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6 Aug
All I want for Christmas is for this to be the Lincoln Project.
Christmas might be coming early, boys
Cohen's first fundraising pitch for the Lincoln Project (if it's them)
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29 Jul
The FBI memo of interviews with Igor Danchenko sheds light on the sourcing for the Steele dossier. But it also provides contradictions about the involvement of Sergei Millian, who was reported to be a key dossier source.…
Millian was identified by WSJ and ABC News on Jan. 24, 2017 as a key source for the dossier's most explosive claims (the pee tape, etc.). That happened to be the same day that Danchenko met the FBI.

The question: why was Millian identified early on but not Danchenko or others?
The main inconsistency is that Steele told the FBI and *someone* told the media that Millian was a source for the pee tape claim. But Danchenko told the FBI he isn't even sure if he spoke w/ Millian, and if he did, it was a month after Steele wrote the pee tape memo.
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23 Jul
NEW: Here's the declassified memo of the FBI's covert briefing of Trump and Michael Flynn in August 2016…
Joseph Pientka, a supervisory special agent, conducted the briefing.

Peter Strzok provided guidance on it.

Kevin Clinesmith, the FBI lawyer who altered the Carter Page email, also had input.
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21 Jul
NEW: Christopher Steele texts revealed at first day of dossier defamation trial in London.

Steele texted Strobe Talbott (then with Brookings) about "the package." He also texted diplomat Andrew Wood complaining about John McCain. Other details here...…
In one cryptic text message days after McCain gave the dossier to Comey, Sir Andrew Wood texted Steele that the "strategem" had failed.

What the strategem was is still unclear.
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20 Jul
A men's rights lawyer, Roy Den Hollander, eyed in murder of federal judge's son.

Also noting, and not saying they're related, but men's rights lawyer Marc Angelucci was murdered outside his home in Cali. last week.…
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20 Jul
Red Flags In FBI Memo About The 2 Sources Of Information About Carter Page In The Dossier

"Source 3" was the same source behind the debunked Cohen-Prague claim, which may be Russian disinfo.

"Source 5" had a Russian 'kurator,' or handler.…
According to @danielhoffmanDC, the former CIA station chief, the FBI memo lends further credence to the disinformation theory.

He noted that the memo says Steele communicated w/ his primary source by Skype, app and phone.
Another significant revelation -- Steele's primary collector told the FBI that he did not tell Steele that "Source 5" had a Russian 'kurator.'

This shows Steele did not have great insight into his sourcing chain
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19 Jul
Strzok told others at FBI that there were "significant inaccuracies" in a McClatchy report from the same two journos who did the Cohen-Prague stories. This from the latest production to @JudicialWatch…
Greg Gordon and Peter Stone used the "two people familiar" sourcing for their Cohen stories, which the special counsel and IG reports debunked.…
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14 Jul
A glimmer of hope -- Lindsey Graham says he's trying to declassify a 40-page memo on the FBI's interview with Christopher Steele's primary dossier source.

FBI's tight-lipped on the source, and has rejected FOIA requests for documents.…
Graham revealed in an interview with Trey Gowdy that his staff has now seen the classified memo, and that he's pushing for it to be declassified.
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14 Jul
Read every word of Bari Weiss's resignation letter.…
It's way way better than the other Letter, and the Letter that responded to that Letter.
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8 Jul
BREAKING: British court orders Christopher STEELE to pay damages to Russian bankers over 'inaccurate' allegations in the dossier.

It's Steele's first loss in a dossier-related lawsuit.…
Mikhail Fridman and Petr Aven, the two Alfa Bank owners, say they are donating the awarded damages (£18,000 each) to charity.

The court's ruling is in the story.…
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1 Jul
NYT appears unwilling to own up to the mistake in its reporting that Trump was not briefed about the Russia-Taliban intel. And none of the 1,000 media crit journalists out there seem willing to call it out.
NYT also never explained this one, which even Comey said was inaccurate. And we know it to be inaccurate now based on the special counsel and IG findings.…
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18 Jun
A good example is our reporting on Stefan Halper, the FBI informant. @dailycaller doesn’t show up until abt 8th page on Google, behind a ton of stories that are derivative of our original reporting
I have tweets about Halper that get better Google placement than some of my articles about him
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18 Jun
Chick-fil-A CEO shines black man's shoes to atone for racism, forgets to say "my pleasure" afterwards
The insanity of this aside, it's hilarious that the guy getting his shoes shined says the CEO should throw in some Chick-fil-A company stock
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10 Jun
Then make the slogan "Divest funds from bloated police budgets."
The tweet above shows the exact strategy behind the non-sensical "Defund the Police" slogan. People who criticize the slogan on a logical basis are accused of being racist by people who themselves admit the slogan is not to be taken literally.
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9 Jun
NEW: China Daily, the propaganda outlet, paid WaPo more than $4.6 million and WSJ nearly $6 million to publish propaganda inserts since Nov. 2016.

Also paid $260k to Twitter for advertising.…
Also paid various newspapers -- LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe and more -- more than $7.6 million to print its newspapers for distribution in the U.S.
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8 Jun
She gave a mush-mouthed answer to a simple question.
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30 May
Breaking: Most people driving around in Dallas right now are Texans.
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30 May
This is the galaxy brain who claimed without evidence that Trump has been a Kremlin agent since ‘87.
The notion of “collusion” applies to the election, which occurred 6 weeks before the Flynn call.
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29 May
>@SenRonJohnson considers subpoenas for Cody Shearer and Sidney Blumenthal, the Clinton cronies who peddled a second Trump dossier through the State Department.…
Blumenthal pushed the dossier to his State Dept friend, Jonathan Winer.

Winer, a friend of Steele's, was a key conduit for all sorts of Trump dirt.
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26 May
I have CNN on in the background and faintly hear the anchor haranguing someone over coronavirus, so I assume the guy must be a conservative.
It was the easiest guess in the world. But the guest was Alabama Sec. of State John Merrill (R).
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