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22 Jan
Stress Tolerance, how to increase it (minimize your neuroticism):

Your stress tolerance/neuroticism is partially determined by your genetics, but there are things you can do to improve it.
-Have high testosterone levels (see TRT)

-Be in good health (eat right, exercise, sleep 8 hours)

-Meditate. Look for Sam Harris' meditation guide

-Hand to Hand Combat Training (Krav Maga)
Hand to Hand Combat Training will decrease your baseline level of neuroticism, since it trains your brain to become comfortable with an incredibly stressful event; combat...
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22 Jan
Politeness to people is the result of Low Neuroticism.

Rudeness, slight anger for no apparent reason, is usually not driven by Low Agreeableness; it is driven by High Neuroticism.

High IQ Psychopaths are often *very polite*, largely in part due to their Low Neuroticism.
Psychopaths (who are not narcissistic) have Zero Neuroticism. Consequently, they are generally polite; they don't impulsively lash out due to anger.
Narcissists (who are not psychopathic) have High Neuroticism. Consequently, they are often rude; they impulsively lash out due to anger.
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21 Jan

Fiat Currency
If you live in a society with Fiat Currency, operate under the assumption that you are in a High Inflation Environment; assume that **The True Rate Of Inflation Is Higher Than What The Government Tells You It Is**

As such....
-do NOT hold cash

-do NOT be a lender, or hold debt securities

+DO hold assets that will rise along with inflation: Equities/Stocks, Real Estate/Housing, Precious Metals (Gold/Silver)

+DO hold cryptocurrencies (disclaimer; these are high risk volatile commodities)
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21 Jan
Psychopathic Men:

-Inactive or Dysfunctional Amygdala
-Zero Neuroticism. Zero Fear, Guilt, Sadness
-Anger is an emotion psychopaths *do* experience, but, they only experience the positive aspects of anger; not the negative aspects
-Zero Compassion (Zero 'Agreeablness').
Note: Neuroticism and Agreeableness are 2 of The Big 5 Personality Traits

It seems to be the case, that psychopathic men are more prone than neurotypical men to drug addiction, and to "Thrill Seeking Behavior" in general.

This is less true in High IQ Psychopaths, than it is in Low IQ Psychopaths.
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21 Jan

Anger and Fear
Fear and Anger are 2 sides of the same coin.

Anger is the 'Fight' part of the Fight or Flight Response, while Fear is the 'Flight' part of the Fight or Flight Response.
Both Anger and Fear are driven by Cortisol; the stress hormone.

Both are expressed more often by people who rank high on Neuroticism than those who rank low on Neuroticism (Neuroticism is the Big 5 Personality Trait associated with negative emotion).
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20 Jan
The Higher Your Status Is

The Less Likely It Is You Will Be Prosecuted For Crimes

And In The Unlikely Event You Are Prosecuted

The Higher Your Status Is The More Lenient Your Punishment Will Be
America has an unwritten law; ELITES ARE NEVER PROSECUTED

Nixon was not prosecuted? No Elite is going to be prosecuted.

From 1970 forward, every Elite in America knows what happened to Nixon (zero prosecution), and they take it as a sign "We Can Get Away With Anything"
The People At The Pinnacle Of The American Macro Dominance Hierarchy

Feel Like They Can Get Away With Anything

...Because They Can
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20 Jan
"CM, what is the most impressive thing you've ever done?"
From age 14-18, I was romantically involved with a girl later diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

At the time, I thought her behavior was normal, for a teenage girl.

I ended our relationship, and **got away without a scratch**...
Her next boyfriend after me wasn't so lucky.

He ended up getting thrown in jail for a crime he did not commit (he was later released once psychiatrists determined she (the accuser) was not psychologically healthy).
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19 Jan

Writing For You Has Been An Honor And A Pleasure

Exiting Twitter for the next few days (probably week) to spend time in real life with friends and family.

Still alive.

I may or may not return to The Internet.

If not...

It has been a pleasure speaking with you all.
At some point in the not distant future,

there will be a long period of time (weeks, maybe months)

when I am alive, but CM has *zero* Internet/Twitter activity, because I am in real life with friends & family.

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18 Jan
Just because you can do something, does NOT mean you understand how that thing is done

Just because you have succeeded in a domain, does NOT mean you understand how that domain works

Everyone can breathe. Very few people (pulmonologists) *actually understand* how the lungs work
There are plenty of engineers who excel within engineering, because they have sky high visuospatial IQs.

Most of them DO NOT UNDERSTAND what IQ is, or that visuospatial IQ is the mark or break factor in engineering talent.

Many say things like "IQ isn't real"
They are capable of excelling in engineering, yet they have zero understanding of what it is that enables them to excel in enginering.
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18 Jan
On one hand, whenever someone asks "CM, are you a Psychopath?",

I say no because I want to view myself as a hero.

On the other hand, whenever I talk to a High IQ Psychopath it does feel like I'm looking in the mirror.

-Amygdala Is Inactive
-Zero Fear (Zero Neuroticism)
-Zero Compassion (Zero Agreeableness)
-High Cunning


-Amygdala is active (according to the most recent MRI)
-Extremely Little Fear (Ultra Low Neuroticism)
-Extremely Little Compassion (Ultra Low Agreeablness)
No, I am *technically* NOT psychopathic.

