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Nov 26, 2023 20 tweets 14 min read
#loki #LokiSeason2

I reread the Original #Lokius Thread with hindsight & thought about how "love is an imaginary dagger" was Loki's early definition of love, & it was redefined for him via his relationship with Mobius (in contrast to Sylvie).

What does "real love" look like? 🧵
Image This bears repeating right at the start here:

Loki had 2 daggers – which can represent Sylvie & Mobius.

I (indirectly) talked about the "you can see yourself in it" part of the dagger metaphor in the thread below, but I'm gonna elaborate a bit more.

Nov 3, 2023 19 tweets 14 min read
#loki #lokiseason2 #lokius

"If it's all the same to you... I'll have that drink now."

Loki might say this romantically to Mobius in the finale 👁️👁️

Mobius has been repeatedly offering a drink to Loki – ESPECIALLY in s2.

What's the significance? Let's take a look.

Drinks are about partnership.

We see this from the start in season 1, exhibited with the other (mirrored!) relationships Mobius & Loki have – Ravonna & Sylvie respectively.

We also partially see why those other partnerships, through the metaphor of their drinks, don't work.
Nov 3, 2023 13 tweets 8 min read
#loki #lokiseason2 #lokius

Don / Timeline Mobius' kids are coded as Lokis.

This does NOT mean Mobius = father figure.

More so that Mobius' previous wife was probably a mischievous scamp, &... jet-skis also relate to Mobius' true passions.

What will HE want?

Lemme explain.🧵 Image #loki #lokiseason2 #lokius

First: look at the kids.
Kevin = Sylvie.

Look at that toy up there ^^^^
That's a minute man.

Just like Sylvie burnt in season 1, episode 1 – and everything she used (the lamp and the reset charges) was stolen, just like Kevin's matches.

Oct 27, 2023 9 tweets 5 min read
#loki #lokiseason2

Hmm. Here to speak my truths:

I don't think anything with Sylvie is "bad writing" or insufferable & I think her characterization makes perfect sense.

She's dealing with her own arc, AND she's serving the very crucial purpose of highlighting Loki's growth.
+ Image Not liking her is one thing but I don't understand declarations that she has no point in this season.

She is in a similar place Loki was in at the start of his story & even more heavily traumatized after a life of isolation. Her life's purpose was revenge & she needs a new one.
Oct 27, 2023 18 tweets 16 min read
#loki #LokiSeason2

"What did we do wrong?"
"I don't know."

🙋🏻 I think I might.

It's the hot cocoa.
Or rather... it's Loki semi-unintentionally siding with Sylvie over Mobius. In this ep, that's the tipping point. & so is lack of trust.


What we just watched is the version where things go very wrong & they fail.

But here's the delightful part to remember: things had to go wrong exactly like this, so eventually things can go very right. Because as "wrong" as this was, it had its purpose: Loki pruning himself.

Oct 26, 2023 55 tweets 33 min read
#Loki #LokiSeason2
So, the love triangle in 2x03... Let's break it down a lil :)
Let's talk about
• Victor/Ravonna/Miss Minutes, & how they're dark mirrors for Loki/Mobius/Sylvie
• what this says about the story so far
• how we can use it to theorize what's next
Ready? 🪞🧵 Image First, in case anyone's new to mirrors, let's define it:
"Mirror Characters, also known as Parallel Characters in some literary circles, almost certainly share personality traits, values, similar skill sets, & possibly even goals & likely a narrative arc."…
Oct 20, 2023 6 tweets 4 min read
#loki #lokiseason2


Victor is talking about the temporal loom, AND this is Loki & Mobius' relationship. Loki is chaos & Mobius is order... EXCEPT they each have a little of both because of each others' influence. Together, they're the balance the TVA needs.

#loki #lokiseason2

"Only order? No chaos? It sounds boring."
They need BOTH.

It can never be only one. The TVA was only order, initially; when He Who Remains wanted it run by Loki & Sylvie, it was "pure chaos" – as Mobius predicted when deriding the idea of them together.

Oct 2, 2023 43 tweets 25 min read
HELLLLOOO #Loki fandom 👀

Since #LokiSeason2 starts soon... if I FINALLY post decent meta about the s1 finale, am I valid?
Better late than never, right?

Let's do some s1 analysis, but ALSO, let's talk theories about s2. For old times' sake, I humbly offer you–

A Thread ⬇️ Image In 2021, I wrote long analysis threads & #Lokius meta weekly for episodes 3, 4, & 5... without knowing there'd be a s2 lol.

I'm building on that basis. You can find those threads – & other thoughts, including some right after the finale – collected here.…
Nov 12, 2022 8 tweets 5 min read
welcome to another thrilling edition of "Char tweets a bunch of SPN screencaps in a row with no further commentary or explanation and counts it as meta"

but now, an extra cursed and probably more incomprehensible version, featuring #TheWinchesters
Nov 9, 2022 55 tweets 24 min read
Yeah okay hi.
I am still thinking about #TheWinchesters & about 1x04 specifically, & how it's peeled back some of the layers in John's story & revealed to us that it's a QUEER story, & I'm still going bonkers.

