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31 Jul
The Sealed Jeffrey Epstein Files are Here
"Oh, you had sexual contact with Ghislaine Maxwell before you went to [REDACTED] birthday party?

Lots and lots of redactions remain.

I've gone through nearly every recently unsealed Epstein file, and this is the Big One.

Lots of names named and lots of REDACTIONS remaining.

A must-read.…
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31 Jul
Epstein files are unsealed!

Reading them now.

There are still some redactions of names.
Epstein documents still contain considerable redactions of people who allegedly participated in the sex trafficking.
Men who Ghislaine Maxwell directed Virginia Giuffre to engage in activities with, according to Giuffre's deposition:

- Alan Dershowitz
- Glenn Dubin
- Stephen Kaufmann
- Prince Andrew
- Jean Luc Brunel
- Bill Richardson
- Marvin Minsky

Other names, many more names, redacted.
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30 Jul
Update: Patreon lost.

The judge applied well-established law and denied Patreon's motion / sided against them in their lawsuit against Owen Benjamin fans.

Patreon will now be forced to arbitrate 100+ claims, and pay up front fees of up to $10,000 per arbitration.
You can read the court order in the Patreon case, ruling against Patreon, here.…
To say that Patreon faces an existential threat to its business, given the cost they face, would be an understatement.

Here's why:…
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29 Jul
I'm looking at at memo @Jim_Jordan sent out to set the GOP's agenda on big tech.

Table of Contents....

Antitrust won’t solve political bias .... 10
"Amazon appears to face a number of competitors... Amazon’s market share of e-commerce is below 50%..."

This is from @Jim_Jordan memo, an apology for Big Tech monopolies.

It DEFENDS Amazon's monopoly power.

Reads like a lobbyist wrote it.
The Jim Jordan Memo also defends Apple's 30% pricing and defends Apple's App store as *not* controlling too much market share.
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13 Jul
Reporting live from a major legal action involving Patreon and several former patrons of Owen Benjamin.

Several former patrons of Benjamin filed arbitration actions against Patreon after Benjamin was banned.

Patreon then sued those former backers in California state court.
Owen Benjamin's backers filed arbitration actions under a clever workout unique to California law.

More detail here:…
Under California law, Patreon is obligated to pay *in advance* all of the arbitration fees required in the case involving Owen Benjamin's former backers.

Millions of dollars.

Seeking to avoid these fees, Patreon moved for an injunction in to shut down the arbitrations.
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20 Jun
I watched a documentary about me called "White Noise," which tried tying me to the alt-right.

I'm going to do my review in this thread.

Before we begin, here is me saying I won't be in a documentary if Richard Spencer is in it.

Now some thoughts....

White Noise wasn't a "hit job" on me in any conventional sense. It tried painting me as a one-dimensional character who just wants to make money. The director calls me a "pill salesman."

That's it? That's what *you* who read me every day and have for years would describe me as?
I spent over 100 hours with the director of White Noise, and have genuine affection for him. His co-director was a good person, too.

Rather than wrestle with complexity, they created a caricature, but in doing so, harmed themselves.

Here's why.....
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20 Jun
SDNY under Berman

- no Prince Andrew interview,

- no action on Ghislaine Maxwell,

- undercharged Epstein.

Also SDNY arrested Epstein in private.


Didn't charge under Mann Act.

No simultaneous raids of properties.


Who was Berman protecting?
Cable news has all of these former prosecutors on air.

No one will ask this simple question

- Why wasn't Jeffrey Epstein charged under the Mann Act?…
Berman's SDNY office could have charged the Mann Act and raided Epstein's pedophile island.

Berman instead gave Epstein's backers 3 weeks to destroy evidence.…
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18 Jun
After mass walkouts among members of the Atlanta police department, the mayor began requesting assistance from mutual aid jurisdictions. Officers from these jurisdictions are refusing to respond to any call other than one for an officer down.
Here is the police scanner for Atlanta Police Dispatch - Zone 6 East.

Listen and let me know what you hear.....…
Guys guys it's not a walk out, those are rumors!

It's a "call out."


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17 Jun
In the press conference for the Rayshard Brooks case, DA Paul Howard suggests that he may seek the death penalty against Officer Garrett Rolfe.
Not immediately informing Rayshard Brooks that Brooks was being arrested is being charged as a CRIMINAL OFFENSE as a violation of oath of a police officer.

Holy fuck this is absolutely insane.
Holy fuck!

The officers in Rayshard Brooks are being charged with "oath of office" violations, criminal charges, for not immediately informing Brooks that he was being arrested for DUI.
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16 Jun
Rayshard's Brooks criminal history includes multiple violent felonies. (The media isn't reporting on this and I had to pull the case history myself.)

That explains why police called for back-up.

Man oh man the media left some pretty huge details out of this story.
- Felony Cruelty to Children

- Battery, Family Violence

- False Imprisonment

Violent felonies going back years, including beating his family and kids.

But yeah can't imagine why officer called for back-up and didn't just let him go with a Taser on him.
My reporting above (look 👆) is confirmed.

Brooks beat up his kids.

No way to spin that, he’s a child abuser.