However, if you dealt with CM, and you dealt with an actual High Psychopath, it would be very difficult to tell the difference.
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18 Jan
The more emotional someone is, the easier it is to manipulate them.
High Extroversion/Enthusiasm -> very susceptible to positive emotion.

High Neuroticism (Low Stress Tolerance) -> very susceptible to negative emotion
People who are high extroversion (enthusiastic) and high neuroticism, are very easy to manipulate

....since they are very emotional (lots of positive emotion that can be manipulated, and lots of negative emotion)...they have plenty of emotion that can be manipulated.
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18 Jan
Stilted speech (lots of pauses) correlates with psychopathy.
Yes, stilted speech also correlates with autism.

A notable difference is that psychopaths tend to be very cunning, while autists are not cunning at all (incapable of reading body language/vocal tonality/social cues, socially awkward).
If he has stilted speech AND is high cunning, he's psychopath.
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17 Jan

Psychopathy: exclusively male

Narcissism: there are both male and female narcissists A

utism: Male dominated. Moat autists are men.

Curious Lamb (@Lamb_Bytes) is an example of a female autist.

High IQ Autist? You will excel in Engineering/Science

High IQ Psychopath? You will excel in Politics/Finance/Law/Sales
High IQ Narcissist?

You can succeed in being a petty con-man.

To hit it big (see Jordan Belfort) you will need to reign in your egotism and impulsivity.
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17 Jan
Most people Foolishly assume that where there is smoke, there must be fire.

If enough supposedly respectable (High Status) people are launching an accusation at someone, most people will assume the accusation must be true.

Plenty of supposedly respectable sources (New York Times, Southern Poverty Law Center)

call Charles Murray a 'Racist' and 'White Supremacist'.

Consequently, most people who have heard the name 'Charles Murray', assume he must be a Racist and a White Supremacist.

Anyone who took the time to read Murray's book 'The Bell Curve', cover to cover,

knows that those calling him a 'Racist' and 'White Supremacist' are lying.
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17 Jan

Why Working Class Whites Love Trump:

They like the narcissism.

If you are Extremely Smart (IQ 130+) and psychologically normal, you probably find narcissism to be distasteful.

However, Average Intelligence people (IQs 80 - 120), find narcissistic men to be charismatic.
Working Class Whites have IQs in the range of 80 - 110, and consequently, they find Trump's narcissism to be charismatic.
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16 Jan
When a person uses unnecessarily complicated language (complicated sentence structure, big words),

when much simpler language (simple sentence structure and small words) could have communicated the same information,

it indicates they are a fool trying to sound wise.
The ideal for communication is this; use language that is as simple as possible, to communicate the information....and no simpler.

Don't simplify your language to the point where you are omitting critical nuance (complex information).
If a person's language is overly simplistic (to the point that they are omitting nuance/complex information), there are 2 possibilities...
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16 Jan
Rightwing Americans love to talk about how much they


99% of them do nothing of substance to *actually help* military veterans.

It's empty virtue signalling; nothing more.
Rightwing Virtue Signalling:

-American Flag outside your house
-Support The Troops sticker on your car
-Cross (Christian symbol) on your neck
Leftwing Virtue Signalling:

-Calling people 'Racist', when they have not said or done anything to indicate any real racial prejudice

-Calling people 'Misogynist', when they have not said or done anything to indicate any real hatred of women
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16 Jan
I judge politicians *heavily* on the basis of how they treat their secret service details.

You learn *a lot* about who a human being is, based on how they treat their subordinates.
On October 4, 2020

Donald Trump had COVID

and he put himself and several secret service agents into an that he could do a photo op.

He endangered the lives of secret service exchange for a photo op.

This is not an opinion; it is a fact.


He does

That is not a defense of Trump's actions; that is just changing the subject.
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16 Jan
There Is A Finite Degree Of Inequality A Society Can Tolerate Before It Is Ripped Apart By Violence

Intensifying Inequality, Means More Violence

2020 America Is Dangerously Close To Hitting This Point

Gini Coefficient is 50% +
If you are a Rightwingers who thinks the correct amount of Wealth Redistribution is always Zero

wake up.

That is not an effective way of managing civilization.
*Some Degree* of Redistribution is needed,

for the sake of ensuring the inequality in our society does not become so intense,

that our society is ripped apart by violence.
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16 Jan
2020 America

Both the Leftwing and Rightwing have gone insane; they have allowed their more insane elements to overpower the voices of reason within them.

At this point Leftwing America and Rightwing America are essentially 2 Cults, fighting for power.
Leftwing Insanity:

"Blank Slate Theory. IQ isn't real. Nobody is smarter than anyone else."

"Gender is a Social Construct"

"Affirmative Action, hold different candidates to different standards based on what racial group they come the name of fighting racism"
Rightwing Insanity:

"Donald Trump is a psychologically stable person, who can be entrusted with nuclear missiles."

"COVID does not exist; it's a hoax made up by The Democrats to make Trump look bad"
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16 Jan
If you have any influence at all, you are powerful enough to be worth targeting.

Milo learned this the hard way.
Milo thought he was just playing a fun game, like a trivial argument about politics with other kids in high school.
But no, he was wrong.

He had attained enough influence, such that he was a serious competitor in the game of power.

Unfortunately, he hadn't realized it he wasn't cautious enough to be motivated to do what was needed to protect himself.
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