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16 Apr
For today's thread I did a content analysis of the Indian constitution to see how many times the phrase "public order" appears and in what context it is used .
Turns out it appears 9 times out of which 8 are used to justify restrictions on our rights . 6 of the 9 occurrences appear in part 3 of the constitution which deals with the fundamental rights granted to us .
First three occurrences are in Article 19 Right to Freedom
which was amended as part of the famous First Amendment.
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15 Apr
Situation only slightly better in West Bengal . Tried to get tested yesterday and AMRI, Metropolis , SRL were unreachable. Finally had to walk-in to an OPD where I got a prescription and was asked to show up at 9 am today to get tested .
Today I landed up there and had to wait outside the hospital for 2 hrs for a 2 minute test because of the rush . Don’t know if one can blame the interns running the show for the delay .
At the end I was told I will get the result after 54 hours because they have to do a lot of tests and hence 54 hrs is what it is .
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15 Apr
#TIL that unequal people can be clubbed together when required . Please read below tweets to know how the court justified clubbing unequal entities together .
The details presented below are from Arun Shourie's book "Courts and their Judgments" written when he was a minister in NDA1 . It is a must read for everyone who wants to understand how we came to be where we are .
cc @SirJambavan
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14 Apr
Today we will do a short thread on whether Conversions should be banned or not since it is being talked about in rarified circles .
The key to this is Article 25 which (shown below) which gives people the right to freely profess, practise and propagate religion . Image
The Supreme Court in Rev Stainislaus v. State of Madhya Pradesh (1977) examined whether the right to practice and propagate one’s religion also included the right to convert.
Judgement can be found here
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13 Apr
Thread on on how the courts have been expanding their role . I think everyone should read the book Courts and their judgments by Arun Shourie to know more about this .
Fundamentals rights enshrined under Articles 14-35 in Part 3 of the Constitution are enforceable ONLY against the State .
Violation of the Article ( Right to life and personal liberty) by private individuals does not come under the ambit of Article 21.
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13 Apr
Today we will do a Thread on the Nehru and the Hajj Committe Act of 1959 . (GemsOfNehru)
It is well known that the reconstruction of the Somnath Temple (like the current construction at Ram JanmaBhoomi) was carried out as a private venture through an independent trust and did not involve sponsorship of the government which needed to uphold it's secular character .
What might not be so well known is that Nehru felt that the state needed to be secular only when it came to Hindus and hence had no problem in ensuring the passage of the Haj Committee Act in 1959 Image
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8 Apr
Today we will have a thread on the Basic structure doctrine .
The word "Basic Structure" is not mentioned in the constitution of India. The concept developed gradually as the courts intervened to prevent the Elected Governments with an absolute majority from trampling on the fundamental rights guaranteed to the citizens by the constitution
The doctrine was the culmination of a series of judgements already written about in the thread linked above .
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7 Apr
Today we will have a thread on Origins of Blasphemy laws in India which means we will read about 295A
After Muslims circulated a pamphlet called "Sita Ki Rasoi" depicting the Hindu goddess Sita as a prostitute
the AryaSamajis printed a book titled Rangeel Rasool .
After Muslims complaint, Rajpal was arrested but acquitted in April 1929 after a five-year trial because the existing law Section 153(A) did not cover insult to religion .
What it did cover was writing which caused enmity or hatred between different religious communities.
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6 Apr
Today we will have a thread on the Periyar ganesh Idol breaking case
On May 27, 1953, EV Ramaswami Naicker smashed an idol of Lord Ganesha in public at the Town Hall maidan in Tiruchirappalli .
he had made a speech announcing his intention to do this before breaking the idol.
Veerabadran Chettiar, filed a case against Naicker under two laws.
Section 295: Section 295-A: ImageImage
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5 Apr
Today we will have a thread on the Sujato Bhadra case
The Sujato Bhadra vs State Of West Bengal was related to the ban on Taslima Nasreen's novel
Dwikhandita which was was the third volume of
Amar Meyebela written by the author;
The book was first banned in Bangladesh and then it was banned in WestBengal in 2003
by the Left Front Government fearing that book could incite communal discord .
The Courts lifted the Ban in 2005 via the judgement mentioned above .