John Winchester Is Bi Because Dean Winchester Is Bi: The Episode 🧵 Millie says "Everyone ...Carlos says "Including... Look, I've got WAY too much to say about this ep & I've already said quite a few things in bits & pieces here & there. But if I don't go into at least a BIT more detail about this it's gonna haunt me, even as everything in this thread likely won't be the whole of it.
Nov 7, 2022 10 tweets 5 min read

Look, if there’s one thing I’ve decided about this show, none of them are too crazy to do ANYTHING because the very fact we’re discussing this is evidence of that lmao.

Simultaneously though: it’s WAY too early to make solid predictions about John & Carlos.
+ #TheWinchesters

All I know is John was/is in love with Murph & he thinks Carlos is hot. Saying either of those things at all—let alone with definitive certainty—would have sounded like I needed to be institutionalized 2 weeks ago. & yet here we are! & it’s only episode 4!
Nov 2, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read

Something I don’t think I’m seeing a lot of people elaborate on is Millie & John in ep4. More specifically… Millie clearly loves & has done her best by John, but part of that involved instilling lessons of toxic masculinity into him in his father’s absence.

+ #TheWinchesters

“Talk is cheap,” right? Bottling things up is preferable. We see exactly how that’s fucked John up as the episode plays out.

They also make a revealing ~joke that isn’t a joke~ about it, leaning into the misconception that moms don’t perpetuate these problems:
Nov 2, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
this subtitle / part of the song combined with this image...... after the god erased the scar from Murph’s death that John had on his arm........ help me ;___;
#TheWinchesters ImageImage God I’m fucked up over this

“My friend died and all I got was this lousy scar”
And then EVEN THE SCAR IS TAKEN FROM HIM, as a god tries to make him a clean slate and tells him to hold onto his anger instead of talking

I won’t let you leave my love behind!!

Nov 2, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
the extra shady people in quote RTs need to touch grass lmao. or at least not put their bad vibes on Meg’s shoulders

we CAN have fun talking about queer characters/ships! remember fun? don’t ascribe malice (or “bait”) to people for having some

relax or simply keep it movin’ I get having bitterness & baggage but for the love of God not everything is world-ending levels of serious

particularly because in this case we even know John marries Mary!!!! if he wants to check out Carlos let him, if people including cast want to ship them let them, it’s FUN
Nov 2, 2022 7 tweets 3 min read
Compelled by how heavy last week's ep was on Destiel parallels, & how heavy THIS week's ep was on bisexuality / being manipulated into a cycle of violence by a god.

& also, by nature: always parents & children.

I await stronger emphasis on Jack parallels.

#TheWinchesters I think what happened to Jack at the end of the SPN (Dean unwittingly sacrificed his son as part of "Abraham & Isaac" & Chuck won via theater) is not always top of mind for people–in comparison to, for example, Destiel or Dean's relationship to HIS parents.

Oct 19, 2022 16 tweets 6 min read

#TheWinchesters ep 2 has compelled me to repeat myself for the MILLIONTH time regarding how Supernatural is a franchise about parents & children + cycles of trauma/violence, both in the small scale & the large scale.

+ #TheWinchesters

I don't know why I'm writing this! I am saying the same shit I have been saying on here for at least the past year & put in my meta! But I just heard Dean Winchester say to us that you have to break free & be WHO YOU ARE (12x22, anybody?) & I'm gonna eat my foot
Jul 5, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
if Loki ends with bringing the Lokius love story to the forefront in any capacity the way I suspect, I’m not going to be able to handle it when I go to rewatch all 6 ep in order because AS IT IS I think about the arc so far or glimpse previous clips & get flattened with emotions my secret is I try to stay very analytical because otherwise I will think of how poetic this cinema is and just end up being like
Jul 5, 2021 6 tweets 2 min read
Okay something is bothering me re: #Loki & Lokius & I need to write it out.

It actually is, like, actively insane that we have a CANONICALLY QUEER character & STILL have to include caveats/disclaimers in our minds & on media analysis because we can never just... trust a story.
+ ?!?!? Loki is BISEXUAL! & yet we can’t say with confidence, though all signs point to it, that Lokius will happen or be given breathing room.

Why? Because we have been conditioned to think that at the end of the day there is ALWAYS somehow a catch when it comes to queer content.
Jul 4, 2021 19 tweets 3 min read
in an unplanned turn of events I’m about to watch Ocean’s Eleven for the first time with my family, and I am very excited to beam this criminal homoeroticism directly into my eyeballs very intense eye contact happening between Brad Pitt and George Clooney at the very start here

their characters have definitely fucked before and I say good for them actually
Jul 4, 2021 49 tweets 36 min read

Are Loki & #Sylvie in love, & #Mobius knows it? Is Sylki canon? What happened to #Lokius? Yada yada yada, I've got my thoughts & I'm here to break them down for you.

This is (still) a love story.
Thread ⬇️ Image Firstly, in case you're new here, below is the "previously on" edition of Char Writes Long Loki Meta. I suggest reading it now if you haven't before, though obviously I'm not your boss. But it's your prerequisite for understanding why this is a love story!
Nov 25, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
The International Business Times?! Far more random than I'd ever expect, but hey, we'll definitely take it!

#TheySilencedThem #TheySilencedYou… I should probably be threading these but fuck it