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Apr 18 25 tweets 4 min read
SLS rollback and future timelines news conference updates. Thread ⬇️ 2/x: "We are absolutely going back out and we are absolutely going to do a wet dress rehearsal," NASA says. The exact timing and which option to do that are under discussion.
Apr 11 21 tweets 3 min read
#SLS Wet Dress Rehersal update from #NASA. A thread: 1/x 2/x: NASA confirms "minimal propellant operations" on the ICPS (interim cryogenic propulsion stage) with a heavily modified Wet Dress on Thursday, April 14 focusing on the Core Stage with T0 slated for 14:40 EDT / 18:40 UTC.
Apr 5 16 tweets 3 min read
#NASA SLS Wet Dress Rehearsal teleconference updates for #Artemis. A thread...⬇️ 1/x: There 2 primary test objectives and 5 secondaries. 1 primary and 3 secondaries have been completed. Cyrogenics are the outstanding categories.
Apr 3 13 tweets 2 min read
#Artemis post-Wet Dress Rehearsal scrub telecon updates from #NASA. A thread....⬇️ Teams knew Friday that the weather would be a challenge, but all was good to proceed. Severe weather materialized as expected Saturday afternoon. Lightning strike (4 strikes) inside pad on Saturday. 1/x
Jul 29, 2021 10 tweets 2 min read
NASA TV, Rob Navias, updating the situation now. Thread⬇️
- Zvezda's hatch was opened and crew was in process of getting things up and running when at 12:45pm EDT, Nauka began firing uncontrolled. ISS 45 degrees out of attitude. NO DANGER TO CREW! 1/x Progress thrusters were used to regain ISS nominal attitude. Station is in a good configuration now. Russia teams will working Nauka thruster issue. 2/x
Jul 21, 2021 11 tweets 4 min read
Good things come to those (modules) that wait. It's LAUNCH DAY for the #Nauka science lab! The long-delayed module finally gets its time to shine. Liftoff is set for 14:58:21 UTC / 10:58:21 EDT form Baikonur

Article from Katya Pavlushchenko (@katlinegrey)… With less than an hour to launch, let's take a trip through #Nauka's long history. There's a reason it's lovingly referred to as the "long suffering module."

A thread.... 1/x
Nov 23, 2020 32 tweets 5 min read
Rocket Lab is about to provide a media update on the initial results/data of the successful recovery of the #Electron first stage on the #ReturnToSender mission.

Thread: 1/x Peter Beck notes it's still early days. Stage back less than 48 hours. Really just starting to dissect everything. TEST COMPLETE SUCCESS... even more than we set out to do on this mission. This proved it is feasible and Electron CAN BE MADE REUSABLE! 2/x
May 1, 2020 43 tweets 48 min read
And it's starting. UPDATES Thread: 👇


#Demo2 #DM2 #SpaceX #NASA NASA: One of the things that will be tested on DM2 is MANUAL control of Dragon during rendezvous. #Demo2 #DM2 #SpaceX #NASA
Mar 6, 2020 34 tweets 31 min read
The #CRS20 preflight news conference is about to begin. #SpaceX #Falcon9 #Dragon #Retirement. THREAD... Joel (NASA): Everytime you launch a vehicle to the Station puts a smile on my face. Launch tonight will result in berthing on Monday morning. #SpaceX #Falcon9 #Dragon #CRS20
Mar 6, 2020 34 tweets 6 min read
Getting ready for @NASA's & @BoeingSpace's teleconference for #Starliner updates now that the Independent Review Team has finished their report. Thread: Doug Levarro (NASA): Going to use today to "close out what we've been doing." <----- That better not mean no more updates, @NASA
Jan 7, 2020 9 tweets 2 min read
Here's the statement on @BoeingSpace #Starliner issue & formation of an independent investigative board of issues on #OFT mission last month.

Interesting notes: .... 1/9 1. Docking to the Station was a contractual requirement for #OFT but - basically - NASA might waive it/allow contract to not be completely fulfilled in order to proceed to the Crew Flight Test. 2/9
Nov 7, 2019 26 tweets 17 min read
NASA and @BoeingSpace are about update media the #Starliner Pad Abort Test from Monday. Stand by for updates.... @BoeingSpace Boeing says harshest critics are the crew. All CFT crew were there. They all said "great" and "successful test." #Starliner #NASA
Jul 15, 2019 24 tweets 13 min read
SpaceX updating media on test fire anomaly right now. Updates to follow in thread... #SpaceX #CrewDragon Key findings on cause of accident. #SpaceX #CrewDragon