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22 Nov
I hate the general idea of it, but if it was just me calling people unexpectedly when I'd been up for more than 36 hours...
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20 Nov
Not enough people trying to solve hard problems have a regular practice of "Hammock Time"

This is about Step One.

One of my all time favorite talks.

By @richhickey

Took an hour to meditate/think each of last two days.

Been out of practice far too long. Forgot how amazing it is.
More importantly - forgot how much I ENJOY this!

Somehow got in my head in the past few months that meditation was a chore, and something I SHOULD do...

Turned a thing I love and which helps me feel better into a stick to beat myself with.

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18 Nov
Criticize by creating.

Libraries are some of our best govt run infrastructure, attract some of the best intentioned civic minded people, and still really held back by inhumane bureaucracy.

Ben Franklin started first private library in US.

Seems good time for competition here.
I think 80% of value of libraries now is access to computers, and a safe and quiet space to learn and think.

Imagining a private library network that just provided that, (plus more support for techically challenged) and was open closer to 24/7

I heavily relied on libraries when I was living in a van.

For place to work, internet, place to host learning meetups

This is not a business idea, its a better place for donations than bloated university bureaucracy

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15 Nov
#5 on threads saved to @readwiseio!

Gettin there!

I'm coming for your spot @naval!
Three of my favorite threads arent on there though, here's my Jesus thread - which I badly need to revisit

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12 Nov
Media is the meth of the masses.

Summary of narratives I heard in 2020:

The left: Republicans want to murder people like you and make your way of life illegal

The right: Democracts want to murder people like you and make your way of life illegal

Both: Not voting is UNAMERICAN
Pro tip:

Majority of your friends who support BLM or Biden are not communists ready to cheer on death squads, or neoliberals praying for another middle east war.

Majority of your family members who cast a ballot for Trump are not fascists that want to put minorities in cages.
You think the billions spent last year didn't affect you - that they just did it for FUN.
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11 Nov
Things I wasn't expecting in 2020.

I'm now a Scottish Lord.
Next step: Tapestries

Life is weirder with highly competent "Chaotic Good" friends

Thanks @MikejNorman
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10 Nov
"Don't try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time, and it irritates the pig"
From "Awareness" by Anthony De Mello

Five pages in and already 4 gems like that. This is 🔥
WOW this stings

"You would love me, at cost of your happiness, and ask me to love you at cost of my own... so now we have two unhappy people, but long live love!"

To show how strong default frame is, I almost tweeted the prior quote, "gauge of love is unselfishness" 🤯
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10 Nov
Federated Wikis > Wikipedia

To see whats coming, look at what was built by @WardCunningham
Explained by @holden
Not a bad idea - cross referencing adversarial groups to neutralize propoganda

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8 Nov
How it started

How its going
And all the while #roamcult be like
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7 Nov
Was too independent for the indy researchers panel today (regrets to @mariodgabriele and awesome folks gathered who wanted to see me)

Did not see/plan for it in my schedule.

Conclusion - finally ready to hire a personal assistant.

Requirement 1 must be happy with strange hours
Tag folks you think I should talk to (or yourself)- likes are endorsements.
Job Description.

Ideal is someone who is literally going to be at my right hand - travel with me, live at Roam Ranch

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5 Nov
Ideas don't belong to us. We don't "have them" - we're just the vessel they flow through.

Ideas find their way through you when you're living at the edge of their [[Adjacent Possible]]

This is how Newton and Liebneitz both discovered Calculus independently. Living on same edge.
[[Alan Watts]] bridge "The Universe Peoples"

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2 Nov
If we are in fact the successor to Lotus Agenda, I should probably meet @mkapor at some point right?
Question is who has the intro...

@jmj @eriktorenberg @HarryStebbings @briannekimmel @joshbuckley @SarahADowney?

No pressure. 😇
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31 Oct
For the vast majority of you who did not already know - my twitter handle is phoenetic spelling of my first name.

This is a useful pronunciation guide.
Still not as good as this one.

Legit watch this when feeling homesick.

This one also good.

Honestly art.

Real New England idioms.

Even better watching it now - only just saw the real message is in what is not said.

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19 Oct
Finally got around to trying the Roam42 setup and extensions from @dvargas92495

and just - wtf!?!

Unreal. So much good stuff here.
Like - how did we not have this out before y'all did?!

Quick reference, Jump to date, sorting backlinks.

This is just astoundingly beautiful.
Embarrassed it took me this long to start playing with these.

What have I become!?!?!
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17 Oct

Consistent criticism. Gets better every time.
The tempered criticism!!

This guy might be my favorite.

Feel like they all would be amazing dinner guests. Just seem like extremely wholesome people.
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15 Oct
Congrats @equartey and @paystack team!

Big win for #roamcult in West Africa.

Brilliant move from @patrickc @collision and @stripe
3am call with @equartey many months back remains easily one of my favorite user calls of all time.

The guy is a genius, level of integrity and compassion and work ethic was just radiating off him.

So great to hear that @Paystack had a huge payday. So well deserved.
Also, never heard someone speak so highly of @fortelabs #BASB course.

Tiago if you can, try to get a testimonial from @equartey

Might be one of your biggest success stories of all time.

Definitely changed my understanding of how impactful your work can be.
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7 Oct
Wait... WTF?! @garyvee follows me now?!

"Jab Jab Hook" is probably the single most important marketing concept I ever learned.

Mental model that got me writing threads on here long before we had a product ready for launch.

How we got our 1st 100 users

Thanks for follow @garyvee, and for the idea.

Even before I got on Twitter, probably was reason our company didn't die.

When @RoamResearch was 👶 I would teach researchers a pen and paper based productivity system for free.

It helped them, and got us the funding to stay afloat
Related: some jabs become hooks

in last year... many interviews with users with story like this

Google "Zettelkasten" -> land on the article that researcher wrote -> try it -> #RoamCult

Even though he prefers the analog index card system I taught him!…
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27 Sep
Wherein @mhuebert lays out the case for @RoamResearch and major parts of the next 6 month's roadmap.
To be clear, I've never met Matt.

Have heard about him and his work from two sources in past 6 weeks.

This is just what it looks like when you're looking at the [[Adjacent Possible]] -- different minds coming to same conclusion.
11 months before we incorporated.
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27 Sep
So @halsey and @machinegunkelly made an EMO SONG together and it is without a doubt the best thing to happen to my ears this week.

Classic, time tested song structure - surprising curveball for the audience, done so well it makes them rethink what they like.

Absolute Genius.
An emo song and the people who made it = what really makes America great.

Best thing about @machinegunkelly bringing early 2000s Emo back...

I didn't have the stones to admit to myself that I liked the genre the first time round.

That double bass drum though, absolute 🔥
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20 Sep
Design at @RoamResearch

You can view an N dimensional shape in an N-1 space if you view it one step at a time.

This is why the sidebar matters.

Its why zooming in and out matters

Its why filters and opening and closing bullets matters

We could do so much more.
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