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We campaign within the public sphere, and in the heart of Westminster, to raise awareness of issues which threaten the safety and dignity of women.
23 Feb
What a fantastic debate in the House of Lords yesterday. For those who were unable to watch live, you can read what went on here:…
Even better you can watch our 'Baker's Dozen' of what we think were the best speeches across the political spectrum.
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22 Feb
We are unable to live tweet the debate this afternoon but we will bring you updates as and when we are able.
3.05pm start…
Lord True for the government outlining the terms of the bill: 'women' mentioned at least 6 times in the first couple of minutes.....
Currently explaining lots of technical details.
@1SVN giving a brilliant speech in the @UKHouseofLords . We will post the clip as soon as it is available, too many brilliant points to include!
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11 Feb
For those unable to watch, we are going to tweet on the #MOMABill this afternoon.
Penny Mordaunt moving second reading of the bill.
This bill means ministers do not have to resign when they become pregnant....(we will paraphrase things, Hansard will have exact wording later)
Jim Shannon DUP saying this has been a difficult time for parents, mothers, babies, asking for extended maternity pay. PM says this is beyond the scope of this bill but gov are looking at it. PM saying 'people' again.....
Sir Edward Leigh raises the biological woman issue! If we are going to adopt gender ideology we should not do it by stealth! PM says no intention to not use word 'women', it is a drafting issue...
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11 Feb
1/12 Plan for today; we expect the #MOMA bill (Ministerial and Other Maternity Allowances) debate to begin around 12.45pm.
It is still not too late to email if you haven't already done so, but Tweeting about this and tagging MPs will raise more awareness on social media.
2/12 We have the names (in speaking order), of all those who are listed to speak. We suggest you Tweet these MPs (especially if you are a constituent) and make your views known. Use the #MOMA hashtag.
3/12 Minister Penny Mordaunt (Portsmouth North)
Shadow Minister Rachel Reeves (Leeds West)
Caroline Nokes (Romsey and Southampton North)
Kirsten Oswald (East Renfrewshire)
Cherilyn Mackrory (Truro and Falmouth)
Ms Harriet Harman (Camberwell and Peckham)
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9 Feb
1/6 #SixWords
For the word ‘person’ substitute ‘woman’

It is beyond belief that it has taken governments 103 years to notice women in government may have babies. We are very pleased to see long overdue recognition of this fact.
But it is unacceptable that this bill talks about
2/6 ‘pregnant people’ and makes no mention of women at all. This is not a situation that will ever apply to a male minister, so why the obfuscation of language?

The Equality Act 2010 is very clear; it talks about pregnancy and maternity using ordinary language.
3/6 Women. She. Her.

We are encouraging everyone to contact their MP as a matter of urgency; there is less than 48 hours before this bill is presented. See our example letter here:…
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