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Oct 1 10 tweets 2 min read
Before age 30, FOCUS on these and set yourself 10 years ahead in life. 1. Cut your screen time to at least 4- 5 hours/day

The more the time you spend on social media, the more the problems you have.

Spend more time;

• Building a business
• Learning new skills
• Developing what you have

Then keep up with the world later.
Sep 30 10 tweets 2 min read
Parents, teach your daughters these and set them 10 years ahead of their peers... 1. Every follower isn't your fan

Understand what you have and why anyone might be after you.

99% of people will always be after what you can offer.
Sep 29 12 tweets 2 min read
In the next 10 years, INVEST in these and you'll be ahead of 99% of people... 1. Invest in yourself

Be your first priority.

Focus on your health because it's the ultimate wealth.

Stay fit;

• Mentally
• Physically
• Emotionally

Do this;

• Eat a healthy diet
• Hit the gym 5x a week
• Stay away from toxic people
Sep 28 13 tweets 2 min read
These 11 hacks will help you stay consistent with your goals more than any motivational speaker... 1. Quit looking for shortcuts

There's no magic pill to your goals, moves only.

Don't even think about anything, work your way up.

Do this;

- Have a plan
- Put in necessary action

Watch your dreams come true.
Sep 27 11 tweets 2 min read
Set aside 180 days and 100% focus on these superhuman level habits... 1. Wake up at 4:30 am or 5:00 am

Win your morning and you'll win the day

Successful humans have one rule; "work while others sleep".
Sep 26 13 tweets 1 min read
By age 35, the ultimate flex is to realize... 1. People can't handle the truth. They only need confirmation that what they believe is true.
Sep 25 9 tweets 2 min read
Give me 2 minutes and I'll show you 7 qualities that'll help you make $100k+/Mo from your online business... 1. Aggressive patience

Starting a business is easy but staying is the art.

All your ideas will not work.

Those that work will take longer than expected.

Focus on input more than results.
Sep 24 17 tweets 2 min read
This took me 25 years to learn, I'll teach you in 3 minutes. Here are uncomfortable truths about relationships you need to understand... 1. There's no debt between friends.
Sep 23 15 tweets 3 min read
Fathers, teach your sons these lessons and set them 10 years ahead of their peers... 1. Never take credit for your good deeds.

Do anything because it's right not because of accolades.

Sometimes you'll have to do something because you can and are the ONLY option.
Sep 22 13 tweets 2 min read
From age 25-49, PRIORITIZE these and fix 99% of your problems... 1. Have 3+ streams of income

99% of people chase money, only 1% make it.

You don't have to to quit your 9-5.

Use it to;

• Save and start a business offline
• Set your offline businesses in order
• Seek advice from a mentor and start a business online ( min $500)
Sep 21 14 tweets 1 min read
Spend 99% of your time alone and you'll understand... 1. A lot of what you’ve been made to believe doesn't serve your purpose in life.
Sep 20 15 tweets 2 min read
Before age 40, these 13 habits will solve 99% your problems... 1. Stop giving excuses. No matter how valid they are.

You messed.

Maybe you failed.

Maybe you lost everything.

Yes, accept it, learn

Never do it again.
Sep 19 11 tweets 2 min read
You don't need a $100,000 MBA

Here are 9 valuable lessons that took me 5 years to learn.

( 3 minutes read ) 1. Quit thinking too much on the product to sell

Think of;
• A customer you can serve
• A problem you can help them solve

These are the two basics needed.
Sep 18 22 tweets 2 min read
This took me 11 years to learn, I'll teach you in 3 minutes. Here are uncomfortable truths about life that'll put you 10 years ahead... 1. Focus on what matters, everything else will fall to place.
Sep 17 15 tweets 2 min read
Parents, do these with your kids and set them 10 years ahead in life... 1. Spend time with your children

If you want to know what your kids are capable of, then you must spend time with them.

Even if you have a demanding job, your children should remain a priority.
Sep 16 12 tweets 2 min read
Give me 3 minutes and I'll help you fight depression faster than a $4,999 therapist. (Even as an introvert) 1. Identify the source (triggers)

Everything has a source and so is your depression.

It might be;

- Environment
- Friends
- Money
- Family
- Work

Begin your personal therapy here.
Sep 15 11 tweets 2 min read
From age 25-40, do this and solve 100% of your problems... 1. Start the day by working on yourself

Do this;

- Wake up between 4:00 AM - 4:30 AM
- Have a 30 minutes work out
- Spend 30 minutes reading
- Allocate 30 minutes to writing
- Review your day

This simple routine will give you 100% productive days.
Sep 14 13 tweets 2 min read
INVEST in these 11 assets before age 30 and you'll be smarter than 99% of people. 1. A dog

Depending on the type you wish to have, at least own a dog.

You'll learn a lot about people.

Dogs are royal.

You'll also have a companion in your daily walks in nature.

(I'd never trust anyone my dog dislikes)
Sep 13 10 tweets 2 min read
Give me 3 minutes and I'll boost your self-confidence by 99%. 1. Practice self-care

• Prioritize your mental health
• Mind your appearance
• Prioritize your health
• Have enough sleep
• Exercise everyday
Sep 12 12 tweets 2 min read
Before age 30, these are the ONLY basics you should focus 100% on and set yourself 10 years ahead in life... 1. Prioritize your health

You only have one version of your body.

A healthy body is productive.

You achieve this by;

- Working out
- Eating right
- Stay hydrated
- Go for long walks

Your physical health ensures your mental fitness.
Sep 11 25 tweets 2 min read
These 23 sentences will teach you more about business faster than 99% of business courses... 1. The most underrated business hack is creating something you own. (Also own what you create)