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Jul 3 • 10 tweets • 4 min read
10-1 Irving/Milwaukee
Large crowd was throwing fireworks at the Police
#Chicago #ChicagoScanner This was 25th Dist car involved,
EMS on scene for an injured PO
#Chicago #ChicagoScanner
Jun 30 • 4 tweets • 2 min read
2601 S La Salle
A fire & Level 1 Haz-Mat, electrical fire, 2-2-1 has requested the dry chemical unit 6-2-4
#Chicago #ChicagoScanner ComEd ETA is 30min, 2-2-1 says we need them here quicker
#Chicago #ChicagoScanner
Jun 13 • 21 tweets • 10 min read
4771 N Elston
An armed robbery at the 7-Eleven
#Chicago #ChicagoScanner Male, sunglasses, red & white hat, black jacket, took 2 bottles of Hennessy, a bottle of Jim Beam & $700, there was a cash tracker, last ping was s/b on the Edens
#Chicago #ChicagoScanner
Dec 6, 2020 • 24 tweets • 7 min read
30 N Michigan
Walgreens says they have a large amount of people in the store & some are stealing, not enough staff to control it
#Chicago #ChicagoScanner 102-Sam says it's a large group of teens, some by Walgreens some have crossed over in Millennium Park
Aug 29, 2020 • 8 tweets • 3 min read
Loud reports Huron/Clark, a Highlander fleeing, n/b La Salle
#Chicago #ChicagoScanner 110 W Huron we have blood in the lobby
May 30, 2020 • 34 tweets • 9 min read
"There's a huge caravan coming in n/b from Cermak/State"
#Chicago #ChicagoScanner #ShitCPDSays Jackson/Dearborn
CD2 (prisoner transport) open your door, be ready to go
Apr 14, 2019 • 80 tweets • 2 min read
Z13 900X in pursuit, wanted for shots fired