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5 Jun
@davereaboi @RLHeinrichs @InezFeltscher Yeah people still don't seem to get it. Without the Second Amendment, a lot of conservatives would already be in gulags. They thought that was hyperbole.
@davereaboi @RLHeinrichs @InezFeltscher For whatever people didn't pay attention in 2017. Years of "protesters are bused in" narratives made people somehow think the Women's March (led by anti-Semites and Hamas supporters) was fake. I was there and said these are real. Got attacked by my own "side." Here we are.
@davereaboi @RLHeinrichs @InezFeltscher This complacency led to hilariously moronic cries of "Red Wave!" in 2018. When clearly energy on was D side.

Now people think Trump wins in November. How?
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3 Jun
David Dorn was murdered.

He's black.

How many people posting black squares on their timeline have mentioned him?

How many reporters have covered his story?

Do black officer lives matter?
ANTIFA supporter @ChrisCuomo won’t talk about David Dorn.
CNN only wrote on David Dorn’s death because @realDonaldTrump tweeted about it. That’s the only reason.

CNN would have covered up the murder of a black police officer if no one had called them out.

CNN is Nazi scum.
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1 Jun
What do you think about Trump's speech happening now?
Whoa. @ElijahSchaffer's video from Dallas gets a POTUS shout out.
Trump will deploy United States military to "quickly solve" the problem of ANTIFA domestic terrorism.
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1 Jun
@ethanjacobslaw @OrinKerr Do you sincerely believe that Trump voters are Nazis?

Because your timeline is full of comparisons like this.

Are these messages sincere? ImageImage
@ethanjacobslaw @OrinKerr Here you called an observant Orthodox Jew Ron Coleman (I know him, and suspect Orin knows of him enough to understand the problems here) a Nazi.

Do you believe this Tweet is.... decent? Image
@ethanjacobslaw @OrinKerr I am all ears / eyes. I've watched as observant Jews who light candles and keep Shabbat are called Nazis by hyperpartisans. Do you believe Ron Coleman is a Nazi? Do you believe implying he is, or at least that he's sympathetic to Nazis, is honest, honorable, or decent?
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31 May
Media bro’s went from ANTIFA is good to ANTIFA doesn’t exist…
Two years ago a "fact check" site literally said ANTIFA doesn't exist.…
Did Brian Stelter lie to protect violent protesters?

Is he trying to provide propaganda for violent protesters and domestic terrorists?…
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27 May
When I see Alana Goodman on a byline, I stop whatever I am doing to read her.

So when I found out @alanagoodman wrote a book abut Epstein, there's no question what to do.

Buy her book!
Bill Clinton 'had affair with Jeffrey Epstein pimp Ghislaine Maxwell during trips on pedophile's private jet', explosive new book claims…
Jeffrey Epstein’s brother doubts suicide, ‘refused’ info on jail cell hanging: Book…
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27 May
"It's possible, but I don’t know." With those words former FBI Director James Comey set a new standard for media coverage of public figures.…
Even when there is no evidence to substantiate your claim, even when you're relying on a document that had been discredited within the FBI, even when you're quoting work product that was the result of Russian disinformation, you give no quarter to your enemies.
I am referencing, of course the infamous pee-pee interview James Comey gave to ABC. Comey's words were amplified by every media outlet. No context was added (such as the FBI knew the Steele dossier was funded by Democrats and also contained hoaxes from Russia).
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25 May
I have perfect blood work.

How many health reporters can read basic blood work, let alone have their own labs?

These recent "medical experts" in the media are a sight to behold.…
Doctors are great when a person needs trauma care.

For staying healthy, they just don't know that much.
"In recent studies of hospitalised patients, 42% were shown to be hypomagnesaemic. However, physicians request magnesium testing in only 7% of these patients."…
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25 May
Maddow's "I'm Not a Real Journalist" Defense Prevails in Court…
In court Maddow’s lawyer previously argued that her show was relied on “quintessential statements of rhetorical hyperbole, incapable of being proved true or false.”…
John Nolte called Maddow’s lawyer’s claim “the Alex Jones defense,” although comparing Maddow to Jones might be an insult to Jones, considering Maddow's Avenatti obsession.…
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18 May
Do I Regret Becoming Famous?…
In Spring of 2015 I was sitting in a Paris cafe living the dream. I wrote online, published books, and made mad loot. Stress level was zero.

Then one day I began to explain to people why a man with orange hair would be the next Republican nominee for President.
People claimed I knew nothing about politics, arguments ensued, and my destiny changed forever.

Do I regret it?

Find out in my interview with musician ZUBY.

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17 May
CNN has blown stories big and small. Some were outright hoaxed, some required them to write a settlement check, and all of these hoaxed involved Jake Tapper.

1. Tapper got a BLOCKBUSTER story completely wrong.…
2. CNN White House Reporter Jeremy Diamond claimed Trump was first President since George H.W. Bush to not take questions at a press conference held in China. Jake Tapper RT’ed Diamond. This claim was false.…
3. CNN reporter Manu Raju claimed @DonaldJTrumpJr had advance knowledge of the Wikileaks release of the Podesta emails. This story was confirmed by two sources, and it was fake news. To this day, Raju refuses to burn the sources who fed him a fake story.…
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