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3 Jan
Just to clear this up.
Some are saying they don’t want to increase stimulus checks to $2,000 because they are concerned about where the $ will come from.

So here’s a breakdown so you understand what the ARE okay with.

Total covid bill is $900,000,000,000
This gives $174B to U.S. stimulus checks and the other $726B to foreign countries.

If you take the same amount of money in this bill & put it all into U.S. stimulus checks that would be:

$3,103.44 for every $600 check going out.

If you take JUST the $ going to foreign
Countries & divided it among the ppl getting a $600 stimulus check it would be:

$2,503.44 instead of $600.

They are happy to give away the equivalent of $2,503 stimulus checks for you to foreign governments, but anything over $600 for you peasants is too much to ask.
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24 Oct 20

Many of us don’t understand slavery. We think we couldn’t be slaves because we move about freely. We can move from one state, or even country to another.

If you want to understand your prison here are some simple eye openers.

1- with today’s technology a crew of you
and a handful of friends could build you a beautiful home in about 3 months. If you had to acquire all the supplies yourself (Quarry the rock, sand, & lime for concrete, cut the lumber etc) you could still do it in about 1 year.
But that house takes you 30 YEARS to pay for.
2- Cars. With our automated auto factories you could build your own car in a few months, but it takes you 5-7 years to pay for a car.

The way we live is not natural.
We’ve been convinced it’s normal life to work 40+ hours a week. Leaving almost no time for family and
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22 Oct 20
Thread: 4-10-20

What kind of man would buy someone a house for helping him out with a flat tire?

What kind of man would offer his private jet- Pay the pilots wages, pay for fuel, and pay every expense involved if operating said private jet to get a strangers kid the medical
Attention the kids family couldn’t because no consumer airlines would fly the child with his medical equipment?

What kind of man would leave a life where everyone loves you, great press nonstop, and every luxury imaginable KNOWINGNLY for a life of constant attacks, media
Making him out to be a monster, even putting his life and family at risk to help millions of people he doesn’t know, and even to help thousands of people who hate him and say the most horrible lies about him?

MY PRESIDENT @realDonaldTrump. That’s the kind of guy who would do
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10 Oct 20
The illusion of ownership.

While the left tries to sell us on the evil of capitalism, how many of us understand how far we truly are down the whole of not being allowed to own property?

Spelled out the easiest way I can explain this.

Due to fiat currency, inflation
Has made it impossible for the average man to pay cash for a home.

With mortgage loans strung out over 30 years that leaves a MASSIVE window for;

1-the banks to double the money they loan you to pay for your property and

2- nearly an entire career worth of time for the
Home owner Tom fall on hard times and default.

What about those who can pay cash, or succeed in paying off their loan? Don’t they “own” their property?

Simple answer: No.

1- Property taxes. If you default on your property taxes they can take your home. With property taxes
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