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6 Aug 18
Shane is fangirling about meeting Rebekah and Kol, the Original vampires, and bragging about not being able to be compelled. Then Bex tells Kol to beat the location of the cure out of him. Lol. Imagine meeting your idols and they beat the shit out of you.
Back to this. "Truth or dare, Elena?"
"Dare." Damn that's brave.
"I dare you to tell Stefan the truth about Damon."
Sweetie, that's truth not dare, but I am here for this.
"Seriously?!" Caroline being there for Stefan again.
Bex is being really childish though
"Being with Damon makes me happy." HSHDFLK YES IT DOES.
"Makes you happy? Clowns make you happy Elena. Dig a little deeper."
Actually, clowns do quite the opposite of making me happy, but to each their own Rebekah. 🙈
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2 Jul 18
Goodnight. Off to bed 😂✌
04x04 "The five"
Starting late, but lets see how far I get. 🙈
Now I just know this can't be good...
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25 Apr 18
Damon gets the sudden urge to check to phone and demands Katherine give it back to him. YESSS READ YOUR DAMN MESSAGES. Its like he got this feeling something wasn't right
"You are going to get yourself killed. The Damon I remember wouldn't have been that stupid."
"I wouldn't have done it for you."
AAGSHD he will risk to life for Elena. We all been knew. But truthfully, he would have for Kat too. He did and he died in 1864.
He wouldn't do it for Katherine NOW, obviously.
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