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Industrialist. Genius. Patron Saint of the Patriarchy. I have a Van Gogh in my library facing backwards just because. CEO Wayne Industries & Wayne Space.
Dec 2 6 tweets 2 min read
"Name only" Jews love Xi Jinpeng who has and is murdering millions of men, women and children but @KanyeWest who has murdered no one is so horrible, he should be punished.

Its a farce. "Name only" Jews just want to be allowed to be monstrously corrupt and blame their victims. @kanyewest From pedophilia to after-birth abortions, sex trafficking, grooming, genocide of Uyghurs or Christians, the "Name only" Jews all support it. They do & get away with such horrible things to people in 2022 that would make Hitler green with envy.
Nov 11 7 tweets 5 min read
@shadowbaannned @jenniferzeng97 They have food shortages. They can't feed everyone and so systematically lockdown and starve huge swathes of the population in the name of "covid".

Ukraine' wheat was their survival and Putin disrupted it permanently in revenge for the CCP working with the US and creating COVID. @shadowbaannned @jenniferzeng97 So some folks attempted to oust Xi Jinpeng for this genocide of his own people, but it failed because, ironically the junta in the US helped him. Then they installed him for life and dragged away anyone they though might have plotted against Xi.
Nov 10 13 tweets 4 min read
So who "really" owns Twitter? The Saudis rolled their shares into investment and the lead Saudi hates Donald Trump.

@Jack rolled his shares as well.

So the two largest shareholders, besides @elonmusk , didn't need to receive a payout.

What did they get in return? (cont) Censorship remains (I'm deboosted)

None of the millions of suspended accounts were reactivated.

No bots were purged. The Soros-bots are EVERYWHERE.

And now the "big" change is $8 blue checks for all.
Nov 1 11 tweets 4 min read
What's Happening? A thread.

We got a guy @elonmusk who claims to be a free speech absolutist, kissing the a--es of braindead Satanists like @StephenKing while so far not restoring anyone or even stopping deboosting replies of accounts?

He tweets a response to HRC about Pelosi.. ...and then deletes it. He dresses up as "The Devil's Champion" for Heidi Klum's party. Klum is also a "closet" satanist and her costumes are mute testimony to her twisted mind: Zombies, vampires and cadavers.
Oct 20 7 tweets 3 min read
@ScottAdamsSays Where is there any logic in assuming we are in some simulation? One has to immediately discount all your senses and the material of the world around you.

At that point you don't have any frame of reference at all for reality - nothing's real.

Is this a drug thing? @ScottAdamsSays We live in an infinite universe composed of energy. Our consciousness is just a field of energy. But energy can't be created or destroyed it just regenerates, so we are eternal & because of relativity, there really is no time & we are just energy reflecting data perceiving time.
Oct 16 7 tweets 5 min read
@MySpeechIsFreed @w_terrence Foreign bankers.

They hold corporations hostage by owning their over-inflated stock.

They tell corporations whose campaigns to fund.

These pols win because of $ and are installed.

After a century -you get what we have now, a completely foreign banker controlled proxy govt. @MySpeechIsFreed @w_terrence This is why corporations go "woke" - they are told to, or face a sell off of their stock. Disney, Coke, Pepsi, Nike, etc, all are slaves.

Bankers are clever, by encouraging greedy over creation of stock that gives excess capital during an IPO, they buy up most of it.
Sep 27 7 tweets 7 min read
@elonmusk @lacker @ilyasut Warburg & co. had more than enough money, they would have sailed him in, if they had to. The sealed train was just more secure and easier to leave with the 6m in gold, in case of trouble, than while at sea. @elonmusk @lacker @ilyasut When one realizes that the global banks had Wilson & the US to bankroll the revolution, the scenario was a fait accompli. The real pivot point was keeping Wilson (& the bankers) out of the US Presidency & the endless war cycle it created.
Sep 21 13 tweets 3 min read

