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11 Jun
Okay @DAMikeSchmidt, let’s talk about this statement on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death. Because I don’t believe your words got the attention they deserved.…
I will describe this review in one word: scathing.

Let’s talk about how many police officers you’ve indicted in 2020. You were SO quick to point out how proud you were of police accountability reforms. We have a retired cop who hit an alleged vandal.…
But let’s not cut you short, Mike. You also indicted this gem:…

So we have a retired cop, and an off duty cop. What about all the extreme uses of force between May of 2020 and now? Do they just not count?
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9 Jun
Scott Keeler has a pattern of abusive, manipulative behavior that goes back decades. I am not his first victim, and he has more than one victim who is/was a minor. He has abused his family in physical, sexual, and emotional ways. He is a practiced manipulator. Post from @tomatopages69 “I...
CW: drugs, domestic abuse, CSA, incest
Shared with permission.

You can see death threats, and CSA are nothing new for Scott. DM from AJ: “He (Scott Keel...
Shared with permission

Scott’s daughter had a feeling he would victimize again, based on his history of behavior. This included abhorrent domestic violence. DM from AJ: “It was definit...DM from AJ: “Oh yeah my poo...
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2 Jun
The Willamette Weekly just posted an interesting article about infiltrators in black bloc.

I’m going to summarize it without reposting, because it contains a shit ton of government names, but very interesting info.
As we know one of the arrests performed on May 25th was the result of two informants. Informant #1 saw a very scary dumpster fire and took photos of the comrade, and informant #2 saw them allegedly smash up a jewelry store window.
In the last two months, we’ve had 18 probable cause affidavits. A whopping NINE of them have been the result of “confidential, reliable” informants. Another 2 are undercover cops.
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1 Jun
Something is strange with the arraignments of our comrades, folks were given access to the call but it is silent except a few strange beeps. I’ll keep listening in, hopefully more information is coming.
Here we go, sounds like it was a technical issue
MDF has cleared posting some updates on our comrades for those who can’t listen in.

Malik’s arraignment was moved to tomorrow. Someone or something was not ready, I wasn’t able to catch what exactly. Brushed aside, as if there was no rush.
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1 Jun
I am infuriated and heartbroken about Chapman. There is a sign at a coffee shop I frequent, it’s printer paper that a child has drawn on in a rainbow of colors. It says “I support Chapman”. Some little kid needed an adult to help them spell this intention, it took effort.
What PPB is doing right now is employing a strategy:

- the cruelty is the point

- they’re genuinely tired of the encampments, the city has told them they can act on it

- they don’t like jail support. Why would they? They want people to suffer after leaving lock up
- people were gathering to support folks who had been arrested by feds. Beloved folks. Their arraignments are today

- This is a double edged sword. On one hand, they do not want to deal with angry crowds, PPB is very lazy and it’s hot
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31 May
Oh boy, do we need to talk about this article.

It’s first description is the tragic death of Jalon Yoakum, and then it begins discussing the protests lead by White Anarchists (yes, it capitalizes “white”). Directly tying them together.…
The article also points out the gun violence has experienced this year, also STRONGLY IMPLYING “White Anarchists” are responsible.

We’re also lead by the nose through the normal points, how downtown is abandoned, boarded up. How foot traffic has reduced. Surely, not COVID
WaPo uses the very poorly done Oregonian survey, that used a very small sample of ACTUAL Portlanders to illustrate how “most Portland area” people WANT MORE POLICE. Judging by last year’s vote for reform in MultCo, that doesn’t seem to add up
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6 May
I’m at ICE. There might be mischief. A pink donkey piñata
More red dresses are hung to honor the missing and murdered indigenous women Two red dresses hung on a white metal gate. In the foregroun
I think we have our piñata bull strung up, but I rather think he looks like a rainbow pig
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3 May
I am absolutely loathe to do this, as I submitted an abuse report anonymously against Scott Keeler. I wanted to protect my identity but I have been outed anyway.

Scott is using a traditional DARVO technique against me. He is alleging multiple things, basically that I’m a slut.
That I would show up unannounced (he gave me a key). That I would wear short dresses (it was summer, and I can wear what I want). That we would sleep in the same bed (in hotel rooms for protests). That I sat close to him.

As for why I was there when my boyfriend was out of town,
it just so happened to be when I was in hiding. Scott opened his home for me, and made me a key. I had reason to believe I was welcome.

Our final encounter I brought hair dye over for a minor staying in the home. I had no intent to enter, but she missed me and wanted to talk.
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2 May
DHS does not arrest, just brutalizes an indigenous person
Who doesn’t love some intra agency cooperation?
Pepper ball was not super successful against my leather jacket.

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1 May
I’ve found fash to often be early, which is something I often do (did I just fash jacket myself?).

