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30 Jun 20
"Mr Trump, you're either a coward who can't stand up to an ex-KGB goon, or you're complicit, which is it?...I'm a pro-life, gun-owning combat veteran and I can see Trump for what he is: a coward. We need to send this draft dodger back to his golf courses...."

What @ProjectLincoln, @RVAT2020, and other efforts can do is assail Trump from the right, speak in ways that a left candidate/group cannot convincingly, and provide a permission structure for wavering folks who feel the tug of party loyalty.

Also, man, their turn around time.
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12 Jun 20
As COVID spikes are sweeping the country, I want you to know that here in San Francisco—which, had we not responded early and aggressively, would have been hard hit—masks are required for ANY outdoor activity, and we're supposed to stay 30 feet from any non household member.
I went to a massive youth-led protest a week ago. Even among a very young, super diverse, and outraged crowd, mask wearing was still upward of 95%.

Please wear a mask. Thanks.
I have not been to a store or in SF—be it bodega or outdoor garden center—where all the staff and the patrons are required to wear a mask.

Wear a mask! It's like the tinniest inconvenience measured against mass death. Thanks.
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6 Jun 20
The most shocking thing I learned bout @LindseyGrahamSC today is that he mus be worried enough about the Black vote and broader public sentiment to have put this out.

And that's the reason he could lose.
Here's @karavogt's great profile of @harrisonjaime, Graham's opponent and the stakes in this race...which have gone up…
That art turned out to be...timely
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5 Jun 20
1/ When reporters knocked on the door of Bob Kroll—the racist Mpls police union head—he called the cops on them.

He's married to a @WCCO anchor. Who's reported on the police, without disclosing their relationship. By @sjmichaels:…
2/ Here's the piece @sjmichaels wrote about Bob Kroll and the police union history, six long days ago:…
3/ Here's my earlier thread on the role of police unions in all the atrocities we're seeing spill through our feeds and in our streets:
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5 Jun 20
Videos of cops shoving an old white man and (mostly) white protestors in Riverside are awful, should be prosecuted. But why no attention to this black woman groped by an Indianapolis cop who then stood taking a beating from a swarm when she flinched
from a thread of some 300 incidents of cops beating protestors for little/no reason btw
Part of the reason is our collective racism to care more about attacks on white protestors than black.

But also: news deserts! I'm sure reporters at the @indystar and other Indiana outlets are doing their best but huge cuts, and less pick-up from national media.
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4 Jun 20
This whole thing works out great for Cotton, who wrote that op-ed for an audience of one. Someone who'll shower him with extra love and maybe even SecDef post. Great job, @nytopinion, way to get played.
Cotton wrote that op-ed because he's a fascist, but he's also a **deeply** ambitious one. Is it the @nytopinion's job to steady his ladder?
I do not understand what this can mean. It was an op-ed by a sitting Senator that should have made handle with care (ie: reject) warning bells go off. Certainly, make sure you alert the boss warning bells.

And...who wrote the headline?

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4 Jun 20
@bariweiss No. I'm of the "old-guard" age as are many of the critics—internal and external—of this disastrous decision to publish this bit of fascism. This is not an extension of your (overblown and grating) thesis about campus wokeness.
@bariweiss Turning something into your own personal grievance/hobby horse is not intellectually honest.
@bariweiss Whether or not US Senators should enjoy the megaphone of the Times for inaccurate and fascistic garbage, when they have many megaphones available to them, is not the same as kids shouting at a lecturer.

And you know it's not.
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4 Jun 20
.@GovernorVA has just announced they're taking down the statue of Robert E Lee. Take them all down and Washington Lee University (@wlunews) should axe the "Lee" from its name too…
Washington Lee high school near where I grew up is now Washington Liberty High School. Lee Highway (ditto) is now Richmond Highway.

Rename it all.
Ok evidently Route 29 is still called "Lee Highway" at least in Arlington. Just name it Arlington Highway. Or...anything else.

