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Here to debate; w/ contrarian thoughts and how to buy businesses for cash flow. Invested $200M+ in Cannabis & Small Biz's. Contrarian Thinking newsletter 👀
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23 Jun
From youth, we're taught to earn, not to create wealth...

The contrast in truths to financial freedom can teach us much.

THREAD: 10 powerful contradictions on $, life and sovereignty:
🔥Financial hell is just a definition, written by other people.

Sartre: hell is a tiny hotel room w/ 3 others.

No fire, no brimstone.

It's simply allowing others to shape your reality.

Wealthy = reality shaper.
More wealth does not = more freedom.

"Contentment is natural wealth, luxury is artificial poverty." ~ Socrates

This is the law of diminishing utility.

Your power is in knowing how much is enough.
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21 Jun
How to Get into PE/VC w/o a job or experience?

The land ofthe gilded loafer isn't just for those from Ivy's 🧵
#1 Go where they already want what you're selling.
- Bunch of us on z twitter looking for SMB, RE, storage deals & employees

If someone finds me deals/operators in my target. I'd pay 'em.

Who can you solve a problem for already in the space?
#2 Find deals, get paid
- You could get a % of carry (profits)
- Or a finders fee for the business
- Or even a position as a scout if you find a lot
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17 Jun
We've ALL had deals go super wrong.

1 Deal did 500% return in 3 years, and this early 1 also went to ZERO

A THREAD about a deal of mine and the dark side of investing in SMB business...

Invested in a very small CPG company to take a large minority position.
- $50k invested
-$50k in debt
- $$$$$ in time & stress

This was a TON of $ for me.
(Dang that's still a lot of $, I hate losing $20 bucks)
My Pain in 60 Seconds:
- the company went to $0.
- lost all the $
- ended up ruining my friendship w/ the founder
- wasted a year trying to fix it
- now can’t even look at this type of food 🤢
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16 Jun
PE/VC Terms 4 DUMMIES, a 🧵

When I started in finance, I had to google what a mutual fund was.
Not my 💡moment.

How bout I save you the embarrassment of doing what I did & asking if I had to "carry" something when they said I got carry... 🤦‍♀️
Top terms to know (so u sound supa smart):

#1 Equity kicker
- Aka a sweetener
- An option to buy equity...
- At a discounted price...
- Bc u invested in a company today...
- Like when they throw in hot dog when u buy a car (same same really)
#2 Full ratchet 🔧
- If company u invest in goes down in value...
- 🔧 for preferred shares protects u from...
- Getting diluted (aka owning less of company)
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15 Jun
How fast did Venezuelan $ become worthless? (PS I was there).

May 2015 bolívar lost 25% value in week; $300 = $1
May 14, $400 = $1
May 21, $500 = $1
July 3, $600 = $1
Feb 2016 $1k = $1
Nov 9, $2k = $1
Nov 21, $3k
Feb 2018 lost 99.6%, 25k = $1

Today $248k = $1
In economics, things take longer than you think, then happen faster than you think.

Don't be left holding the last Bolivar. Asset up.
This was a tragedy.
Started by incompetent politicians
Finished by idealistic citizens

I saw it happen in Venezuela & in Argentina.
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13 Jun
5 things turned a newsletter I did on the side for 10 hours a week, into a 7 figure business with a bunch of businesses shooting off of it.
#1 Give me your money first. Do a founders offering
Before you spend time on creating any business, test the market. I ALWAYS test the market

I don’t care for opinions. I care for your dollars. we start with a pre-sale before we even have the product.
#2 Choose your price, then add a zero to it
I ALWAYS underprice. It’s a personal fault. Don't be like me.

I found the more we raised the price, the more we sold, and THE FEWER CHARGEBACKS and HEADACHE we had

Don’t be afraid to price higher!
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9 Jun
How do you oversee multiple businesses?
How do you make sure you're growing?
How do you focus on the right things?

I get asked these questions CONSTANTLY and

SCORECARDS: A thread on how I oversee 15+ businesse's at a time, 1 snapshot at a time:
First up: There are probably MUCH better and fancier ways than all of these...

Keep it simple, stupid. There is no exact right way I can show you.

Goal is --> what gets measured gets managed
So you wanna run a media biz?
Scorecard that got us our 1st 25k followers at Contrarian Thinking.

Grow Baby Grow - Marketing spreadsheet
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7 Jun

1st Why?
Out of a job for a year is NORMAL
- 60% of American adults live with chronic illness
- 42% have more than one
- 1/4 Americans will have a disability (That’s 61 MILLION PEOPLE)
Even for us young hustlers:

- 1/4+ of today's 20 year olds can expect to be out of work for at least a year bc of a disabling condition before they reach retirement
And yet we SUCK at saving:

65% of households lack a mere six weeks of take-home pay on hand.

37% of respondents unable to cover more than a month of normal spending.
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6 Jun
Can't believe I'm saying this...

I'm actually concerned we may default on our national debt.

Anytime a country has gone to 130% det / GDP it has been a metaphorical point of no return.

The country has defaulted, a 🧵based on an industry report that got me humming.
Story time: Over the past 200 years

98% of nations that hit 130% defaulted on their debt (usually through inflation.)

Japan is the only one in 200 years that hasn’t defaulted BUT

Japan is rare...
Japan is a nation:
- in budget surplus (i.e. they run a net profitable biz)
- internally funded (i.e. they buy their own goods)
- with a Net Int’l Investment Position (NIIP) of +70% of GDP (aka they save a lot, and can ask for their $ back from other countries i.e. US.)
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5 Jun
Investors as Influencers? It's a thing now

I want to invest in a portfolio of "influencer investors" & their funds

Who do I need to know??