Oil is abiotic. That means it's naturally formed and isn't the byproduct of dead animals. The earth produces oil in the intense pressure cooker of the crust and mantle. It's an endless supply. My family made a lot of money in oil. My great, great-grandfather, among others, could spot a bump in a hill and knew that oil was pushing & seeping up through the tectonic plates. He'd put up a derrick and drill and come a gusher. That was about a century ago when the lies hadn't been created yet.
Sep 7 26 tweets 6 min read
So is someone already drafting a new Declaration of Independence? I always wondered why the US Constitution wasn't imitated by other nations, then I realized the globalist bankers ran their governments and central banks, so of course Freedom and Independence was off the table. And now we get to see them make their power grab for *everything,* nullify citizenship by stealing elections and flooding nations with non-educated, non-citizens from nations they already control. "Hate" speech is introduced to silence all complaints.
Sep 5 14 tweets 6 min read
@RachelC87474544 It takes time and practice. It will be an evolutionary change. Like the person who can hear a whistle while the TV is on full blast. And there's a sort intuitive element which helps one discern and pick up clearer signals into consciousness. At first the...(cont) @RachelC87474544 ...experiences/imagery will contain lots of static. And because we don't use this data reception intentionally, it requires developing the "tuner knob" a bit. One has to be careful too. Sometimes one can get some unwanted signals that exploit an active consciousness (cont)
Sep 4 11 tweets 3 min read
You asked. That's the first step. 😏Our consciousness is a field of energy that oscillates and regenerates. It can interface a lot broader range than just the spectra of visible light the eyes bring to it, or the ears or the nervous system. It's potential...(1of8) actually infinite. When we look at something the waves of light carry that data with it piggybacked as a subharmonic to light. So we see a person and our brain takes that signal and a sea of reaction waves are generated by this input. We recognize the person and ...(2of8)
Aug 24 13 tweets 16 min read
@jack_straw3 @ScottAdamsSays @ElijahSchaffer @threadreaderapp When you level up, and understand energy and everything going on in the world around you, down to why the leaf fell right where it did or why you're getting this data now, it will all make perfect sense. The universe is energy and it operates very scientifically. @jack_straw3 @ScottAdamsSays @ElijahSchaffer @threadreaderapp Every action interfaces and creates specific reactions. Consciousness is a field of energy. When the body dies the field now exists purely via frequency relationship - thoughts. All one does in life becomes an echo in death. So its important what one does.
Aug 23 12 tweets 10 min read
@jack_straw3 @ScottAdamsSays @ElijahSchaffer Once you let drugs alter your brain's fundamental frequency, you open the door to *dead* people, who aren't so dead that they can't want to feel life through your body now that they are just energy fields. So their thoughts replace yours. You are pushed in the backseat. (cont.) @jack_straw3 @ScottAdamsSays @ElijahSchaffer The universe is a lot scarier than you think. At any time you're surrounded by dozens, sometimes 100s of non-corporeal peeps, who are trying to influence you. They want pleasure, food all the sensations they can't feel anymore. They push drugs, because they know... (cont.)
Aug 21 12 tweets 3 min read
Some food for thought.
I ask myself why have the globalist banking families been winning for 1000 years? Why did they take control of every nation, spread Marxism and now have already partially destroyed the USA-the hope of the world and *for human Freedom*. Sure, they had the money to take over governments with installing central banks, and to control the curriculum in schools and the publishing industry has been theirs for 500 years. They created Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the vice industries of drugs and prostitution.
Aug 20 7 tweets 3 min read
@PeterSweden7 Arguably, there's a fault in Swedish genetic structure that let Marxism take over the country starting way back in the 50s. Germans already knew Swedes were, how to put it kindly-low key 'tarded. Germany would've survived too-if not for reunification. It was a Marxist invasion. @PeterSweden7 I mean in the nicest way. It starts with socialized medicine and spreads like a cancer. Simple Swedish people thought it was good. They just didn't have the brain power to quite see where it leads and who is really behind it-always bankers. So the govt is run by bankers who...
Aug 19 9 tweets 4 min read
@elonmusk By going to CHINA. That's not surviving. That's becoming a slave. You should've hit me up for cash in 2018. Who the hell suggested China? And right in the middle of a biowar event.🙄 Yes, some people lost it all, but many of those weren't grounded with core wealth.

*sighs* @elonmusk And yes, most friends wouldn't invest is EVs or rockets. But if 30m would've kept the lions from the gates for 3-4 years till the crisis abated, it's what good guys do.

Even now, are you okay? I know China is behind the stock movement. Did they put limits on you? They do that.
Aug 15 10 tweets 6 min read
@elonmusk @BusinessInsider If there's one thing that's pretty obvious, you need(ed) an executive assistant. I'd blame it on Aspergers and social maladjustment, but that's just an excuse. You have a pattern of whining about people who complain - because you are constantly complaining. The Mirror Principle. @elonmusk @BusinessInsider Did your dad refuse to take no for an answer? Require complete obedience? Robots don't make the perfect humans. Also there's a pattern of misogyny that's recurring. In your world women definitely have a shallow place: making babies and sex.
Aug 11 16 tweets 11 min read
@wsmiles @elonmusk The COVID shots use mRNA to force the body to create a "spike protein" like the ones found in coronaviruses.
The theory was that one blood cell modified will speed up immune response & people will fight COVID better.
mRNA (messenger RNA) is used by our bodies to create new cells. @wsmiles @elonmusk But once you change the mRNA in one cell, that cell when it prepares to reproduce shares this data with a new cell it creates. Pretty soon the body has a bunch of spike proteins in the blood cells. The human body has no natural spike proteins and sees them as foreign objects.
Aug 8 9 tweets 12 min read
@cb_doge @elonmusk @ajtourville @Twitter Let's be honest. @Jack bailed because he knew this was gonna happen and is Elons friend. So Parag, a useful idiot, has to cover up for the CCP management of twitter while Jack was CEO.

Jack tweeted "end the CCP" finally, but why didn't he come forward when they changed Twitter? @cb_doge @elonmusk @ajtourville @Twitter @jack Of course Jack was probs schizzing himself at the time. He didn't want to end up like Walorski.

IDK if Elon just "plays dumb" or *really is dumb* about what's going on in the world because he's spent free time playing video games & impregnating employees?
Aug 6 6 tweets 6 min read
@elonmusk @PPathole @Andst7 Apparently, they know about your real plans for Twitter. And since China low key runs the 3 letter agencies, and designed the Twitter you made an offer for, you're screwed.

Your prob is you end up creating that which you try to avoid. You're Orpheus and your goals are Eurydice @elonmusk @PPathole @Andst7 You want to fix low population, but are producing #EVs which, unless redesigned, will #sterilize millions

You want to make life #multiplanetary, but aren't committing to serious Mars R&D

You want to "expand #consciousness" and then push FSD and Steam games in your cars.
Jul 25 14 tweets 3 min read
Why did Elon sell Tesla's Bitcoin? Was it so essential? Did he need cash? Was he not willing to hodl the ride out? Does he really have little faith in crypto? Then why buy it in the first place?

Crypto is anathema to globalist banking families. Controlling currency is ALL. Selling bitcoin further weakens it. We have to assume Elon expects a full depression with food shortages, riots, a run on the banks and an eventual revolution.
A world where crypto is meaningless.