And of course it was named in the 1920s. Many of the Confederate monuments went up then too. The message was clear:…
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4 Jun 20
Listen to this interview with a ex-CIA guy who is now a Savannah cop and has super smart things to say about how we're policing and soldiering all wrong:…
Give this guy a Times op-ed
One of the things @SkinnerPm is how having troops/federal officers with no badges patrolling DC is super dangerous. More from us on that:…
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3 Jun 20
1/ Feels like the whole Mission (and more) is headed over. All different races, ages. Most wearing masks.
2/ Owner of Praire and friends handing out free water, masks, hand sanitizer and...bananas
3/ service been down for an hour. Notable at rally were the demands for specific local politicians to give any money they’ve taken from cop unions and lobbyists and give to bail and aid societies. @HillaryRonen and @Scott_Wiener among those called out
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3 Jun 20
1/ This afternoon I and @moatman will be attending the #GeorgeFloyd/systemic racism protests in the Mission district of SF (where I live). This is a...pre-thread?
2/ The Mission is a history and conflict-rich part of San Francisco. The protests begin at Mission High, which is next to the literal Mission (San Francisco de AsĂ­s or Mission Dolores) built in 1776 (ahem). Cite of terrible atrocities to Native Americans.
3/ Mission High had been deemed a "faiing school." Actually as @KristinaRizga wrote in MoJo and expanded into a book, it's an amazing school, full of really innovative teachers and leaders and kids:…
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3 Jun 20
.@nytopinion neither has to seek out nor publish such racist authoritarian tripe.

Tom Cotton already has a Senate seat and all the microphones that come with it. He doesn't need the Times to amplify him further.

What an embarrassment.
What public good comes from publishing this? None. What harm to the ability of Times reporters trying to cover oppressed communities, certainly some, maybe a lot. Internal newsroom relations, also.
When Tom Cotton sent this in (presuming @nytopinion did not solicit it) it would have been an easy "no thanks, full up."

Maybe he would have been a snowflake about it.

But. Who. Cares.
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2 Jun 20
Highly encourage people to catch at least a few minutes of this.
"Chief Moore you're a complete monster. Please resign. Fuck you and I yield my time"
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2 Jun 20
Less black than it used to be. But since Trump sees everything through the lens of the 80s it's still probably Chocolate City in his imagination.
Anyway Trump being able to exert massive police power over a majority black city is his dream come true and should also be a wake up call as to what a colony as our capital city can mean: DC STATEHOOD NOW.
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2 Jun 20
time for more people at Facebook to quit
This engineer, who worked on misinformation tools, did just that: Image
Young, wealthy, and overwhelmingly white engineers at Facebook are among the most privileged workers out there. Completely hireable, even now. If they don't use this privilege to leverage change, who will?
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2 Jun 20
My 11 yo asks why anyone would support "horrible horrible" Trump.

And I tell him it's because a lot of white people are racist. They may tell themselves its about other things, but really it's about that. And how its our responsibility to try and make things better.
And that we all—at least adults—have racist impulses sometimes because we're raised in a racist society. And we have to fight that inside ourselves too.
If black and brown families have to have "the talk" to try and keep their kids safe the least we white parents can do is try to have the analog, early and often.
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2 Jun 20
1/ I am from Arlington and so I offer the following thoughts about this...
2/ Arlington was literally carved out of DC thanks to Virginia's secession during the Civil War. Robert E. Lee's house is now Arlington National Cemetery. (Lincoln and General Meigs buried Union dead in Mrs Lee's rose garden so no one could ever live there again. Baller.)
3/ Fast forward to the 1970s, when there was still a literal wall dividing parts of "North" Arlington (overwhelmingly white) and "South" Arlington (more Black). Kids were bused from South to North, never the other way.
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2 Jun 20
I see no evidence that the cumulative cost of looting comes anywhere near what I expect the civil judgements against PDs will be.
What’s the fuel costs of the Blackhawks circling DC rn? That covers a lot of plate glass windows.
The police overtime alone could well outstrip the cost of the windows being broken and some cars/cruisers on fire.
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1 Jun 20
Trump having a Rose Garden presser while explosions (of tear gun rounds?) being fired is quite 2020 in a nutshell.
Like really big booms
Trump is breathing heavily
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1 Jun 20
If you need a break, @tomphilpott has a lovely and inspiring piece about how Victory Gardens have helped feed and heal our country in times of crisis.…
There are policy programs that could be put into place that would help distribute food and allow people to literally grow their neighborhoods:…
It's not just the US. The British allotment system helped that country survive WWII and is an amazing source of food and community throughout the country today:…
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1 Jun 20
How? This company has done incalculable damage to society and $10 millions late night amends don’t come close to cutting it.
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