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17 Oct
This might be a good time to clarify the monetary design behind Circles, as many people are confused about how it's supposed to work. 1. Circles is not based on scarcity: it does not have a limited amount of tokens (e.g. 21million) that will be issued at any point in time.
3.Circles is issued equally in time and in space, similarly to our friends at @duniter Every person in the circles system currently receives 8 circles a day, with an inflation rate of 7% each year. This is meant to incentivse circulation within the system, instead of accumulation
3. Every person in the Circles system issues their own personal or mutual currencies, where trust flows the opposite way of money. If you trust somebody, it means you are willing to accept their promises as real. We therefore encourage communities to use it and exchange.
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16 Oct
Hello everyone, we are pleased to announce that WE HAVE LAUNCHED - you can now sign up at and join us in receiving a blockchain basic income
In order to fully join the system, you will need to be trusted by three people who have already finished the signup process. You won't be able to use the currency or trust others until you've fully joined
Keep in mind that if you choose to share your circles url here on twitter, you're revealing your balances and trust network to the world. If you're concerned about privacy, it may be best to share only on dm
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