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4 Apr
Time seems to be appropriate to do a thread on Blasphemy laws so let's start with the Calcutta Quran petition as it is the most famous example of the laws being used by Hindus even though there are other cases also .
Sujato Bhadra vs. State of West Bengal from 2005 and S Veerabadran Chettiar vs EV Ramaswami Naicker and Ors from 1958 are among the others .
Relevant Sections include Section 95 which allows governments to search and forfeit anything which is liable to hurt sentiments of the people .
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2 Apr
Today's thread is about the Collegium system .
India’s Constitution originally stipulated that the judges of the Supreme Court and high courts would be appointed by the President based on a process of “consultation” with senior judges.
In the 1970s, there was a perception that the independence of the judiciary was under threat.
As a result the present collegium system emerged based on three key rulings.
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1 Apr
Today we will read a short thread on Article 14 which is concerned with the Right to Equality and is one of the fundamental rights included in Part III of the Indian constitution .
This is article 14 .
Equality before Law states that in a country all should be treated equally and the state should not discriminate against any religion ,race ,caste or sex .
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29 Mar
Today we will have a thread on the 24th Amendment which gave the Parliament power to amend all parts of the Constitution including Part III relating to fundamental rights .
The Bill sought to amend article 368 as article 368 provides for amendment of the Constitution as well as procedure therefore.
The Bill also sought to amend article 13 of the Constitution to make it inapplicable to any amendment of the Constitution under article 368.
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27 Mar
Thanks to @Biorahul and @LogicalHindu_ I am writing this thread from the book Memories of a Lacerated Heart (1971): A War Memoir (From East Pakistan to Bangladesh) . This book gives us an insight into the mind of Pakistani army officer who witnessed the events of 1971 firsthand
"We had some shovels in our jeep and with passion and vigor I began attacking the idols with the Subaydar Sahib. As we were breaking the idols I felt deeply satisfied"
"I was experiencing a spiritual calmness simply by demolishing the gods of those people who were the real instigators of the current situation in my country"
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26 Mar
Today will do a thread on the 93rd amendment and how it made Hindus second class citizens in their own country
We will start in the year 2002 when the 11-judge Supreme court bench delivered its verdict in the TMA Pai Foundation case.
The most important part of the judgement was this

"Private education institutes established by minorities and non-minorities were held to be on equal footing. Hindus could enjoy the exact same rights under Art 19-1(g) that the minorities did under Art 29/30."
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25 Mar
Today we will read a thread on governance during the first 3 years of India gaining Independence .
Far from being a colonial era law , sedition is an outcome of the first amendment of the Constitution, and the Nehru government’s desire to clamp down on critics, unencumbered by constitutional obligations .It was a truly ‘deliberate and strategic assault on the constitution
2 Years back the PM accused former PM Rajiv Gandhi of taking a vacation on INS Viraat. It would be appear that Nehru started the tradition by complaining that his peaceful holiday at sea onboard the INS Delhi had been disturbed when Dr John Matthai resigned from the cabinet.
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24 Feb
Today we will continue this topic and look at it in some more detail .
Here we see the government of the day expressing surprise at Chinese incursions in Indian territory 5 years after it happened and expressing regret that the Chinese didn’t take prior permission from the Indians before the infiltration
I am reminded of this famous meme. Thankfully we no longer behave like this with either Paxtan or China
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23 Feb
Today we learn about the largest volcanic eruption in the past 28 million years.
The explosion of the Mount Toba supervolcano, located on the modern island of Sumatra, some 74,000 years ago, deposited an ash layer approximately 6 inches thick over the entire Indian subcontinent
Estimated 1,700 cubic-miles of rock erupted , forming a crater lake Toba Caldera and its lake (Danau Toba) visible even from space. ImageImage
In 1998, anthropologist Stanley Ambrose made the connection between the reduced genetic variability found in modern humans and the Toba eruption . However, recent discoveries suggest otherwise.
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22 Feb
Thread on what all one can learn from reading the judgements of the Supreme Court .
We learn that Charles Fourier had said that
The extension of women's rights is the basic principle of all social progress.
We also learn that Madame de Stael said that
“I am glad that I am not a man, for then I should have to marry a woman.”
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