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7 Apr 20
This afternoon the inevitable happened. I had an accident in my wheelchair, whilst walking my dog, because a walker didn’t keep a safe distance. Lots of people offered to help - which I had to refuse - because social distancing. I haven’t felt so vulnerable for a long time. 1/8
We are both ok and not hurt, but we were in an unsafe position for 10 minutes or so whilst we waited for my husband to come and help. All because someone didn’t simply step out of the way. I tried to put as much distance between us as possible 2/8
And by doing so I misjudged the kerb (the joy of #CerebralPalsy and spatial awareness). I ended up with the front half of my wheelchair in the road, my dog in the road, and the back half of my wheelchair stuck on the kerb thanks to my anti-tip wheels 3/8
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28 Sep 19
Today’s experience of airport special assistance, flying with @easyJet from @LPL_Airport. A (likely rather long) thread.
Arrived at @OmniServLtd desk at requested time. Was told possible gate but to keep an eye on it, changeable. Made a point of asking what time I should be at gate. Told just when it opens, 30 mins before departure
Did all the usual airport shiz. Headed to gate at requested time, via toilet because

1. Plane toilets aren’t accessible
2. I’d had a prosecco with breakfast. Airport rules, right?! 🤷🏼‍♀️
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