*Even Investors worth $46 Billion are getting "influencey"* A 🧵
Investors are going to increasingly become influencers IMHO



Leverage is the multiplier

If you REALLY like a deal, you don't just go ALL in. You go 110%+ in.
There are four types of leverage:

Labor + Capital + Code + Audience

Audience is the new kid on the block.
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3 Jun
About 30k of you contrarian hooligans follow me here since I started regularly twittering* 6 months ago

To celebrate: a mega-thread of my fav threads I've written.

18 threads to teach you more than an MBA on M&A (& cost ya way less 😉)
(1) Playbook on using laundromats to create boring but predictable cashflow
(2) How to buy land for $10k and make $1.5k/ month on it
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28 May
Everything in life has rules. How you negotiate pay, buying a company, getting equity, or just a new job.

If you don’t spend time understanding the frame of deals, you’ll get taken to the bank just about every time.

Don't get taken to the bank⬇️
#1 Every Deal Is About 1 of 2 Things
Money or power.

Every deal.

People will disagree with me here. They’re wrong. So figure out what is important to the other side and you’re already ahead.
#2 Every deal has two aspects: Price & Terms

The saying for dealmakers:

"You can have your price and my terms, or my price and your terms... but you can't have both. "

Secret: Control the terms, you control the price
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27 May
Every human should have their rules for life thought out.

What drives you? What is your own personal set of commandments? What lines will you never cross?

I asked my Navy SEAL man, Chris, to write out his 10 rules for life:
#1 Only prove your love, not your worth

- The loudest is a target
- Under-promise, over-deliver
- Humility in everything
- Don’t make excuses for your standards
- Always stay ahead
#2 Strength through conflict and competition

- Iron sharpens iron
- Resiliency is a purpose
- Complacency kills
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26 May
15 Quotes That Changed my Life.

Each time, every time.

A thread on how others words can engrave your soul:
I started a practice 10 years ago.
Every book I read I would write down the words that spoke to me.
Creating my own bible.
So that when times were dark, I had a light.

These are the ones I come back to again and again.
Emotion haunted his face. It was anguish, some kind of anguish, and the dull, stoic anger that hangs in the eyes of repetitive, ill-paid work.

- Shantaram
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25 May
The next wave of influencers = investors.

This has NEVER happened before.

BEFORE - You couldn’t invest alongside the big names unless you were a big name.
In fact - the secret in investing was “fake scarcity.”
- limited investors
- only institutions
- minimum check sizes
- no public information
Now it’s democratizing.

I’m going to invest in a deal w/ - @Keith_Wasserman

I’m in @gregisenberg fund

I harass @ShaanVP frequently for his deals

I’d like to get in w/ new buds @fortworthchris & @awilkinson & @sweatystartup
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24 May
Boring businesses + online marketing = rocketfuel

10 Ways to Make 6-7 Figures off Your Twitter/Social..

The threads I wished I read when I first started:
@dvassallo hitting $250k in sales for 15 months of part-time online work:

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23 May
Candy to cash.

He makes $10K a month operating vending machines??

How @quinnjmiller plays the Charlie Chocolate of robotic machines game.

A 🧵
Give me the numbers baby....
Monthly run rate: $15k
Margins: 65%
Net profit: $9,750
Number of machines: 27
Total investment into biz: $50k
Time involvement weekly: 20hrs

What he could sell his biz for... $371kish maybe $400k
80/20 Rule Matters: What he sells most of?
12oz coke
I buy this item for $.33 (each) & sell for $1, this is a 67% margin
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21 May
The story that changed my life...

That kept me up at night.

That was worse than any nightmare.
- a suburban man, who gets up at the same hour every weekday morning,

- takes the same train to work in the city,
- performs the same task in the office,
- lunches at the same place,
- leaves the same tip for the waitress each day
Comes home on the same train each night

- Has 2.3 children
- Cultivates a little garden
- Spends a 2-week vacation every summer which he does not enjoy
- Goes to church every Christmas and Easter
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20 May
Attention Arbitrage

Or as I like to call it:

"How Kardashians became Billionaires w/ Glorified White Label Makeup"

And how influencers monetize, a 🧵 Image
@KylieJenner became the youngest billionaire.

Sold her biz for $600M, Worth $1.2B.

With her Instagram posts.

She maximized your attention… into her bank account. Image
Then @KimKardashian copied her.

Then the rest of them whose names I can't remember joined in.
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16 May
Oh hey there... so you wanna buy a laundromat?

I heard ya. SO - some of the tools we use to buy 'em.

Also remember - he who keeps it stupid simple wins. A thread on deal docs:
How do I know this isn't a lemon?
Oh that's a good q. You need a deal calculator.

Here's how we measure it. Super simplified but it lets you not waste time on sh*t.
It's not an IOU, it's an LOI (letter of intent):
Fancy way of saying, Hey Homie, I'd kinda like to buy your business.

BUT I'm not proposing, we're not exclusive, we're just dating. Cool?
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15 May
WHY to RAISE A FUND or How to Get people to Give you $$$?

I've raised for big players (Goldman, SSgA, First Trust, EEC) to the tune of literally tens of billions...

(Hand slaps face for not getting more equity)...

A thread:
At @GoldmanSachs (should I name drop again 🙄) we were shown a study on generational wealth...

Almost 100% of the wealth was made 1 of 5 ways:

Lucky Sperm Club (ok it said Inheritance)

Owner of a Business

Marry Rich

Public Co C Suite Exec

Asset Management
The last one is intriguing...

Building a fund and then a fund family (a group of funds)
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