private thing is the work of 4chan to make everyone look stupid and vain.

It's working. They've even got charlie doing it. Oh the humanity. Image
Jan 28 4 tweets 2 min read
Hey @elonmusk, I recently sent you a proposal for @SpaceX to launch the entire government into the Sun.

I think you will find that despite the significant upfront investment, the long-term cost savings will be well worth it.

Have you had a chance to review it? I have included this graphic to demonstrate how serious this savings could be. Image
Jan 21 22 tweets 4 min read
The Twitter Theory of Everything

Not everyone cares about how Engagement works on Twitter, but for those who do, this is meant to be a complete guide

I will also address why I think that some are seeing a drop in engagement and how it may not be "the algorithm."

✍️1 Before we dive in, I think we need to first define some terms and explain the various types of accounts and how they operate.

ENGAGEMENT is a term that encompasses Likes, Comments, Retweets, and Quote Tweets. It is the quantifiable amount of activity on your tweets.

Jan 19 11 tweets 3 min read
A tribute thread to CNN Atlanta.

Gone but not forgotten. RIP RIP CNN Atlanta.
Jan 10 12 tweets 3 min read
Diamond and Silk:

A quick thread. I first heard of @DiamondandSilk in 2016, just as many of you did, as the raucous duo of Trump Supporting ladies who were attacked by the media for daring to support Donald Trump while being black.

I followed them and enjoyed their viral videos and mostly beat downs of the MSM.