So I’m just chilling. So far I’m the only one at this party. So, ya know, it’s kind of like grade school.
So uh, Vinnicuz and his large friend just got walked out by a tiny femme. So. Take that as you will lol
Whoops mis-ID. Just a buddy.
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25 Apr
Now for our SUPER quick fundraiser that I teased earlier! This is for our comrade who allegedly clocked Sergeant Oliphant. And then PPB responded thusly:
Always so professional, PPB.

So you can imagine our comrade has some legal fees, and other financial help.

So a comrade of a comrade decided to do a silly thing to raise some cash.
So we start out with mace. This is the the suffering we have to start with to make this a proper bargain. People we able to donate money for his relief options. We’re not monsters, he got a regular rinse first.
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24 Apr
Hello NW Portland we haven’t met before, we are the pissed off protesters of Portland, Oregon
A city gripped with fear, cheer “fucked Ted Wheeler” and laughs
The crowd marches past fine dining restaurants, cherry blossoms, and luxury condos. Middle aged women give us power fists. I don’t think they know which activists we are.
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22 Apr
Portland Police have “observed members of this group damaging the justice center”. They’re threatening use of force despite no unlawful assembly.
A flock of folks in bloc streams past a couple in club wear.
I see graffiti that says “John got knocked out” and that’s hard not to love, honestly
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17 Apr
It’s a writing night, folks.

A large group of black clad anarchists march down portland streets. Familiar streets. Only a direction has been chosen.

This group is aware of another march making its way across the Hawthorne, but does not wish to join. Their goals differ.
“Don’t fuck with the food courts!” Everyone shouts, a solemn vow as a community.

Alas, they never were touched
The crowd marched along, making stops along the way.

I spy graffiti that says “PPB killed someone today 4/16”

It’s true, they did. Another police death. We’re angry, and sad, and numb.
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16 Apr
I’m heading over to Lents now…
I’m in Lents. There are at least 20 cars here.
I’m hearing this might have been a mental health crisis turned lethal. I do not have confirmation yet
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15 Apr
Heard a loud explosion at my friends house. Something exploded in SW.
Loud pops are still audible, fire truck just arrived
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15 Apr
CW: description of police murdering Adam Toledo
I am not going to show you the video of #AdamToledo being murdered, I am going to describe it for people who do not wish to watch this. It’s horrific. The thread will still be graphic, because the subject is.
CW: police murdering a child
It’s dark, but a bright flashlight floods an alleyway with blinding light. A bodycam records an officer pursuing Adam Toledo on foot. Adam runs.

“Stop! Show me your fucking hands!” The officer shouts, presumably the owner of the bodycam
CW: police murdering Adam a child
Adam stops at the opening of a fence. He turns and protects himself with his shoulder, as if he knows he is about to be shot. He hesitantly turns toward the officer, his hands raised. His hands are clearly empty. Each small hand empty.
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14 Apr
Over the last several months, folks have asked me to publicly side on the behavior of others. Not call out, but maybe admonish. There are a few reasons I rarely, if ever, do this. I wanted to be transparent with y’all. Reasons below
- when I DO publicly “call out” it is almost exclusively for an abuse situation. Recent examples would be AFG
- Public call outs/ins rarely result in a change of behavior. I talk to people one on one. There are a lot of people reading this I have talked to independently
- I feel like public denouncements are largely so people know where I stand. I hope that people know where I stand based on MY actions and what I SAY
- using my platform, which is large, to pressure people into changing is me manipulating them through fear. It’s not real change
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13 Apr
Good morning everyone! Let’s begin the #DerekChauvinTrial coverage

This thread will contain triggers I cannot label every time like police brutality, drugs, murder, and defense attorney Nelson.

This is not an unbiased thread, #derekchauvinisguilty
The judge is asking a witness subpoenaed by the defense if she is willing to answer questions about George Floyd’s conditions on the day of, but NOT her opinion based on George Floyd’s sobriety.
The judge is being very clear she should not incriminate herself. This conversation is happening without the jury. She says she gets what is happening, she doesn’t need to speak to a lawyer.

Jury comes back in.
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13 Apr
There are some funky beats at Laurelhurst. Folks in black bloc mourn the dead, civies listen to music.
A small but poignant vigil has decorates one of the park statues A vigil has been erected in front of a modern, metal sculptu
Flowers have been added to the vigil A close up shot of pink and white vigil flowers and candles
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12 Apr
It appears the officer who killed #DaunteWright committed manslaughter. They are heard shouting “taser!” multiple times before shooting. It seems they accidentally shot him.

I am without words.
I have discharged many a taser. I don’t see how this could happen, even in a high adrenaline scenario. I’m just stunned.
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